Does John Cena have a girlfriend or wife?

I just want to know if John Cena has a girlfriend or wife?

Answer #1

Okay so its hard to say whats exactlly going on anyomre because you have someone trying to get an answer and then 50 billion people trying to answer and all the answers are different. but this is what I know. he USED to be engaged. && if if was engaged dont you think he would have brought her up in the MY LIFE dvd. I mean he showed every other important perosn in his life. I think if he really was engaged he would have let his fans know && not lie to us about it. because then stuff like this happens…argueing about whos right and whos wrong. I mean those photos people found they could be from when they WERE engaged. && if he wanted it to be a secreat then why would there be camera’s around taking pictures of him proposing.? it doesnt make sense. wheather he is engaged or not [even though many will be dissapointed,including me] if you were a true fan u’d juss support the fact he is. but honestly I really dont think he would lie to all his fans like that. I mean even everyone says..hes generous; and kind; and we all know he hott. but pretty much what you people are saying is that john cenas a liar. and until I see a wedding dress on liz then I trust john cena cause thats what a real fan would do.

Answer #2

he is now engaged there are photos of him proposing on the internet. it sucks that he is getting married because then it would be weird to think of him as the hottest wrestler because he has a wife. now do not get me wrong he is still and he will always be he hottest wrestler alive.

Answer #3

yes john cena doe shave a girl friend its me!! Noo jokes jokes, but he’s no married, engaged, or dating! Got it? Trust me I know I am his numba 1 fan I looove him more than any of yew so everyone just shut the hell up I love him more than anyone Got It?

Answer #4

Do people really care about John Cena?

I make the motion that this thread is out-of-hand and should be blocked…

Do I hear anyone to second me?

Answer #5

Hell no he’s not married..or have a Girl Friend!!!

Answer #6

I’m so confused because the people says that john cena don’t have girlfriend but he’s angeged and later says that he broke up with her but the wedding it’s going to happen and I think that liz will be his wife forever no?

Answer #7

I think everyone should listen to “psustacie” and be done with it. There are a lot of pics out there floating around at different times in the relationship and IMO she looks quite different in some (hair etc..) Many times you do have to look twice to see if it’s the same gal. Bottom line is IT IS HAPPENING-We should be happy for them. Obviously, he loves her very much and she deserves to be treated with respect. I’m sure all this puts her in a very difficult position being with him. A lucky position (lol) but I’m sure it can prove to be quite challenging being involved with John. p.s. PSUSTACIE–msg me when you get a chance–would love to chat…

Answer #8

Obviously you DO care. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be trying to “get the last word in”. Seriously. Just stop. You’re all looking like retarded lemmings.

Answer #9

Geez, can you blame the guy for lying ??!! So far I haven’t heard many nice things said about her and that’s a shame. This is his fiancee for crying out loud–who says she has to be drop dead gorgeous with an airbrushed body who doesn’t even seem real ?? This is HIS choice and they have a history so he must love her very much and any true John Cena fan will respect this and be happy for him

Answer #10

So I am assuming you didn’t go to any websites and see him down on one knee in a pic proposing? There is one of those. Getting down on one knee with a ring means he’s asking her to marry him (again). I have seen the entire “My Life” dvd and the 5?’s are all from ‘06 if I remember correctly. Besides it doesn’t matter what the heck he said on 5?’s b/c it is obvious he’s been “lying” about Liz for years. (see all of the posts above from the last month or so) There are people here on this thread who KNOW the real deal. And if you want to date him, go ahead (lol) I’m sure his fiancee who lives with him wouldn’t mind a bit. (lol)

Answer #11

No he not married but he has a feyance I belive john cena has a girl friend so can you people just get ove it he has a girl friend ok…

Answer #12

omg, like I agree, who cares, he doesnt so drop it he does NOT have a girl friend or wife I should know I am his biggest fan so shut up I should know and he doenst.

Answer #13

He was engaged to someone by the name of “Liz” but she broke off the engagement for some reason and he is now single, so good luck to you.

Answer #14

WHEN was he in Fresno? Just recently? How long ago did you ask him? Why wouldn’t he lie? She is getting serious heat for being engaged to the hottest man on the planet?!?! Poor gal–well, lucky wench I should say (lol) WWE probably wants to “protect” his image since his fan base is mostly women and children ! That’s a shame. He deserves to be happy and have a personal life. And if it’s with Liz, then so be it. I know there are a lot of us who wish it could be “you” but …ya know? (lol) And psustacie, I thought her myspace page was private. How could people still post rude comments to her??

