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Does anyone know of any companies that hire people with a felony in their record in Dallas, TX?

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I am a Business Services Specialist for the County of Los Angeles with some good information. Blue collar, union apprenticeships accept felons and no experience is necessary. Get paid training as a union apprentice. These jobs require various degrees of physical ability but they are steady and always in demand.

California, union apprenticeships are from one to five years in duration and you get paid half the union rate(around $15/hour)to learn one of the following trades: Asbestos Workers, Barber, Boilermaker, Bricklayer, Carpentry, Carpet Linoleum, Cement Masons, Cosmetology, Drywall/Lathers, Electrical & Electric, Elevator Mechanic, Operating Engineer, Glazier & Glass Workers, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning, Iron & Steel Workers, Laborers, Linemen, Machinist, Millwright, Painting & Decoration, Plasterer, Plumbing & Pipefitting, Roofer, Sheet Metal, Surveyor or Tile Layer/Setter.

Each year your pay goes up about $5 until you end up a union Journeyman earning the full rate depending on the trade(around $30/hour). Most do not even require a high school diploma or GED. None require a college education but to be an electrician, for example, you will need to have passed Algebra I in high school. One requirement is that you must have a valid, CA driver’s license. I was told that another requirement is the use of any vehicle, whether owned or borrowed, with liability insurance under your name but it turns out that all you have to do is show up for a job and work it out with the crew about carpooling, if necessary.

Good tip:

We had a Participant(felon) come in to the office a few days ago who told us about how he followed our advice and applied to be an apprentice for the Pipefitting union. He started as #33 on the list and was told how it works. The union calls in chronological order the apprentices on the list many times daily depending upon how many Journeymen/employers call their office looking for apprentices. If no one responds then they keep going down the list until they find someone who is available. He said that he went to the union office every day for two weeks until one day they called on him because supposedly all the other 32 apprentices in the list above him never called back.

The tip is to do what Woody Allen states, “90% of success is just showing up.” As a felon, you should know that you will never be treated fairly in any society. That is another form of prejudice that you cannot escape from. What you can do is be the one who is always there with a smile on his face, ready to take the job and do that job well. Once you prove that you are willing to do what it takes to do a better job than the other guy and you do it, people will respect you.

The website for union apprenticeships in California is:

Any feedback and/or further tips on finding felons jobs would be appreciated.

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Try this site from the government:

Find your local office, and make an appointment. Be polite, but firm, fill in all the paperwork, and pester them until you land a job. Good luck.

Answer #3

czar cstr, that is a great list. May I ask where you found it because I’m trying to find the same for my boyfriend, but in Austin. He’s having the hardest time, only getting labor jobs like cleaning out porta potties (which he says isn’t that bad, but of course I think ew!). He spent 10 months from trying to outrun the cops on a suspended liscense. And philipphelon, he is also registered for when he was 17 and had sex with his 14 year old girlfriend at the time. It’s been 15 years, but it’ll be there for life. Nobody has mentioned that to him when applying for a job though.

I’m just trying to be supportive, never been in a position where I’ve actually known a felon, much less dated and lived with one, but he really is trying to turn his life around for the positive, wants to live a normal life. He’s a hard worker, will take the shirt off his back to help anyone in need and has a good heart. He’s been to Labor Ready and a few other labor temp agencies, but he’d like a solid job. Good luck to everyone else as well and if anyone knows any in the Austin area, let me know!

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I have been online all day sending rusumes’ filling out applications and applying for schools. I was convicted in 2005 for drug charges. Finding a job has been discouraging and tedious. I have a child support obligation on top of that so im in a catch 22. I am skilled in a lot of things but nothing has seemed to come my wayl I have been to career centers, I have walked from business to business applying for jobs and still nothing;

Whe does the Second Chance come for me? I refuse to continue to jeopardize my freedom and sell drugs again. So Im broke. This is a lot for one person to deal with. All I need is a chance to show employers that I could be an asset to their company.

a lot of guys I know that have gotten out have the dame dillema. Most of us end up going back to our same ol ways. But I want more for myself and my children. What am I gon do if I cant find a job?

I know a few guys that started their own business and that workds for them but I am not in the position to do that rite now. This shit is frustrating as hell but I still believe that I can land that job that will get my life on track.

Answer #5

I’ve heard that their are certain companiies that are felon friendly, but I have been out of the loop and was wondering if anyone could help me out, I am in missouri right now and believe me when I say this , this state is definately not a show me state, I am on my way back to the great state of texas, and I am I desperate need of a job but with one minor setback… I am a felon . any suggestions…

Answer #6

I am a felon, was convicted in 1998 for sex offense with minor under the age of 14. All of the felonies I have read about are with crimes like burglaries, drugs etc. When you have a sex offense it is like you have done worse than murder! No one wants to even give you a chance. I have applied to hundreds of warehouse and misc. positions and never get a call, I figure reason being red flag, sex offender. Is there anybody out there that is also a sex offender trying to get a second chance in this world. Sometimes I feel as if they should have just gotten rid of me back before my parole. I have served my 5 years and still can’t find work. Has anybody found a job being a sex offender?

Answer #7

Try Project Rio In Texas it is a state job program for ex-offenders sponsored by the Texas Workforce Development. I found an interesting article about the program:

Also, you may be able to find available opportunities at Walmart, temporary agencies, Minyard, UPS, newspaper delivery, selling products at the flea market, may try to get your barber, cosmetology or nail license, purchase property at tax sales and resale or do mystery shopping. Mystery Shopping is very easy, I have received payment of $9.00 up to $50.00 an hour and was reimbursed for the items that I purchased. As a Mystery Shopper remember to always keep your assignments in order to get more work. Also try truck driving, it is possible to do local runs and not go out of state because of your probation or parole. Some truck driving companies will sponsor you and pay for your classes. You are even guaranteed a job (in most cases) after completion of your truck driving classes. I have noticed that some truck driving classes will even pay you $400.00 while training.

Best Wishes.

Answer #8

does anybody know of jobs that hire felons in austin tx

Answer #9

I live in Dallas and have felonies. I have worked through Spherion staffing so I know they hire felons here is the Address and phone number in Arlington but they have other locations in Dallas and Coppell just look them up on 2301 N Collins St Arlington, TX 76011 (817) 461-5005

They say it depends on the company whether they can hire you or not. I also applied at Integris Staffing Solution today in Grapevine they also said they could hire people with felonies depending on the employer. They have warehouse and hotel jobs. Here is their address and phone number. 901 W Wall St Grapevine, TX 76051 (817) 251-1303

I hope by Monday I will have a job. Wish me luck:)

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