Have you heard about the band Tokio Hotel?

Have you heard about the band Tokio Hotel? if you have what do you think about them???

Answer #1

I’ve heard of them but havent heard there music yet although apparently they do influence a lot of peoples style and hair now!

Answer #2

I’ve heard some at a party once, had to ask who it was, but I remember this

“I’m staring at a broken door There’s nothing left here anymore My room is cold It’s making me insane”

Great sparked another warez day :P

Answer #3

I agree with confused lil girl

Answer #4

I’ve heard of em, pretty good too. The first I heard of them was in German class at school. We listened to one of their CDs and I thought it was pretty good.

Answer #5

Booo…suck big juicy butt they do!

Answer #6

TOKIO HOTELTokio Hotel is a German band founded in Magdeburg, Germany in 2001 by guitarist Tom Kaulitz and singer Bill Kaulitz, drummer Gustav Schäfer and bassist Georg Listing. The quartet has scored four number one singles and has released two number one albums in their native Germany, selling nearly 3 million CDs and DVDs there.

After recording an unreleased demo-CD under the name “Devilish” and having their contract with Sony BMG terminated, the band released their first German-language album, Schrei, as Tokio Hotel on Island Records in 2005. Schrei sold more than half a million copies worldwide and spawned four top five singles in both Germany and Austria. In 2007, the band released their second German album Zimmer 483 and their first English album Scream which have combined album sales of over one million copies worldwide and helped win the band their first MTV European Music Award for Best InterAct. The former, Zimmer 483, spawned three top five singles in Germany while the latter, Scream, spawned two singles that reached the top twenty in new territories such as Portugal, Spain and Italy. Their first live album, Zimmer 483 - Live In Europe, was released near the end of 2007. However, while still struggling for success in most English-speaking countries, the band has released an English language version of Ready, Set, Go! in the UK, and are currently enjoying exposure in Canada and the United States. Albums September 19, 2005: Schrei March 24, 2006: Schrei - so laut du kannst (re-recording of Schrei) February 23, 2007: Zimmer 483 November 30, 2007: Zimmer 483 - Live In Europe June 4, 2007: Scream / Room 483 I like them!!!

Answer #7

there ok I guess . in my personal opinion they are getting a little repetitive but they sound good. I think they sold out their band with Ready Set Go! they messed up on the music video. if I was them I would have tooken a way different approach on it

Answer #8

I love tokio hotel. Bill hogs the mic a lot during interviews… you can tell the rest of them hate it. But he has the best hair! Check out pics of them on google. try entering Bill Kaulitz. German sounds way better than english lol. they are a pretty hott band now :] xD he kinda looks like a girl… hha.

Answer #9

I’m a long time Tokio Hotel fan. I love their music and the boys in the group are just awesome. Bill is adorable, especially when he makes translation mistakes or mispronounces his English. I love the “twin moments” that Tom and Bill have on stage. The German music is much better than the English.

akumo - The song you heard is called “Monsoon”. It’s on their new CD “Scream”. The CD also has their original German version of the song, “Durch den Monsun”. It’s the song that made them famous.

lozer0001 - If you like “Don’t Jump” you should try listening to the German song “Spring Nicht”.

Answer #10

I love Tokio Hotel…Bill and Tom are hot as hell…lol

Answer #11

lol yeah the poster is hanging in my english teachers room haha

Answer #12

LOVE THEIR MUSIC tom is so cute!!

Answer #13

I’ve heard of theme, but im not a huge fan of their music… yet.

Answer #14


Answer #15

I like them : )

Answer #16

Yeah! I just barely started to listen to them. They’re pretty good!

Answer #17

Yeah, I’ve heard of them. I think they are pretty good.

Answer #18

Ich liebe Tokio Hotel. :)

Answer #19

I’ve heard them. I like their music I luv their song ‘dont jump’ =)

Answer #20

I have. They’re not the best band around but they’re still good.

Answer #21

love them to death they are what inspired me to learn german they’re muzik is amazing,espeacially in german ICH LIEBE DICH BILL KAULITZ FUR IMMER!!!

Answer #22

Really big butt!!! Extra Juicy!!!

Answer #23

they rock their awsum

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