Joe Bros or Foe Bros?

Ok hear me out… you Jonas Brother fans listen to the song Year 3000… then listen to the song Candy or Juilet! they sound a lot alike! Candy is an Aaron Carter song… and Hey Juilet sung by LMNT… Both of these are Pop stars and the Jonas brothers are Pop-Rock. I listen to some pop-Rock bands and none sound like the Jonas Brothers… Another thing, Listen to the Kids of the Future then Kids of America… Same song!! Joe Bros should be Foe Bros!!

Answer #1

Jonas Brothers they are amazing O yaa im going to there burning up concert WOO!!!

Answer #2

Don’t call the jonas brothers fakes, since they had rights to record Year 3000 and Kids of the Future for Meet the Robinsons movie. So technically they are doing a cover with new lyrics.

Answer #3

I would so go with joe bros because it goes with the whole joe bro jonas brother thing they have going on and FYI foe bros sounds so gay that doesnt even sound like a good name for the jonas brothers.I mean they are so cuite I rilly want to meet nick jonas he is so cuite and I think he is rilly out going and if I was his girlfriend I would understand that they have concerts and I would so be there to support him if he were my boy friend.I would understand he had concerts and stuff.erin elmore fargo north dakota. and jonas brothers if you read this please come to fargo because you have so many fans her then you would ever know about so please I rilly want to see you and meet you that would be my dream come true okay buy love you guys and keep doing good love ya erin elmore

Answer #4

Actually, it’s copied from ‘Kids of the Future’ So if you were going to take it up with anybody stealing something, take is up the fabulous Cascada.

=] I love them both.

Answer #5

I used to like them a lot but I hate how my friends would think just cause I liked them tham I was some sorft of Miley hater with a hatesite and all , plus most of their fans are obsessive and CRAZY

Answer #6

hey they not foe ok just because they … and kids of the future isnt there song the people produres told them to sing it for the movie baq to the future duhhh

Answer #7

^^ yeah thats right. do some research before you start hating on my boysss !

Answer #8

Are you crazy or something? No just kidding, but like everyone’s saying, they were asked to record those two songs and Kids of the Future was fot Meet the Robinsons. I don’t think you’re crazy. I was just kidding. But most of their music rocks. Just saying. Peace out!!

Answer #9

yeaahh..the jonas brothers are awesome..! dont hate on them..! if those were the only two songs you’ve need to do some research cause those are songs the company told them to sing..if you listen to the songs THEY wrote…you will soon figure out that they are uhh-mazziingg! & foe bros? thats soo stupid..

Answer #10

yea I know a couple!

Answer #11

I can agree with you though I don’t listen to them my sister does

Answer #12

I don’t really like the Jonas Brothers, let alone listen to them, so I wouldn’t know.

Answer #13

no it shouldnt I think the jonas brothers are just fine with joe afence lady but you should get a reality check?

Answer #14

do some research before hating on my boys!! they are amazing… if you hate them so much you wouldnt have wasted so much of your precious time asking this question all about them! omj seriously… ^^ this girl is rigth about all that she said.. ALL of there music rocks… adn they are all nice, sweet, ginuane guys.

so leave them alone okay??? they did nothing to you.. if you dont like there music.. dont listen to it.. its that simple.

BTW… whoever hates on my bby (kevin) ill find you! teeheehee just kidding just kidding just kidding just kidding but it wouldnt be the jonas brothers without him :)

Answer #15

Year 3000 and Kids of The Future are REMAKES!!!

Answer #16

jonas brothers fo sho.

Answer #17

same as above ^^^ im sorry, I have no control over my actions.. I have ojd

Answer #18

just to let you queers know, kids of the future WAS a remake and its got COMPLETELY different words. it was made for MEET THE ROBINSONS. incase you havent heard it, it says “everyday we have fun, me and WILBUR” thats the little kids son in the future. are you liek retarded or something? and year 3000 is a remake of Busted’s year 3000, its just the child friendly version of it. also, the jonas brothers write all their own music, so dont be jealous becuase you dont have all the fame and fortune that they have. youve got to admit, these kids work their asses off to get to where they are. do you know how long it took them to get here? do you know everything theyve gone through? NO!

now quit hating on the jonas brothers becuase you are not them. theyre talented, and theyre just all around good people and thats why everybody loves them. OBVIOuSLY some people havent done theyre research.

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