Jacksons kid

Does anyone agree with me that his daughter should not have been up there making a speech she was too young and even tough I dont care for MJ himself watching her breakdown was heartbreaking and now its beens shown on the news over and over , I just feel that it was should not have been done like that should not have been done like that

Answer #1

I like to think that when she looks back on that, she wont regret not saying anything. she stood up there, in front of [all] the viewers and said she loved her father. I thought it was amazing. I felt she was strong for doing that.

Answer #2

If you actually watch the scene properly, after Marlon Jackson speaks he says I think Janet wants to say something. Janet attempts to speak but Paris interrupts, assuming she is asking to say something. Her family then adjust the mic stand for her and are all quite encouraging. I do not believe it was staged. If it was why did they not force Prince to say anything? Why did they not place little Blanket into the spotlight, rather than have him hiding behind his siblings most of the time? I think Paris truly wanted to let people know what she felt for her father, since the public questioned his parenting skills so often. I think what she did was a wonderful and loving gesture, he has raised her incredibly well and it was a very good grief mechanism for her.

Answer #3

I’m glad she is 11 and is old enough to tell everyone how much she loves her dad. Paris will never see her dad again and she is only 11 so I think she has every right to be up there making a speech! Prince didn’t want to make a speech as his family asked him and he said he didnt and that is up to him!

Answer #4

I personally never lost a love one so cannot imagine how much pain Michael Jackson’s kids are going through but I do feel sorry that they lost their daddy.

Did watch some of the funeral proceedings on our telly and saw the part where MJ’s daughter gave her eulogy. Even though it was heart wrenching, I felt the Jackson members who were staged around Paris when she was giving a speech appeared to be too pushy.. I heard someone via the mic say “speak up, they will not be able to hear you”. Hands rubbing her shoulders and hair and adjusting the mic etc..

The only part I disagree with you would be, why wasnt Prince (1) allowed to make a little speech also, instead of chewing gum when he was on stage.

Answer #5

Actually, I think the fact that she was able to make a statement - to talk about it was an important step in healing for her.

My father died when I was 10, and I was pushed aside because everyone assumed I was too young to understand it - they were wrong. Even at that young age, a child understands the concept of death and it’s important for them to be able to share their feelings - it’s part of the healing process.

She has a lot of people supporting her, and she will get through this, but what’s most important for her right now is that people are willing to let her talk about it.

Answer #6

I think she did the right thing personally. it was her way to show that she loved and cared for her daddy, I surely would want to do that at my dads funeral. a lot of people arent very fond of MJ but she was trying to tell the world that he has been there for her through thick and thin. and he was an amazing dad to her. she just wanted to show the world that he was not a horrible person through her eyes despite what others say srry if you disagree this is just my opinion on the whole subject

Answer #7

money money money, makes me funny, in a rich mans wooorld

yeah the foster parent/s got a whole wad of cash for that… the jacksons got their wad of cash from the ceremony and TV stations from commercials

well it was the greatest commercial milking of the century way to go world, woohoo O_o

Answer #8

umm, or, he was possably the BEST singer in the WORLD! and they wanted to share it with all of his fans, and it was Paris’ way of coping

Answer #9

Janet told her to speak up, simply because if she talked and no one understood, well……. u get what i men, and Prince took his death….. REALLY hard, Paris coped with it a little better then the boys

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