Which job do you like best from these three: chocolatier, pediatrician, interior designer (read more)?

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Chocolatier, is that really a job? That'd be cool O:

I want to be a writer, and I'm currently a waiter.

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yes, being a chocolatier is a job...you get to make chocolates and stuff and if that's not good enough you get a 90,000 dollar anual salary!!! no joke!

and that's cool...i wanna be alot of things, lol. that's why im asking all these questions....to narrow down my LONG list of things i wanna be, so i can focus on one to be one day and study to be! lol

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General Manager in the NFL. Looking to take Sports Management at Washington State. I'd pick interior cause i am quirky like that. I work fulltime as a maintenance housekeeper at a chrstian adventure camp.

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You mean getting paid to eat chocolate :O Where are these jobs and where do I sign up :)

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Chocolatier would be awesome lol..:)

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A chocolatier sounds fun but is actually very scientific! And the factories don't really look like Charlie's factory which was a huge disappointment for me as a child going on a chocolate factory tour lol. I'd say a pediatrician would become boring quite fast. An interior designer would be an interesting job but if you were working for yourself you'd need an on-the-side job. Me? I've done a lot of different jobs, my main profession is hairdressing but I've done everything from waitress to physio. I actually want to be a police officer though lol.

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I'd pick pediatrician. I will be applying to vet schools in the near future while keeping my fingers crossed! If I'm not accepted after a few tries, I'll start looking into PhD programs for genetics or molecular biology. So I either want to be a veterinarian or a scientist when I grow up! lol

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maybe look it up...and you MAKE chocolate!

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