what do i do if iv fallen in love with my 3rd cousin?

Answer #1

.< Realise that you guys are blood, which should disgust you, turn you off, and make you fall out of “love”.

Answer #2

i only just found out :(

Answer #3

Seriously? People get married to their first cousins. A third cousin is far far off. What difference does it make?

Answer #4

well, that’s a really tough situation to be in! you probably are getting caught up in the moment. there are too many people that aren’t related to u to be w/ and have the same feelings… he’s just one guy out of a whole lot more. just take some time to stop and think cause sometimes when you’re in “love”, you cannot think clearly. i know it’s extremely hard, but slow down for a while. just chat and be good friends… i mean, you guys are RELATED… you’ll soon realize that it’s for the best to just be friends and most of all, cousins

Answer #5

Me? It’s f*cking gross, just like it is when people marry their first cousin, getting married to your first cousin is a bit more gorss, but it’s th same thing. That’s how I feel about it, anyway. If you condone family being married to family then that’s your deal, but it isnt mine.

Answer #6

Just found out what? That it’s your cousin or that you “love” him?

Answer #7

Lol well thts not how I wanted to start it out but there is technically nothing wrong but technically alot wrong…I mean since your third cousins it means your are basically only related not rlly blood related like first cousins….but u 2 r still cousins which makes it extremely complicated. Oh btw the reason I said lol was because me nd a buddy frm school were talking about the same thing a couple of days ago

Answer #8

Isnt a your third cousin your counsin’s child’s child? That would still be blood related, barely, but barely is enough for it to be gross as hell.

Answer #9

How I see it is, we are all probably related somehow. Some people marry their cousin and don’t find out until about a year later, but that doesn’t stop them. If you love somebody no matter if it’s your friend, boyfriend, 3rd cousin, distant cousin, step cousin, whatever, it shouldn’t stop you from doing anything you want to do. If you love the person the fu*k what anyone thinks! You gotta please yourself before you have the strength to please others.

Answer #10

So, ayone who thinks their sister is hot, f*ck her and make a bunch of babies, who cares, we’re all people right? Gross.

Answer #11

you are very rude.

Answer #12

I doubt a whole bunch of people would fall for their siblings, but if they do that is their choice, and no one should stop someone else from doing what they want to do.

Answer #13

The way i see it is people are people, if you fall in love you can’t change that or do anything about it. Maybe reevaluate the situation to see if it is true love or maybe you are a bit confused and don’t actually love them like that. The only downside i see is that in the future if you want to have kids with them then there could be health problems due to having similar blood and conditions.

Answer #14

No offense to anyone, BUT…Everyone has the right to their opinion, if they wanna b!tch about whom you choose to fall in love with, tough for them! They dont have to like it, or you or him for that matter. All that matters how you seriously feel about one another!

Once upon a time there were no rules & regulations, people slept with people to reproduce(sick: maybe, weird: to some perhaps, but that is how they did it!) look at the facts here, 50-60 years ago, people kept things in the family, they knew whom the person was, what they could contribute & that they would never betray the family. Today in modern society we call that taboo, why? Because nice religious people decided that it was considered a “SIN” (lets leave all the eww, gross disgusting & childish words aside & actually run some tests on many couples that have married inside the family. They are fine, they have normal kids, & their kids have normal kids! So why make it such a bad bad bad thing!) Now I am not saying that there arent freaks of nature, genetics & so forth, but just because it doesnt seem normal to you doesnt mean it is a “sin” just because the religious people consider it a “sin!”

If you have no genetic issues, and are both perfectly healthy & very much in love, I say pay no mind to what others think, say or feel! It’s merely their opinion as it is merely my opinion as well! Go with your heart! Allow it to lead you in the right direction, if it is meant to be then nothing & no one can or shall stop it from happening.

Good luck to you!

