Why is getting a retail job seriously so hard to get?! :(

I'm 16 so I am able to meet the eligibility requirements to get a job. I'm really in need of a job so I can get the money I make for college and save my parents a lot of money and trouble. I have been searching for a job for six months straight and not a single call for an interview or anything. I applied for about 30 different places as of now, both in person and online, and I kept calling different places to see if any openings are available for employment. Everyone at my school got their jobs so easily while I, have to go through all this hassle :(
And I do have volunteer experiences. Is that not good enough?

And yes, I know there's a huge economic/financial reception going on around the world but I'm keeping that aside for now.

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The economy isnt in the best place right now and millions of people are out of work and competeting for the small number of available jobs. You really have to be on top off your game, ace an interview, and almost kiss ass to get a job now.

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its hard to get a good job right now. i have to kiss ass and work horrible hours to have a job. its not even a good job. it pays rent and buys food for me to eat. my ex bf works with me haha

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because everybody wants somebody with experience, its a pain but its life. ive been trying to get an office job and in order to get an office job you have to have a year of experience in office work.........kind of hard to get the experience if no one will give you the job without having experience ALREADY. but for retail, i suggest starting with something like working at kmart or walmart (or whatever big department store is in your area) then you can claim retail experience

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