Who thinks kids should be allowed to play online poker for virtual money?

Answer #1

That would be amazing

Answer #2

They do, but they shouldn’t have it, it could cause g.ambling problems.

Answer #3

Dude i already am. [link removed]

Answer #4

its called governor of poker. its cool

Answer #5

I don’t think it’s appropriate for children to gam.ble. If they gam.ble when they are young, then they are most likely going to gam.ble when they get older. Gam.bling is addictive, and being addicted can cause huge problems. Parents should make sure their children aren’t into gam.bling, whether it be in school, just making small little bets, “Let’s race across the playground, if I win you have to give me $5, if you win I have to give you $5…” When they are young, they don’t see it as gam.bling they see it as fun. Therefore the parents should let them know that although it may be fun, it is not okay to do. If children were allowed to gam.ble online, it would teach them how to gam.ble, that’s it fun and okay to do, a teach them bad habits.

Answer #6

why not? they have nothing to lose.

Answer #7

i agree totally!

Answer #8

Definitely not. They will learn how to play the game in a casual atmosphere and make hundreds of thousands of fake money, then when they are a bit older they will think that they can actually do this with real money. They will go online and start off with $100 or so real money, start making more, loosing more, making more and that’s how you get hooked. It’s so much harder playing with real money.

Answer #9

What about when they get addicted? Gam.bling can cause you to lose all your money, and your family. I have heard about that happening many times.

Answer #10

absolutely…its an addiction as any other once…maybe not as life threatening but still an addiction! people that really have that addiction really have to go to meetings just like any other addiction! There are steps to take & it’s really hard like every other addiction you face in your life!
For it to begin at childhood just because it was a meaningless bet is just allowing it to happen right before your eyes!

Like I keep saying…I apologize in advance to those that arent, but kids have it way too easy now a days & have way too much freedom! parents are the only ones I blame!

Answer #11

I gamble for fake money, but I understand that the odds of winning a game for fake money is MUCH better than in a real, paper cards game. I just find it fun to make predictions based on the odds of the next draw. I am pretty good, but I know i wouldnt be in a real game because the odds are better in the video games.

Answer #12

I don’t think is ok. First they will get addicted to something that is bad for them. And plus they wont be earning anathing at all, just a loss and a problem at the same time.

Answer #13

Well I would say there are a lot of online resources, where you could play online poker with virtual money one of them is http://www.wsop.com/, which my kid sometimes plays on.

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