jobs for convicted felons in phoenix arizona?

can you give me a list of companies that hire convicted felons in phoenix arizona?

Answer #1


I have a felony and have worked at many places after I was convicted. I see it as a challenge. It is hard to obtain employment and many other things. But if you really want something and go get it, and try and try, you will get it. I always wanted to be a state licensed Insurance Agent. Many laughed at me. I went to a group interview for an insurance company and the gentlemen interviewing us told me that no one in the insurance industry would hire a felon because we could never get license. I cried all the way home. This wasn’t the first time someone embarrassed me in front of a group or made me feel bad. The next morning I used that as inspiration and went again to look for a job. This went on for a whole year. I even worked as a dishwasher for a while. I have a lot of education which is great but as soon as employers find out your a felon, they change their entire perspective of you regardless of what educational or employment background you have. I was able to get a job in an insurance agency. So I went on to take a couple of state exams and applied to have my licenses. Took me a process, but I obtained them!!! One year after, I have gotten my felony dismissed. Even after it has been dismissed and should not be used against me, it is still up to an employers discretion wether to hire you or not. I see a bright future ahead of me even after a horrible 10 year criminal history. I know if I did it, ANYONE can do it!!! You just have to keep your head up and apply were you would like to work. Regardless of what people tell you. There are people out there that will give ex-felons opportunities. But they won’t come to you. You have to go to them. Good luck in life!!!

Answer #2

Wow! I was here looking for an answer too; but F-it lets all get together and start a drunken riot?! Maybe downtown around Madison and second avenue? NOT REALLY!!! I do enjoy reading about all the other people out there who share the same feelings I do. It sucks to know that there are sooo many of us out there who are having trouble (like I thought I was the only one dude). I got sick of waiting tables and went to school to be a veterinary technician. Sounds great right! School is not enough I have a $22,000.00 Associate of Science degree hanging on the wall at my “Mothers house” in a DOLLAR STORE FRAME!!! Partially because that’s all it’s worth to me until I can get a job and start paying off my student loans; and partly because it was all I could AFFORD!!! A life of crime didn’t get me a manslaughter conviction; a car wreck did. It is a non dangerous non repetetive crime (oddly enough) and I have no drug or alcohol convictions, ever (again, oddly enough ha-ha). But, I have been honest about it and few interviewers can keep a poker face when they turn over the application and scan down to … Oh nice meeting you Ms. Brown we will call you if we …don’t let the door hit you on your … yea. So I figured since I’m getting a career with an expensive degree and all, I would be creating my own resume`, which wouldn’t include the “felony conviction” of course. This hasn’t worked because you still have to fill out an application eventually. Although many applications now ask if you’ve had a felony in the past five or seven years; they must still do a background check because my conviction was in 1995 and I have been out since 2002 with zero re-visits to prison. I didn’t realize the economy would take a major dump right when I would be graduating and on the job hunt. If so I would have opted to not go to school and became a call girl instead. So far as I know call girls don’t have to have a clean record. Oh, gee but it is illegal isn’t it? So are many jobs for felons; and people still wonder why so called ex-felons keep going back to prison. There is no such thing as an ex-felon in the eyes of the public. If you starve an animal long enough it will do just about anything to find food; even go so far as to sit at a DES office with a bunch of scammers and lowlifes who don’t want to work, in order to get on foodstemps and insurance. Now I am proud to use my EBT card at the grocery store that won’t hire me. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US FELLOW CONVICTS; PRAY FOR CHANGE.

Answer #3

I wouldnt’ recommend truck driving like someone mentioned above. My husband got “approved” for an $8,000 truck driving school loan and was PROMISED they could get him a job even with the 2 felonies on his record, now we’re $8,000 more dollars in debt and NO ONE will hire him because of his felonies. Most truck driving companies will only consider you if its been 10-15 years since your felony, and you only have one. Good Luck, its rough!

