What's the youngest Jonas brother's name?

What’s the youngest jonas brother’s name? –> hes hot! =]

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Why is it that this question has four pages of answers? All the answers are the same!

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Answer #3

he’s nick.

do you think he’s hot?

I am sooo agree with you.

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Answer #5

Nick he is 15

Answer #6

Nick he is 15

Answer #7

nick I know hes HOTTT and he can sing amazingly

Answer #8

It’s Nick in the band and in the family It’s Frankie!

Answer #9

Who Nick Or the one that is 7 which is Frankie.

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Answer #11

nick is 15 not 14 lol..u people need to stop thinkin 14 =]


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Answer #13

nick nick nick nick NICK JONAS <3

Answer #14

nicholas jerry jonas. born september 16th 1992.

Answer #15

The youngest Jonas Brother is Frankie Nathaniel JOnas. HIs nicknames are the tank and bonus

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Answer #17

nick baby.

Answer #18

frankie.hey nick you are so hot I love you

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Answer #20

yeah he’s sixteen now.

Answer #21

The youngest in the BAND is NICK JONAS! The youngest in the FAMILY is FRANKIE JONAS! Nick is 15, turning 16 on Sept. 16, and Frankie is 7, turning 8 on Sept. 28. Everyone should stop saying that Nick is the youngest, unless you r talking bout in the BAND! lol. Hopeful?

Answer #22

OMG people!!! Nick Jonas is 15 he will turn 16 on sept. 16th,,, he is the youngest in the BAND,,,Frankie is 7 he is the youngest in the Family!


can people PLEASE stop arguing on here!!! its drivin me nuts!!! thnks!! <3 ya BrYaNnAh DaWn!! <3

Answer #23

well actually the youngest jonas brother in their family is frankie but if you actually mean the band then its nick.

Answer #24

uhm well there is kevin,joe,nick, and lil frankie

frankie is the youngest in the family in the band it is nick!(: & he is taken by ME!

Answer #25

the youngest jonas brothers name is nick he is 15 the second oldest is joe he is 18 and the oldest is kevin and he is 20

Answer #26

Nick!! DUHHH

Answer #27

Nicholas Jerry Jonas

Answer #28

mick is 15 going on 16 in september 16

Answer #29

Frankie Jonas. Who’s 7. OR if your talking about the actual band. Its Nick Jonas. Who I think is 14 0r 15. I don’t know… =] hope I helped

Answer #30

ah frankie duh if you dont know dont answer because thats confusing

Answer #31

OMG the youngest jonas singer is Nick …the youngest jonas is frankie

Answer #32

the youngest jonas bro is Frankie and he is 8 years old and not cute.

Answer #33

nicholaus jerry jonas and he is 14 now and him and miley are stil friends.

Answer #34

frankie is the youngest dont listen to those stupid people who think its nick. frankie is only 7 years old

Answer #35

nck I know hes HOTTT and he can sing amazingly

Answer #36

Nick is the youngest in the band but FRANKIE is techniclly the youngest Jobro!

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Answer #39

the youngest in the band is nick jonas in the family frankie jonas

Answer #40

Nicolous (nick) ~HANNAH~

Answer #41

hmmm I think his name is nick.

Answer #42

Frankie is 7 nick is 15 joe is 18 and kevin is 20

Answer #43

the youngest jonas brothers name is nick jonas.

hope I helped u, and by the way, he is 14..=D

Answer #44

Nick, He’s 15. (Last Answer)
He’s Turning 16, 11 Days After Me, but I’m Turning 14, 11 days Before Him, lol

Answer #45

frankie is the 7 year old

nick is 15. Hes mine though

Answer #46

NICK JONAS!!! I love him ^-^ But they do have the youngest Jonas (AKA Bonus Jonas) Frankie!

Answer #47

frankie jonas. nick is the youngest in the band thouh but frankie wants to play the drums for them some day. you poeple are stupid that said nick… (nick is the hottest though!! mmm)

Answer #48

Wait who do you want the youngest jonas brother form the band or the real youngest brother?

Nick yongest in band he is 14 Frankie yongest in family he is 7

Answer #49

nick jonas

Answer #50

i know! bahahaha. your watching me write this.. al;sda;lfeaolk.

p.s your hot! lol

Answer #51

the youngest in the band is nick but they have a younger brother frankie

Answer #52

she meant the youngest in the band lol..and nick is 15 noy 14 jus to tell u


Answer #53

Hisd names nick and hes turnin 16 in September

Answer #54

Frankie Jonas lol.

Answer #55

Uh, I was gonna say Nick is NOT the youngest. Frankie is the youngest.

Answer #56

Nick is 15 and hes about to turn 16 in about 1 month

Answer #57

Nick Jonas. He is 15 and will be 16 on September 16th! its his golden birthday!

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