Can convicted felons find work in Florida?

Ok! I am a convicted felon and cannot find a job. I cannot go through agency they turn me down what can I do.

Answer #1

Well, I learned something from the 6 months that I spent in jail here in Jackoffville, Floriduh. By meeting and talking to other “convicted felons”, I learned that up to 50% of the people in jail in America, or carrying around these “convicted felon” titles, like me, were simply and plainly railroaded into jail by our corrupt and mutated government on some kind of petty or trumped-up charges. This is being done by the profiteers that are in power and running our once great country into the ground.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. These communistic, money grubbing, terrorists running our government are creating one of the largest populations of poor and underprivileged peoples the world has ever known. Their mismanagement of our nation and its states is weakening our country to its very core.

Our country and its federal, state and local governments have mutated into nothing more than opportunistic modern-day slavery rings. They no longer give a damn about rehabilitating convicts. They do nothing but profit off of railroading as many citizens as possible into or country’s jails in order to keep them full. This is done so that local and state governments can profit off of the $350-$1,500 a day that the federal government pays to them in order to house inmates.

It is a modern-day, neo-fascist, police state industry on a mind boggling scale. It is monopolized by each and every state in this communistic regime, formerly known as the United States of America.

Hey, here is an idea: Let’s scrap the War on Drugs, the War on the Constitution, the War on everything else our politicians are using to side track us from the real problem, and spend all those billions of dollars on the War on Poverty. If we all had equal education, healthcare and guaranteed jobs, like most other civilized nations, I bet there would be far less poverty and therefore far less crime. Talk about making our country safe for democracy. It is as simple as 1 + 1 = 2. Give each and every person a cheap or free college education, cheap or free health care and a job. OMG, talk about stability.

Do I sound bitter? You are damned right I’m bitter. I left this country in the 80’s. I served honorably and fought for this country for 4 years; watched some of the best brothers I could have asked for die in the most violent ways imaginable; And for what? So, that I could return home after 12 years to a corrupt government and sick society that will jail its people for BS just so its state coffers can get fat of another mans slavery and imprisonment. THIS COUNTRY REALLY SUCKS NOW!!! What happened?

Anyway, here you go:


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Answer #2


To find companies hiring felons in your area, go to and find your local employment office.

They should be able to put you on the right track to finding a job. I’ve also heard that United Way and the Salvation Army will employ those with felony records.

Good luck!

Answer #3

I am a CNA amd I am having a hard time getting back to work, that is what I do and I do it well I just screwed up I got down and now I am having a hard time getting back up, but I will keep trying

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