Answer #4

You may be able to find a job at Walmart, temporary agencies, Minyard, UPS, newspaper delivery, sell products at the flea market, get your barber, cosmotology or nail license, purchase property at tax sales and resale or do mystery shopping. Mystery Shopping is very easy, I have received payment of $9.00 up to $50.00 an hour and was reimbursed for the items that I purchased. As a Mystery Shopper remember to always keep your assignments. You can get more assignments by getting certified for about $10.00. Also try truck driving, it is possible to do local runs and not go out of state because of your probation. Some truck driving companies will sponsor you and pay for your classes. You are even guaranteed a job (in most cases) after completion of your truck driving classes. I have noticed that some truck driving classes will even pay you while training. I really do realize how hard it is to get a job. The legal system is not always right. If Jesus was alive he would have been charged with a felony just like you and have difficulties finding a job like you.

Answer #5

Try also Second Chance Employment for Phoenix Ex Felons:

Answer #6

Last year I went trough an ugly divorce. My x realy screwed me in court and I was arrested for interference with judicional proceedings. Results are 2 domestic violence counts because of it…I never laid my hands on her in the 12 years we were married. we have 2 daughters and I haven’t seen them since January 2009. She makes about 60-70K a year and I make about 40K…well not anymore since I went to jail for 5 months for not paying my $900 a month child support since I lost my job because of the domestic violence stuff. now she put more harresment charges on me from last year because I text messaged her due to her not responding to my emails concerning my daughters. I have a F6 pending now for aggrevated harrasment, I am a truck driver and I cant even get a decent driving job anymore because of it. I’m washing dishes now at a catering place in Mesa,AZ. I’m not a US citizen and I’m facing deoortation back to Belgium…what happens then I will never see my daughters again ever! My x told me this week in court that I should go back home instead of staying in the US. I have lost everything and I’m pretty much homeless because of all the charges she has put on me. I’m not sure what I should do anymore.

Answer #7

My husband is a felon from a simple neighbor disput. No one was hurt in anyway just a verbal thing but it is like domestic violence the police had to take someone to jail and he was the one. He lost a good job at a school over it. He did the bar thing,but it closed down. Now he can’t get a job eiher! I feel all our pain! But this is America what happend to EOE??? You can’t discriminate against age sex religion color or even handy cap, but as a felon you get discriminated against ALL the time its not fair and it’s not right> YOU felons should get together and work to get the discrimination laws changed! You did the crime, You did your time, so you sould be able to get back into the work force without all the BS!Anyone out there with friends in law??? get them to help! Start a web site start a petition and get things changed!!! I wish I had the skills and/or connections to do it myself maybe one of you out there does! GOOD LUCK!

Answer #8

This is not so much an answer. I’ve been religiously looking for employment for about 3 months now, I was in jail for 6 months in maricopa county. I have never had a problem trying to find employment before. So I guess you could say that these are some words that I myself would like to hear from someone, keep up the good work it will come just dont ever give up.

Answer #9

yeah you narrow minded simple thinking mother lovers, pray I dont get your address. I will peel your stuff while your hard at work denying felons jobs. dont want to hire me fine I’ll just help myself to all your personal effects. HOW YA LIKE ME NOWWW???

Answer #10

Almost ALL Temporary agencies, or contract companies, headhunters n such, wont even look your way…

Come on,, not to be mean, but can you support a family working at walmart? starting wage is what 7$ …

I am a Data / Financial Analyst, and know all Roles in every accounting department, have processed payroll, AP AR, Audits, etc etc,, And still having one hell of a time getting employed. My sights are high, as my worth as an employee is in the 40 to 50k a year range, but since i am a felon, maybe i should only apply to circle K or “Walmart” and apply for welfare?

11 years ago, i made some bad judgements that are affecting me still today. Do the Crime DO the TIME….. TIME= ????? did it done it,, when can i get on with my life?

Answer #11

after your fines are paid off and about a year(?) after youre off of probation(assuming you went to prison and werent lucky enough to be done with everything) you can go to the court and have your charges vacated. not every felon is eligible (they exclude violent/dangerous charges)… you can also get your rights reinstated so that you can vote and get a gun permit. after that I don’t know exactly how but I heard you can get the vacated charges expunged—>? im a felon but cant get anything done till the court fines I have sitting in collections get paid… I go to dental assisting school and the school cannot “guarentee” job placement but you CAN get your certification as a felon and be a licensed dental assistant. I don’t know about jobs yet but maybe what I had to say might help someone. good luck!

