How do you make your jalapeno poppers?

I just tried a new method, instead of using cream cheese, I stuffed them with string cheese, and then wrapped them with turkey bacon. I cooked them till the cheese was melted inside, and they where great. Anyone else do anything different?

Answer #1

I’ve had them with cream cheese, as well as cheddar cheese… but my favorite consists of:

Roasted jalapenos (and some canned jalapenos) Pepper Jack Cheese Flour and buttermilk pancake mix for the batter Raspberry jalapeno syrup

It’s delicious. :]

Answer #2

It does sound good, but I don’t eat sugar are carbs, also you don’t use the fresh jalapenos?

Answer #3

No, just the canned kind.

Answer #4

Well thanks for the input, but it does not sound very healthy.

Answer #5

Yeah, I know. lol. We don’t eat very healthy around here. :/

Answer #6

Well they sound nice, I don’t think I could ever make them.

Answer #7

Chris my dear, jalapeno poppers are the mother & father of carbs. :P You cant make healthy jalapeno poppers. They are meant to be a finger food, comfort food, appetizer… meaning very fattening.:P

You can try to take fresh green jalapeno’s cut the heads off make a slit on one side of them and remove all of the seeds so they dont kill ya, wash the inside and then stuff them with fresh shredded cheddar cheese.(some people rather mix it with cream cheese,shredded mozzarella cheese and shredded cheddar cheese plus add cut up bacon & all kinds of other surprises like onions, mushrooms, cilantro and some cumin spices.) I personally prefer plain cheddar cheese. Remember not to over stuff them or else they will over flow. :P

For the top part to get a nice crispy shell I dont use a batter… I usually use an egg wash and an all seasoned bread crumb.(everyone makes them differently some make a real batter or use flour then dip into the egg wash then into the breadcrumb seasoning…I saw some guy using a heavy beer/flour batter as well it’s really up to you.) What you want to do is after filling the jalapeno’s u want to dip it lightly in the egg wash and pat it on the seasoned breadcrumbs. That will give it that yummy crunch. make sure you also get the top so it sort of seals the cheese in.

Now place them on a pre sprayed rectangular pirex dish.

Now put the pirex in your oven on 375 for 15-20 mins or until nice caramel brown color. you do not want to burn them so keep an eye on them after the first 15 mins, also depending on your oven.

Allow them to cool off so you dont burn your tongue, serve warm. Can add some sort of salsa, guacamole, sour cream or plain ranch dressing on the side of course. Good eats! Hope this was a bit healthier.

Answer #8

What I do is I core the jalapeno, then fill the inside with cheese, then I wrap the jalapeno with a piece of turkey bacon and use a toothpick to hold the bacon in place. Then I cook it on the grill till the cheese melts, they are great and there is no carbs.

Answer #9

that’s another way too…what ever works for you.:) I personally dont like bacon, so I simply dont use it.

Answer #10

Well I like bacon, but I limit it to turkey bacon, but they do not have the carbs, and then you can server these upe with your grilled carrot, asparagus, onions, and chicken. Or you can do lettuce wraps, but you just keep it small. If you feel full you ate to much.

Answer #11

lol, sounds interesting! might try the vegi ones, thnx :)

Answer #12

No problem, me and my wife just limit the carbs to once a week and then we might go out for a hamburger. So you are a vegetarian, well I can understand the bacon then. Me and dani are more meat and vegi without the bread. I know if I eat a hamburger I almost want to go right to sleep from carb overload.

Answer #13

lol, too funny sweetie… I am not a vegetarian, but i am trying to keep away from carbs & gluten with pcos in high peek, my sugar intake isnt breaking up into energy & causing me to have real issues so i hv to stay away from fatty foods/carbs & try as best as i can to keep away from gluten.(all my fav’s…pasta, rice & potatoes…absolute no no) :( So it’s strictly proteins & vegi’s til further notice. :( Oh well, now i really miss being young where there was a carefree lifestyle.

Answer #14

Well we are on about the same diet, but mine is by choice, I also try to stray away from process foods. I like to shop at the local markets and whole foods. We also keep our kids away from the junk food, I guess we are mean parents.

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