Are there jobs for convicted Felons in Ohio?

I would like to know if anyone knows of any assistance to help my friend get a job as a convicted felon in or around the Findlay area.


Answer #1

I agree silentdiablo and Joncanderson on this.I’m 30 years old and caught a couple felonys over a ex-girlfriend in 2002-2003 and I was never in trouble in my life before then and never smoked anything or did drugs just made a mistake.I got married last year and we have a awesome son on the way but how can I take care of him if nobody gives me the chance to WORK.I dont care if its 7-8 dollars a hour right now anything is better then nothing right now..Thank GOD above my wife works and supports me without her I would be lost.I think the best thing for ex-felons are unions most dont care if your a ex-felon try Local 17 or labors I’m going try them.Im always honest and put it down on Applications but I’m probably going to have to stop being HONEST because nobody has given me a chance in about past 2 years and I always put them down but its like you have to lie to have someone give you the chance to prove to them your a HARD working person.I have so many talents I could get a JOB anywhere before the cases and now its so hard.The United states system sucks like that I mean I love my country but its so wrong in other ways.I’m a GOOD person one mistake doesnt mean I’m a bad man or anyone else is.One thing I got going for me is Jesus christ my lord and Savior I know things look rough now but they will come around.

Answer #2

I’ve been dealing with this same bullshit for over a decade now. You would think that after some period of time that it would not be an issue anymore. Oh no, still an issue. Seems that people and employers like to be able to hold something over on others and if you have a felony they just want you to burn at the stake. That’s a big problem in the US, everyone seems to be on some kind of witch hunt. We don’t care if it’s the wrong person or not, we just want to see someone get burned. I know they say your a “security risk” but I’m not talking about people that have a propensity to re-offend I’m talking about people like myself who have done everything short of walking on water. We should have a chance to be considered redeemed. Personally, I think it’s the employers who should be burned at the stake, shame on you people.

Answer #3

Guys I am with you on this one. I was convicted of agg robbery in june of 1993 and served 4 1/2 years as a consequence. I served my time and was released. While serving time I received my GED and attended college. After they stripped the college program away before I could graduate I wasted no time enrolling in welding school. I received a welding certificate. Since being home I’ve worked for DHL, FedEx Ground, Chase, Time warner, Micro-center, Garden City Group (Citi-Group), Ohio Steel, Landscaping, Arrow trucking, Schneider, etc.etc…Some of these companies I’ve worked at for years and others let me go once they found out about the felony. The ones I was able to stay at either didn’t pay enough or kept me away from home and away from my family. I have a beautiful daughter whom I do not want to miss another year of growing due to being on the road driving. I moved from columbus, oh to charlotte, nc. No One and I mean absolutely No One will touch me because of the felony. Regardless of my extensive work record. I’m at a loss almost on what options I have. But I have a strong resilient spirit and I’m hoping a door will open up soon. My only advice to you is to keep on trying. Giving up can not be an option. I know of too many guys that have and they all have subcombed and went back to jail. Hang in there and God Bless!

Eric from NC

Answer #4

I’m sorry to tell you that Fau is right (in a prickish kind of way). One thing with a collapsing economy that everyone can look forward to is massive job losses. We are in times when nobody can get a good paying job without having a seriously advanced degree (or being involved in a secret society). Common sense will tell you that the service sector is somewhat prospering, but learning basic HTML and javascript wouldn’t hurt your chances to develop a web site that corresponds to the service you choose. What I mean is: It is time to start your own business. All you will see from these idiot business owners are disdain of the unknown, so you should refrain from attempting to be hired by them, and focus on something you love to do, which eventually will generate you a nice income. Let’s face it; we broke the rules and took a risk, or was royally shafted. NOW is the time to take another risk by starting something (a business) that will help put food on the table. Think about it: in the great depression, people didn’t sit around and mope about why there weren’t any jobs, they came up with alternatives that helped feed their family. I’m not talking about a $100,000 investment, I’m talking about an investment of your time to learn something that will bring you money through business. Do you have anything else to do? Businesses won’t hire you, so you should put all your effort into ways that will make you money by working smart, not hard. Think about what I said. Have a nice day.

