What kind of animals do you think should and should not be pets?

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depends on what any person is prepared for.

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Wild animals should not be pets. They are not happy as pets and can be dangerous.

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Dinosaurs or animals similar to them or their descendants should never be pets, can you imagine that lol. Wild animals can be tamed, kept in cages. I guess those animals which love to be with us humans should be pets, like dogs and cats, not even birds, caging them is not good at all. Unless that bird is your pet without a cage. :D how difficult is that, isn't it. We after all are social animals.

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what about a snake?! i have one...or three.........lol.

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I don't think any wild animal that can survive on its' own should be a pet. It's cruel keeping most wild animals caged up. Dogs, cats, hamsters and certain other smaller animals can be pets in my opinions. Monkeys etc should not be.

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some people in S Korea have a pet monkey and he goes grocery shopping all alone! its so cool. lmaoooo. just wanted to say..


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Yes, but what people don't realise is that monkeys pick up human diseases (because we are so close in DNA) and that can kill them. Also most people dress up their monkeys which actually prohibits their development. If you are ever in South Africa, do yourself a favour and go visit the Jane Goodhall centre for chimpanzees (I know they aren't monkeys), but it opens your eyes to the UNINTENDED abuse that people actually do to monkeys.

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in my opinion only dogs and cats should be pets because they don't need a cage to be cooped up in just to behave, no animal deserves to be cooped up just because it's cute.

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Spiders, slugs, amoebas, old boyfriends, pomegranates, gosh, it could be a really long list.

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i know. it was just a story i thot id tell. lol.

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