Example of justice taking place in the real world.?

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haha emeruby...that reminds me of Sublime's "Date Rape" song.

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Like... When a rapist gets caught tried and sent to jail for life, Then he gets raped by the other prisoners I would call that justice.. ( Maybe not the him getting raped part... But in my opinion they deserve it for raping someone. )

who holds the real power in texas government? please please please please please!!

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Guilty until proven innocent

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Sorrow, Death and sadness... this is what the currently world is leading towards for the people, whom are of a weaker family, country, for them the world is merely just a shell which they inhabit, leaning towards a never coming savior, who will seize their matters and bring absolute justice to the world, where all people are equal no matter fame or money, these people who experience this kind of world will bring nothing but an evil cyclus of, jealousy which heads towards hatred in the long end.. in the end the "thing" we call the modern man are in reality just the caveman who will have to feel the pain, the suffering the darkness, the neverending coldness which embrace there hearts and drive them towards a dark destiny filld with death an pain, this was and example of justice not taking place in this world, and most likely never will.

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when a person hurt another and get his comeuppance it makes you think "Ahhh~ everything is alright with this world." Moments like this makes you believe that justice does happen sometimes.

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