What is your favorite food?

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I love pizza,fruit(2 many 2 list lolbut my top 2 w'd be green apple and green grapes...my fav color is green lol) Subs from subway. double cheese burg. and lika LARGE frie on tha side...
dude, thers like WAAAY 2 many foods to list lol.
I LOVE food PERIOD!!...lol...thank GOD I burn food fast. hahaha


Whats your favorite food from your culture?

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Hotwinggs :D

What's your favorite Thanksgiving food?
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mashed potatoes and gravy.

oh my goodness...

Favorite barbeque food?

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dunno if its classed as food
but im obsessed with jam hahaha

What are your three favorite foods?
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Rice and beans

Favorite Fast Food Resturant?

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my favourite food is "Pav Bhaji"

What is your favorite snack food(s)?

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