I’m also taking Japanese in high school and my family and some of my friends are saying it’s one of the hardest languages to learn. is learning Japanese a hard language to learn or is it kinda easy??

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im pretty sure that english is a germanic language so it should be similar to german and dutch and a few others in sentence structure and gramer so it shouldnt be as hard to learn.

Answer #2

oh, one more thing, english is the hardest language in the world. if you can speak it, it’s much easier to learn a new language than anyone else who tries to speak a different language trying to. hope that made sense!!! ^_^

Answer #3

I’m guessing it’d be extremelly hard.

Fair enough, as vanhalen618 said, learning ANY new language is hard, but with japanese, you aren’t using the english alphabet, you’ve got to learn all sorts of new symbolls, so I’m assuming japanese is a very hard language to learn. Same with chinese or russian, etc

Answer #4

There’s no such thing as an easy language, trying to learn a new one is extremely hard. No matter what language it is.

Answer #5

For me, it has been rather easy. I’ve been teaching myself and I’ve been in contact with many Japanese foreign exchange students. I think what brings people to think it is hard is the Alphabets. There are two alphabets. (Hiragana and Katakana) One is used for the Japanese language, the other for foreign words like names and such. What makes the language hard is the fact there are no short cuts. There is one more thing the Japanese have and that is Kanji. If you look at a symbol and can’t read it, you can’t read it. There are thousands of different kanji characters and some are easy to remember some are hard. I will say though, they are not easy to draw especially the very complex ones x.x;;; If anything, speaking the language is fun and they have their own way of setting grammar but it is set up in a pattern. It is when you get to writing in the language that it gets to be hard. Well that is all I have to say on the subject. Japanese is fun! ^o^ Watashi wa Buritonii desu. Hajimemashite. ^^

Answer #6

I have been self teaching myself japanese for a year and 7 months. it’s not very hard at all. I can already speak in fluent sentences on my own, and I can even read the hiragana and katakana characters. just put forth a little effort. it’s actually one of the easiest languages if you think about it. the word order is subject first and the rest is like a backwards english sentence, and most every word is consonant vowel, consonant vowel. I even have a good accent perfect actually. And the each vowel only makes one sound. it’s not very hard at all. if you need help with it, just ask. I’ll be here for you!!! ^_^

Answer #7

I’ve been told that it takes 18 years to become fluent in Japanese.

Answer #8

oh, and they use romaji the most (american alphabet) they don’t like the characters too much. romaji is much better and faster. however, on t.v. shows or books or something they almost always use the characters. but in their romaji alphabet they only have 22 letters.

Answer #9

I had wanted to learn Japanese for a long time then I just called Pimsleur on this number 877-566-2629 and they were great in recommending me a course that suited my needs.

I’m almost finished with the CDs, but I have learned more Japanese with these CDs than with the 5+ Learn Japanese books I have bought and attempted to read. This is the real deal. I am planning on purchasing the rest of the series when I get a chance.

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It’s great that you can absorb a new language effortlessly without any reading, writing or computer use. I put them onto my iPod and listen while I am driving and jogging. So many other courses require you to sit at a study desk. Definitely not for me.

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You will be fluent in Japanese before you know it.

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