Answer #12

I would like to agree with Tweekkin above, but I am more inclined to think he is an idiot. Yeah I used to be tweeking to thats how I ended up with a felony and on this dam web site trying to do the right thing now and move on with my life. I cant believe the gull of the above mentioned person. Have you no clue get a freaken job and quit living on society. Maybe then you’ll have a little more respect for yourself and society. No it is not easy and I to am struggling like mother fer but I have no choice well actually I did but I choose to go through and I alone will have to find my way out. Here is a big cheer and hug for you felons out there trying and doing the right thing. This guy is all wrong and I hope he wakes up soon.

Answer #13

Yeah, it’s the same old routine here in the USA. The crooks and immoral bastards running these companies shuld be lined up and shot. Funny though, they are the ones that say it’s not worth the risk to hire you or give you a break. All they want are perfect people anymore, problem is that there aren’t too many of those around. Most perople have some kind of criminal record and the ones that don’t, like the buttholes that run the companies, just haven’t been caught yet. I hope they all rot in hell.

Answer #14

Denny’s (all) Business West Services (main/gilbert) Walmart (all)

All of the above are currently hiring and will allw you to work up the ranks into a decent income.

Answer #15

I,m a felon because I got a job! I was on foodstamps back in 05, well they ran out and I decided I would not ask for more, but instead get a job(which in my mind is the intended purpose of any type of welfare, to get you back on your feet). But my fatal mistake was that I didn’t call the state to inform them of the good news, so in there eyes I had just committed fraud. So after four years of probation over $2,000 in fines and having to pay back ALL six months worth of foodstamps I had used, I have found it nearly impossible to find a job worth having. The only places that seem willing to hire a felon are local dive bars where the owner is either a drug dealer or dodging warrants himself!

Answer #16

I think this is all bullshit because there is no jobs that dont require you to not be a felon anymore and when you go to sites like this you are forced to sign up for schooling when you dont even want it. There are a few people these days that would allow a felon to be employed and with the way the economy is now it is even more impossible to find a stable employment.

Answer #17

im 19 I wa convected in 2008 for burglery I was not tweekin I just needed money kas I was living on the streets at the time my family took me back and im looking 4 a job and I taalked to managers and everything they all tell me they wish they could help but they can I went back 2 school and have 3 mouths to feed wit nno income and remember im only 19 whats the best advice anyone can give me

Answer #18

Here’s the bad news: first of all give up any and all hope of becoming a medical doctor of any sort, from dental to podiatry, surgeons, nursing, physical/respiratory/occupational therapy, pharmacists, dental hygiene—pretty much anything health/medicine related that requires licensing really. There are some certifications you still might be able to get though.

Give up on anything requiring the BAR or Series 7 like practicing law/attorneys, magistrates, judges, politics, bankers, brokers etc—all things essentially reserved for The Man.

No firearms = no Police, SWAT, security jobs etc. No Peace Corps, pilots, steward/stewardess, teachers, governmental/federal jobs, positions with general public responsibility and the majority of opportunities with a sweet pension attached.

And of course anything else that would have access to a NICS or authority to request III.

NICS, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, is an FBI database used to regulate and monitor firearm sale and ownership…and it basically functions as a felon registry.

The III provides a method for requesting a criminal history record once a person has been associated with an Index record. If the record is maintained in the FBI Integrated Automated Identification System (IAFIS), the record will be automatically returned on-line via NCIC. If the record is maintained by one or more state agencies participating in III record exchange, the state(s) will respond via the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System, Inc. (NLETS).

The above comprises a HUGE percentage of the labor force and honestly most of the best paying careers in America…but it fortunately leaves enough of a niche for the reformed to edge in and earn a decent living too.

Some examples of lucrative jobs that probably won’t dig as deep are: IT and computer jobs, jobs in travel and tourism like restaurant or hotel management and chefs, many Unions and Blue/Green collar jobs like automotive mechanics and truck drivers, lumberjacks, fishing industry, etc.

For many of these jobs, the reality is generally most places only check the areas YOU PROVIDE THEM WITH.

Each location costs additional money to check, therefore research EVERYWHERE is totally impractical. Truth be told, wherever you put down they will look into…so just be selective with the information you provide.