Answer #5

I am currently researching this, but so far you might want to check out the following sites: , , Local Unemployment offices, welfare depart, parole officer be sure to disclose that the person is a felon, so they can really try to help you. also check out the nation hire network - that link will get you to a bunch of state agencies/webites here in ohio that may be able to help you out! Good luck to your friend :)

Answer #6

I’ve heard that lowes and home depot hire felons and also a place called jergens in downtown cleveland depending on how old the felony is. my husband attempted to get a job there and they said that his felony is too recent so if its an old felony you could try these places…sorry I cant be more helpful

Answer #7

There Are Only a handful of jobs in Ohio for felons but it really depends on the nature of your crime and the amount of time it has been since you were convicted I actually had my ex-probation officer write a letter stating how I was while on Probation for 2 years and that has actually helped me out a lot… Good luck and god bless To all…

Answer #8

I am a convicted felon and I found a employent agency in findlay shes my friends mom she does it out of her house but she helps felons find normal good payin jobs. shes helpin me. its called new horizons employment agnecy. good luck! its been a yr of being convicted and its hard

Answer #9

If you list convictions on an application and get the job they could fire you at any time and say that they must have accidently misread or overlooked that section of the app.

Answer #10

I’m with Johncanderson on this one. I’m a felon as well. Prior to being convicted as a felon I had never been turned down or not gotten any job I’ve ever applied for. Ever! I’m very good at what I do. I’ve done everything from labor to upper management, sales, and business ownership.

After being convicted I’ve applied for well near 200 jobs over a several year period now and not a single one will hire me. I’ve even had several that over looked the fact that I put that I had a felony on my application hire me, only to then fire me after finding out.

This seems to be some kind of a sick joke on felons. They make it impossible to get a good enough job to support one’s self let alone take care of your family. Not hiring someone due to a felony in my eyes seems a sort of discrimination. I think it’s pathetic to automatically assume we are ALL bad people and worthless in a job position. I could go on and on about this topic but I wont…

I’ve finally started lying on my applications in hopes that the companies don’t run a back ground check on me cause I’ve given up with the being honest about the felony thing. Some run them and some don’t. I’ve gotten hired with the ones that don’t but they end up being jobs that don’t seem to work out. I recommend telling your friend to just start leaving the felony off his applications as he wont have much luck any other way.

Good luck to your friend he’ll need it. -_-

Answer #11


Start here: And find your local employment office. They should be able to help you.

Also, I’ve heard that Goodwill and United Way both hire those with felony records.

Answer #12

The answer is no there is’nt ! I have been out of prison for over 5 years now I am married with a child on the way I have a college education and countless experience ranging from automotive repair to construction labor and no one will give me a job that pays enough money to support my family. The government tells me I have served my time and payed my debt to society and I should go out and be a productive member of society but no-one will give me a job doing anything but washing dishes and no-one will pay me more than 7 or 8 dollars an hour. How am I suppose to support my family making minimum wage legally? I CAN’T and I don’t know what to do . The only way to get ahead is to either go back to being a criminal or go back to prison so they can take care of me and hope someone will care for my family while I am there.

Answer #13

Well I am a convicted felon and I have done lots of volunteer work to gain the trust of the community. I have also established my BA degree in Paralegal studies where I now work for four attorneys. I also worked as an intern for BET (Black Entertainment Television)in there legal affairs department. I have been turned down lots of times but I never gave up. I have volunteered for the Ohio Department of Correction for the mentoring program and reentry program. DOnt give up people!! Keep your head up, you will hear a lot of NOs before that one YES but you will get there if you have the motivation and determination like I did. get yourself involved with the community again get a mentor that will help vouch for you. But I will say its a journey you must go down inorder to succeed

Answer #14

I tried to get a job and no one would hire me, so I applied for disability,, I got it. my husband is a covicted felon about 2 years ago. and he has cdl’s class A.. and he has been every company within a 100 miles of our house in covington ohio. and the only company that hired him was a fast food (rally’s) and now they went bancrupt. checkers bought them. and he worked for rallys for 20 months making min. wage. and on 9-2-09 checkers told him he was red flagged could no longer work for them. we was used to him making 4,000.00 a month or more driving a semi. and we have had it hard. now he has no job again. we made a big mistake in our life. we paid our time. and we will pay for it the rest of our life. even though we have been clean. straightened up our life. and it seems like the govement wants us to be treated like repeat offenders. I don’t think thats right. we and everyone else should be givin a second chance. wish this world was better.

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