Answer #15

I couldn’t of said it any better than you did! (:

Answer #16

I simply speak from experience & from the heart! My dad’s second cousins (whom are first cousins) got married had 3 kids. All of them are very smart, sophisticated & educated people! The eldest son became a banker & has progressed there for many many years. He got married & had a daughter plus a set of twin girls…all just fine & beautiful all normal & educated. The second was a daughter who became a well educated professor got married and has a kid or 2 not sure. The third son, educated & in computers has his own business got married & has kids so it doesnt always mean that bad things happen. Some do some dont! Go with your heart & justy make sure all is a ok if that is what you both really want to do…remember it is ur life dont allow others to dictate it or convince you to do things against what you believe in. Not in your real life nor on F.A. (meaning me included) :P

Good luck sweetie.

Answer #17

@ taytay but isnt it illegal 4 the siblings tto do that?

Answer #18

I don’t know.. I would never try and marry my sibiling. I was just saying if that was the case, no one should stop them, if it is illegal then that’s kind of taking things overboard.. Its not anyones business if a brother and sister want to marry eachother.

Answer #19

And if you have an issue with it, that’s your deal, not mine. You made your opinions quite clear already. What exactly is your point?

Answer #20

Sorry, but mating with your blood relatives actually has serious health risks, not to mention it’s gross. There’s plenty of fish in the sea….. go for someone else.

Answer #21

I think it is different for siblings, same dna, same parents, might be issues. As for cousins, that is a whole different issue because they are marrying someone’s other family. Ok, to make some sense of this. Hypothetically speaking: My grandmother had siblings. they all got married separately to different people & had normal kids. 1 sister had 3 girls… 1 sister had a boy and a girl 1 brother had kids(dont really know that side) 1 sister had 5 kids so u see, they all technically were married with a new set of dna. Now one sister’s son & one sister’s daughter fell in love & got married…so tech they have mixed dna…the dna from one side is the same family dna but then again both had dna from the other side changing their dna making it safe to have kids.(which they did & were all ok) :P

Hope this was enough to make you guys get why with siblings it may be a bit more weirder & a bit more dangerous.(like as if one was gvn up for adoption, didnt know the sibling & fell in love with them then finding out that they are related! That wouldnt be right & might cause serious birth defects.) On the other hand if they were half brother/sister there might be a chance of a 50 50 chance. since the dna did change a bit with the other parent’s dna mixed with the same combined dna parent. That is still a bit ify ify(I would seriously give it up though). Cousins…ok(should still get tested & stuff) siblings I rather not go there!

Answer #22

youre third cousins. there isnt much difference there. theres a distance in the relationship. nd if im remebering correctly there wont be any problems with the kids if theyre third cousins. im not saying itll go that far but still. who cares.

Answer #23

Ok guys, a 3rd cousin only shares a great-great-grandparent. Most people don’t even know enough of their genealogy to know who their great-great-grandparent is let alone who is a 3rd cousin.

There isn’t really anything wrong with 1st cousins marrying. The only places in the world that prohibit 1st cousin marriage is in about half of the US states. Even states that prohibit cousin marriage recognize other state’s marriages so any cousins who wish to marry but live in a state prohibits can just travel to a state that permits it, get married, and come home. No other country in the world prohibits cousin marriage. There is little difference in the genetic risks for 1st cousins than for unrelated couples. In many cultures cousin marriage is the norm since it keeps wealth in the family. Lots of famous people married their 1st cousin. Chrales Darwin, Albert Einstein, and FDR all married 1st cousins.

Answer #24

i say go 4 for it..especially if ur fallin in love with them hun!

Answer #25

go with it! there’s lots of 1sy cousins that marry. you cant help who you fall in love with.

Answer #26

well, it depends on where you live, some places its alright. sweetheart just tell him how you really feel. maybe hes feeling the same way. you never know unless you try. who knows maybe someday you will be married to your 3rd cousin. darling just go after what you want, if you dont then you can only be mad at yourself if you dont ever have a chance. good luck .!

Answer #27

theres barely any relaion there, i dont see that as a problem at all. i wold see it different if it was a full cousin though. i do disagree with the point that it’s ok for brothers and sisters to marry….. incest and illegal.

Answer #28

uhh they always say infest is da best

Answer #29

uhh they always say infest is da best

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