For general transportation’s sake, if you drive like a saint during appropriate hours you can conceivably drive a decade unlicensed without a single incident…but a valid license with a clean driving record is a HUGE BONUS—CDL/truck driver, chauffer, taxi, even pizza delivery pays ok and usually has decent atmosphere. All of these vehicular jobs are obviously “”don’t tells”” as well, imo.

Keeping in mind these examples are relative and should be treated on an individual basis, you actually can still land good paying jobs/careers in these areas. Each of our situations is specific and may require some imagination, so don’t be afraid of thinking outside the box …but make sure you’re still inside legal limits. ;) Seriously, don’t take the easy way out.

I had three felonies in three different states–none of which were my home state. I have had many good jobs in my life but only ever disclosed my background ONE TIME—to the Darden Company (Longhorn/Red Lobster/Olive Garden etc). Long story short THEY DENIED ME EMPLOYMENT even though I had colleagues working there and it was a known fact I was the most qualified applicant (Make-up/Expo). I don’t have time for negativity or hateful lawsuits but decided NEVER AGAIN and since then I have NEVER HAD A SINGLE ISSUE in any of the above industries I’ve applied with…nor do I suspect I would in any of the others I haven’t attempted either.

Fwiw I have had two six figure a year jobs, one with a multi-million dollar corporation and the other was international and so enormous they honestly made millions in profit every single day. Without any arrogance they were both extremely competent heavy hitters and they didn’t find ANYTHING in either of their checks. And the reason of course is I never listed any of the addresses of any of my convictions…actually I avoided any link to those states whatsoever. I can say with absolute certainty a known felon would never had held either of those positions. You’ll have to take my word on it but trust me, it’s guaranteed. This is the real world.

If they should find out later–regardless of what happens at that point–in my opinion you’re still MILES AHEAD of where you would have been if you were forthright.

We can’t vote, we can’t own firearms (it’s bullshit to lose the right to defend yourself) and essentially live every day forever on the end of a perpetual leash “the man” can reel back in on little more than a whim. Giving society a reason to feel more prejudice and contempt toward me was never something I strived for so…

In a nutshell, I suggest not telling on yourself…and obviously don’t give them a reason to ever find out. EVER. I can only speak for myself but it’s certainly worked in my experience.

Hope this info can help someone.

Answer #19

Every one deserves a second chance (some tomes maybe a third) Here’s the thing; many employers still hire people with felonies on their record. I worked for a company that did. How ever a person is going to have to except some what a lower place on the totem pole. The best place to start is a temp agency. Once you can establish dependability and consistency, you’re halfway in. I have a brother and a friend that had felonies. They had to work their a*s off to get a start. The other half is purely determination. Don’t give up on yourself. You just have to remember that you’re starting at the bottom and the only way through this trying time is pick yourself up and keep climbing. That’s the thing, a lot of people get frustrated just by attempting to get there life back in order and try to be good. Don’t give up! It may take a little bit longer but don’t give up.

Answer #20

Jeannine, I cannot tell you the companies, however if you or someone you know are looking for work and their past record is holding them/you back, try starting your own business. A good area is window washing for businesses. I like this because overhead is low. You will need maybe 75.00 to 100.00 in equipment. Learning how to do this is alittle bit of an art, but anyone can do it, you just have to practice for an hour or so after you have watched a commercial window cleaner in action. Really it’s not any different than doing your car windows at the gas station. How to charge? Here you will charge about 80 cents per side. Take the total of windows and sides and round it off to the highest dollar amount. If you do a small business for example with 4 windows and a door, you could charge around 7-8 dollars inside and out. Most businesses will want them cleaned 2 to 4 times a month. If you get bigger accounts than of course your fee will increase. Once you you have learned how to clean windows a 8-10 dollar job should only take you about 10 to 15 minutes. Now look at ALL the businesses in and around phoenix that you could start asking if they need their windows cleaned. It is hard work but if you can go into 50 to 60 businesses a day and ask them if you can give them a quote on cleaning their windows you will be successful. Have you noticed your background never came up here. Your background is not for me to judge, and I am taking into consideration by your question that you just made a small mistake and want to start a better life. This would be my advice to you. Hope it helps. The potential is unlimited. You can start a new life, and be in control of your income. Familycoach

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