Answer #15

ok people john cena doesnt have a girl friend and for people saying there is pictures on the internet proposing there isnt I have seen every web site that has john cena on it. And there is NONE that show pictures of him proposing to anyone.

Answer #16

No, John Cena is not married but he has ex-fiancee ‘liz’ with whom he never tied a knot with. they are just good friends now so people jest get over it I blive Cena has girl friend but he is not married ok!!!

Answer #17

Well you are NOT looking at the correct websites then b/c they are/were at many many sites…some pics of the engagement are even on this thread (see above). has many pics INCLUDING proposal pics. has them. has some—so keep looking if you need to see them. And no he doesn’t have a g/f, he has a fiancee. (lol)

Answer #18

The answer to your question is no, he’s single at the moment. The stories that he’s dating a diva aren’t true and he broke off his engagement to Liz. He’s single.

Answer #19

He is not married yet… But he might already have a girlfriend=/

Answer #20

no he isnt but I touched his hand :) hehe and dhis side lmao I was like DAMN

Answer #21

he is not married!! you pple are freakin stupid if ya think he is. LOOK IT UP!! so to answer your question NO he is not married. he was engadged to a girl named liz. but that is all over now. he even said so his self that he did not have a girl friend. so.. the answer is no he is not and does not!! I love john cena♥ ♥lindsey

Answer #22

Wow. This thread is beyond ridiculous. You people seriously need to grow up, especially the people saying “OMG HE’S MINE LOLZOLZOLZ”. It’s one thing to have a fantasy, but come on, be real. He’s famous, yes, but he IS entitled to a personal life. If he’s married, and you’re TRULY his biggest fan, then you should respect his privacy and his happiness. If he isn’t married or dating someone, you should respect that as well instead of making obsessive, freakish posts like “HE’S MINE! HE’S going to MARRY ME!”- I hate to break it to you kittens, but that’s the stuff stalkers are made of. As for photos circulating online, who knows when/where they were taken! You can’t prove or disprove anything unless you were a close, personal friend of his. You can’t go by the BS published on the internet- it can be misconstrued and distorted, happens all the time. If he has lied along the way to protect his privacy, you can’t blame him for it- he’s a public figure. Look at his fanbase, women and children. Think in terms of dollar signs for him and the WWE- if he said he was married or dating, that could mean a serious drop in his fanbase, lost money on merch, dvd sales, maybe even live event ticket sales. Sure the WWE has plenty of other bankable stars, like Randy Orton, HHH and the Divas- but business wise, it’s not worth the risk to expose such personal details of his life and alienate his certain members of his fanbase on account of their obsession. And for you people who are saying you know he would do this, he would do that- come on, unless you know him personally, you don’t know SQUAT. You only know his persona on television, you don’t know who he is and what he’s about in real life. He could be the most gorgeous man ever, and present that image on television, but he could have the most ugly personality in real life. Either way- GET OVER IT. It’s his life, let him live it.

Long story short, you people need to grow up and get over it if he is married/engaged/dating. It’s beyond your control. Let the man have his privacy about his personal life. And if he does have a girlfriend/wife/fiancee, you should seriously not talk smack on her. First, it’s childish and two, put yourself in her position. How would you feel if that was you? You’d be pissed. Don’t even try to say otherwise because I’m calling BS on that. And some of you need to go back to English class, your grammar is horrible. If he is single, don’t you think he’d want a woman with the intelligence to at least spell simple words properly?

Answer #23

welll I don’t know thats juss what someone “said” you cant always trust what people say. people can say what they want. and yea same here no matter, single, married, or enegaged his true fans will still be his fans. but until I see a wedding dress and pictures im gunna go with what john cena said himself. but im not saying anyones wrong or write. the only person that could really clear this up is john cena himself… but heyy who knows wats going. they might juss be dating. cause im sure the engagment was called off..but still showing all the other important people in his life why wouldnt you show someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with. it juss doesnt make sense to me I guess. but no matter what happens with his relationship wise stuff he true fans will still be his fans no matter what. and he will still be the same person no matter what happens. but I support what ever is really going on even though I dont really know.. haha & for the fun mail I don’t know :p

Answer #24

There is a reputable wrestling site I’ve been reading and on there is a thread about the john cena single/engaged…whatever subject… In a post dated 2/29/08 a gentleman stated he and his son saw John and Liz out to dinner and they looked very much together. He also stated one of his students saw John in a local eatery and spoke w/him and John stated his g/f was home making wedding plans??? So this would be a pretty recent comment guys. I don’t know–guess we’ll just have to wait and see what turns up. And if John has tried so hard to keep his personal life as private as possible b/c of all the “haters” out there, then I don’t consider him a liar at all. I hope he does what he has to do to protect HIS privacy. I will be a fan no matter what he does, single, married, telling the truth or not. Real fans will support him NO MATTER WHAT. I tried to send you a funmail chainganghottie but you don’t rec’ve them. sorry.

