What's the jonas brothers email?

hey I say that you said you have the jonas brothers email.
I was wondering if I could have it cause I am a HUGE fan
and I really want to find backstage passes. and my best
friends bday is coming up and she is a bigger fan than I am
so I wanted to try and get passes for her and me.

thankss! :]

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hi I dont really know there email address but I do know there phone number its: 1-818-748-8887 try calling them but they do yell a lot in there message machene

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yea xxthatgirl is right anyone who says that they have their email is a liar and besides even if they did they wldnt give it out lol if they were smart lol..soo good LUCK but hope you get backstage passes somewhere


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xxthatgirl and spcheerchicxx are right. You'll never find their email address. My advice: don't keep trying. There's a reason celebrities keep their personal information a secret. If you want backstage passes, you'll have to look it up online. They'll probably be a lot of money, but it'll be worth it, 'cause I've never been to a JB concert before and it would be pretty cool!!!

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hi I really want to know there email address so I can get backstage passes its that its my first time going to a concert it will be the best surprise EVER!!!

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I am a big fan, I even met them andthey said they dont give out personal information!!!

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If you want backstage passes, check the internet.
Even if some SAYS they have their email, it's probably a lie.
Celebrities have ways of keeping their email secret.
So, good luck!

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