Kicked Out of School

yeah I just got kicked out of schoool for a month cause I had like 14 fights in about 6 weeks. so what do you think I should do to quit fighting. I get angry quick and im usually always angry. what the hell should I do.

Answer #1

fighting for me…is just not right…duh!!! but…fighting is the result for anger…firstly, if you go to a new school…act like you are a ‘good’ boy… oh yeah…go to taekwando/karatae class…it will help you to discipline your self fro fighting…and people wil give you respect…

Answer #2

well…probably not what you wanna hear…but may I suggest a journal it helps me but I dont know how much you can relate to that. like write down about all the people you hate, you wanna beat up just everything that makes you mad. other than that…what everyone else said.

Answer #3

well that is almost like me but don’t give up fighting just punch a punching bag insted or come on over and I’ll train u lol jkjkjkjk

Answer #4

go to a counselor…carry around a stress ball of some sort…chew gum…lol

Answer #5

Knock ‘em Dead, kid. Knock ‘em Dead!

I used to fight a lot too, but I was like 11 lol. grow up dude.

Answer #6

Do it privately bro, its just dumb at school, I mean if what you want is respect! fighting just scares people away!

Answer #7

just chill out. or fight outside of school not in school uniform . then the school has ntohign to do with it.

ils x

Answer #8

I got kicked out of outta school for giving somebody a good punch the stomach and tearing the stomach lining. That was probably the most unnecessary and mindless thing I have ever done in my life. It cost me a lot because I didn’t control my anger. Maybe you should stop showing off and get your temper under control before you do something really stupid.

Answer #9

wow emeruby that is completely false, just because they throw the first punch doesn’t mean you’re off the hook, you may get in less trouble than the other guy at school(you get an indoor suspension, he gets a 4 day suspension0, but in the real world that is not the case.

Answer #10

I don’t think it’s a case of ‘growing up’. You just need to focus your anger somewhere else. If someone starts angering you then just walk away and go somewhere quiet. Listen to music or as other people have said - do some kind of physical thing to release your anger.

Think about what triggers your anger. Whether someone insults you about a certain thing whether it’s what you’ve done, what you look like, your family or whether you ‘stupid’ or ‘too clever’. Once you know what it is, hopefully you can tackle the problem so it doesn’t wind you up anymore.

Answer #11

Some people say that counselors and phsyciatrists cause more problems that they cure phsycs more than councelors and I completetly agree unless you cant think for your self much then they may help you but you just need to learn of ways to deal with it when you fight you have to realize the key point of which starts the anger for example tim called you a bad name you started to tense up and get mad then you hit tim well you have to learn to control the part where you are getting tensed up try thinking of your favorite food in front with your eyes closed and think its 10x better than ussual listens to mellow music think of your most favorite place in the world or things like that

Answer #12

Well my advice would be.. To just keep fighting. I Mean obviously it helps you right? You don’t do it because you feel like you need to show off, right? I mean if thats the case, then you should just let that idea go. Nobody thinks you’re tough. They just look at you and say that youre immature. But if you fight just because the person makes you mad, then just keep fighting. If that’s the only thing that satisfies the anger that you have, then knock yourself out kid. :)

Answer #13

Mhm… Well you don’t “Have” To quit fighting. If you can persuade them to throw the first punch if you keep your cool then it is considered the other person’s fault for starting the brawl which lets you off the hook each time. Although if you want to lay off fighting, Then I would suggest either ignoring them completely, Walk away and go back to it another day or as someone else said, Go to your school’s counseler or whoever you feel most comftorable around to talk about it and try to explain it.

Answer #14

take up boxing or karate [I would rather go with boxing] it takes your anger out on the bag..rather than people..I think that is really the best…to be with anger ‘problems’ won’t benefit from anger management classes…a lot of them [not saying you are one of ‘em] but many are stubborn and don’t like to listen to others…so my vote is boxing :)…or just going to the gym if you don’t know where a boxing place is. hope it helps! ;)

Answer #15

you need to find a better outlet, this is not worth messing up the rest of your life. try boxing, kick boxing, gym, running, any sport you like. Why would you let someone get to you so bad that you need to be violent? You are only going to screw up your life not theirs. I say get the help you need and straighten up. Maybe a therpist to find out where this rage is comming from, and if you don’t like the person find another one until you click with them.

Answer #16

you should stop trying to show off and grow up.

Answer #17

anger management

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