Answer #25

Sorry, but I agree with ‘psustacie’ that the italian interview is BS. I count many “lies” in that article. He’s in the MAIN EVENT at WM ! That is by far not a small role and not the six months he referred to. And from a business standpoint, the WWE will do a lot of things to protect images and so forth. It’s done all the time behind the scenes. Cena has been getting mixed reactions from all the fans for months now. His fan base is mostly women and children so I’m sure the WWE is not quite sure what to do with this whole Cena engagement/wedding issue. Before he was injured, he was THE COMPANY MAN and many many things rode on his shoulders. Plus, with the evil things being said about Liz, can you blame him for not be completely honest? Have you seen how some women fans act? I say “John do what you have to do to protect your privacy and your fiancee” ! True Cena fans will follow you anywhere.

Answer #26

I think he had a fiance’ but she ended it cause she couldnt stand watching him get beatn up or somthing stupid like that

Answer #27

please people we all know that I am going 2 be the lucky 1 who marries him!!! so back off!!!

Answer #28

HA HA HA yea right! I am his favourite fan and you are so Lyeing.

Answer #29

THANK YOU!!! I know he’s single!! no one will believe me. Lol.

Answer #30

Whooops ! he lied to you. Sorry! That’s a good one. (LOL) Go ahead John and lie all you want !! Those that truly love you will forgive you ! (lol)

Answer #31


All you have done is run the topic into the ground.

Please, moderators, freeze this topic, as it has been beaten to death and it is now entirely out of control.

Answer #32

AHA, your the one who wants the last word, and if you say one more thing, thank you , bc you will be proving my point.

Answer #33

Yeah, a lot of people have “read” some not so nice things said about her ? Who said them? All John’s female fans who DO NOT want him to be married? Her so called friends? Where did people “read” these awful things about her? How valid are they? Internet sources ? I mean, any mature adult here should know you can’t believe everything you read (lol) I agree with the whole “lying” issue to keep it private or whatever. I think the truth should be told once and for all. Let it all come out and see where the chips may fall. I honestly don’t think it’s going to make much difference whether wrestling fans love him or hate him. He could gain a whole new fan base (lol)

Answer #34

He will STILL be the same John married or not. What will change? You’ll still be seeing him on TV every week, seeing him at live events and many personal appearances…Nothing about him being HOT is going to change just because he’s got a girlfriend/fiancee/wife. He will still be the same wonderful, kind, generous and incredibly sexy man he is and always has been. Now, he may not be able to take girls up on their offers to “tag team him or show him the ropes” but hey, you can’t get everything in life ! (LOL) I’m confident that he will still treat all his fans the same, whatever the gender.

Answer #35

lmao, girl friend fiancee WHATVER lol, idc, buh he has neither, have you eveen seen his new movie “my life” wel if you havent get it and watch disk #3 5 questions with the champ and one of the questions is does john cena have a girlfriend/fiancee/wife or child, and he says no I’m single and available and yes I will date a fan, that is what he says and I will be the fan to date him, lmao, so get the dvd and watch it and then see if you have anything to say.

Answer #36

(lol) I have to agree with psustacie. He seems to have some kind of “inside information” (lol) I think John would lie to protect her privacy and his also. I am sure it’s a little un-nerving for her to get rude msgs on her myspace. I’m just not sure I believe they’re broken up. He seems like quite the gentleman and I think he’d do anything to protect her privacy. Besides, the WWE probably doesn’t want him admitting to being in a relationship for fear of him losing his women fans. (lol) He deserves to have a personal life people.

Answer #37

are those pictures old or new.

Answer #38

ok well he isnt taken or married

Answer #39

my son say his buddy John Cena has a wife but he dont know her name.

Answer #40

IF john cena does get married it will be to me his favorite fan well that’s what he told me. He gave me his phone number and I talk to him every night

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