What do you think about Kim Kardashian's ten million dollar wedding and now the marriage is being anulled?

Was it just some kind of money motivated publicity thing?

Answer #1

I think it’s stupid that it’s all over the internet/television, I’m tired of hearing about it & I couldn’t give a flying fudge about it. End of story. .-.

Answer #2

I highly doubt that it was a publicity thing. I would say I’m almost 100% correct. Just cause first the Kardashians don’t seem like that or kloe and courtney would of gotten divorces too and ect.. They have enough fame and publicity with all their television shows and products, that I doubt that in the end the wedding was just something to get fame.. I really think that it is what it said he cheated on her and thats why she wanted a divorce. That’s what happenes when you only date for a short amount of time and then get married. I never liked him from the beginning, he seemed very sketchy!!

Answer #3

I’m right there with ya. E ! used to have some good programming but now it’s all about the Kardashians and who really gives a flyin freakin rats elbow?

Answer #4

Lol “a flying fudge’? Hahah. But I agree.

Answer #5

Good point. I thought it was because he wanted to move back to Minnesota and she wanted to stay in LA, but anyway the whole thing seems stupid to me.

Answer #6

Yea it did, I heard he got caught cheating with a blonde, but I’m sure we’ll find out more once the new episodes start. But yea I do beileve it was Chris. I feel bad for Kim, who would cheat on her, she has a lor going for her.

Answer #7

Personally I don’t watch the Kardashians. So I don’t know nor care, as it doesn’t affect me what they do . Too many other things going on in the world, that could. But it does remind me of a women who wrote a book on the subject of young women and Reality shows. To prove her point, she interviewed young women shortly after Joplin Missouri was struck with that devastating tornado. Her first question to them was if they knew any names of the Kardashians…they named everyone of them in a flash. 2nd question was in identifying the state, that recently had a devastating tornado that killed over a hundred people. Neither had a clue. She asked about other Reality shows and questions about who was in government and pretty much got the same response from other women. That’s a reality…that’s scary!!!

Answer #8

Well I’m kinda old so I might look at things allittle differently, but I just don’t see the point of the show. Of course she has a nice ass, but so do lots of girls. What is so special about kim? I don’t understand. Is high maintenance a wrong assumption?

Answer #9

Me too fellow aries

Answer #10

Apparently his family are partially to blame


Answer #11

Excellent point.

Answer #12

lol theres another word to replace fudge but I didn’t feel like it was necessary.

Answer #13

Which show are you taking about the Kardashians? or kim and courtney take (state) ? Kloe and Lamar? There’s a couple.. I don’t consider the Kardashians like other people that just have fame cause of their looks. Depending what show u watch, Kim and the sisters have their own business and stores in a lot of different states. At least she doesnt count on parents ot ect for money to buy things, if u think she is high maintenance, she makes her money by her business so she can do whatever she would like with her money.

Answer #14


Answer #15

How old were the young women?

Answer #16

Eh idk I agree and then disagree at the same time.. All people are different. Esp young people they work have school and then they wanna relax and watch their shows whatever that may be. People like different things, and follow what they like. Some people don’t follow what;s happening in the world cause it’s not in their state. & with so many natural disasters happening in the world as of now, how can you remember every single thing. People are busy with their own lives if it’s taking care of their family or getting a degree, making money ect.. If it’s about presidency or other huge things then I follow, but as for me being a young adult, I don’t follow every natural disaster happening these days, too much going around. People would have so much stress, their would be no time for them to unwind. I’m going on a rant now, I’ll just leave it at that.

Answer #17

The women were in the 20’s age range, some appeared to be in college. Don’t get me wrong I think everyone has to unwind. But some of the questions were extremely basic like who the Sect of Defense was and they didn’t know. Others in interviews made it known their idea of success in life was to try and get on a reality show.

Answer #18

Two words: “distraction” “sensationalism”

Answer #19

one word attention

Answer #20

I didn’t know that. I could be wrong for judging too much. I have never really watched much of the shows. I miss some of E’s old programming like True hollywood story (the stories of different actors lives) It just seem like everytime I turn E on, the kardashians are the only thing on there anymore.

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