Are there health risks if kids eat pencil erasers?

Are there any heath risks in kids eating pencil erasers. If not, how can I get them to stop? Thank you for your time.


Amy S.

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I would honestly say to put something on it that they don't like. for instance hot sauce or something like that. my mom used to put ketchup on stuff I would try to chew (like my nails...eww)

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Yes there are health risks. For one thing, the child can choke to death. Children should never put anything in their mouths except food. It is different when you are a baby because they don't know any better. But any child over three years of age, should be trained by their parent/guardian not to do so and the importance of the dangerous tool.

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Hmm like rachel said, I would try aversion techniques... put something really disgusting tasting on the erasers, castor oil? apparently they have bitter tasting sprays for pets?

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try keeping erasers away from your kids and ask the doctor if they have pika(I'm not sure if the spelling)

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your kids eat pencil erasers. oh that is so disgusting. are you sure they eat it well there probably is. stop them now

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Oh, my good Lord, people are a bit too closed minded. Not all kids can be "trained" so easily over three years of age. And obviously she wants them to stop if she is asking how to get them to stop. Its possible pica.
I am searching for tips to stop my son from eating not only the erasers, but pencils themselves. My son is autistic, and has pica. Have you looked into pica? Eating non-food items could be a result of a deficiency in their diet. Some children show symptoms of pica, even without a defficiency; such as children with disabilities. Maybe you can redirect them to a food item with a similar consistency? Are they old enough to be asked why they enjoy erasers and explained to that they cannot eat them? I know there are countless reasons why simple explanations do not work. I HOPE you can figure something out. In the mean time regualr or mechanical pencils without erasers should work.

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Dear myflower_myflower,
Probably the biggest problem would be the germs on the erasers. I think they would be able to pass the rubber. To avoid this remove the erasers and pound down the metal parts flat. Better pencils with out the erasers. If this is in a school setting request they buy the eraser-less ones.
Sue...good luck

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Yes...too many erasers, and their turds will bounce out of the toilet.

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Well I have that problem and I don't know how to stop.I've been looking for a solution, but nothing is working.Can you please help...

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