Issue with my boyfriend stealing

I been with my boyfriend a little over 4 years. He hasnt kept a job more then 3 months and is a thief and constant liar. I know im stupid to stay with him but I broke it off like 5 imes on and off but he knows how to have me right back in his arms. I lost my job and found a small job enough to pay bills and now look to find a 2nd job. Half of my bills is because of him and he thinks since its on my card its my responsibility which yes it is but he is the one who took me to the hospital for an anxiety attack that he caused knowing I had no insurance. 2 months later I had 3,600.00 bill that I am still paying on. He has stolen from my family money from my house and my cousins xbox 360 games which were like 70 dollars a piece for 2 and one was 30. He has stolen my crediecard in the past and I thought we had solved the issue but apparently not since he just done this. I dont know why I am staying with him. I dont know if its because im a thick girl and think no one will like me since im not skinnny or if its because I think I can change him which I now know it wont happen. I can not have children and he wants them and I figured that keep him away and he said as long as he has me he is fine. My grandmother says its because I pay for everything which I dont cause I dont have any money to pay and he does which I dont understand since he doesnt work? Is he stealing money probally yes. Anywho I dont know what to do please help and be as blunt as possible thats cool with me I need it

Answer #1

You need to lose that loser !! - he is not going to change - you cannot change him - as Dr Phil says: ‘The greatest predictor of the future, is the past’ - you DESERVE BETTER !!

Answer #2

Get out of that relationship before he ruins you! Financially and/or mentally. You know he won’t change, and if you don’t, I’ll tell you: He’s not going to change. I can’t stress enough to you that even though he may not be hitting you, he is abusing you. He’s abusing your kindness, your generosity and your credit. He knows you’ll put up with his crap, and that you’ll forgive him when he feeds you pretty lies and puppy dog eyes. You deserve better!!! He has money, but you don’t know where he’s getting it. After four years with him, you should know. He is not only stealing from you, but your family too? Come on girl, if you won’t make him respect you, make him respect them. I may have allowed men to almost ruin me, but once they mess with my family it is too far, a boundary he should NEVER cross. Take him to court. He stole your credit card, so there are charges on there you didn’t make, and you didn’t give him permission to make. Also get him for the emotional abuse he put you through. When they try to say “Well, it’s been four years…” Say, and I finally found my self respect and dignity as a woman, and I feel he should pay. Bring your family in too, he’s stolen from them, they deserve their money back. Honey, I don’t care if you’re thick, or obiese. A man that loves you that you deserve will find you, but not if you’re still holding on to this piece of crap. Setting yourself free from him may be hard at first, but have a great support system of your friends and family, and get on with it! If you have a cell, and he calls, don’t answer and delete the number right away. Delete his number entirely from your phone. get a restraining order on him so he leglly CAN’T get a hold of you, or come around you. Start loving yourself more than this loser, and get on with your life! You deserve to be happy, and he obviously causes you too much strife.

Answer #3

I think that you need to show this guy who he is dealing with and tell him to carry out his end of the deal or it’s over between the both of you. Or you could ask yourself if you really love him or is it just because you don’t want to hurt him. I hope this helps! Good luck!

Answer #4

This guy is not going to change- he’s stolen from you and your family, made you physically ill with what he’s done. What’s it going to take for you to say ‘get the f4 out of my life!”? Is he going to have to kill someone before it happens?

You can’t trust him as far as you can drop kick him, you’ve given him chance after chanc, and if he really loved you, he’d do anything to change. Ditch this guy, and slap a lawsuit on him for ripping you off. Start getting on with your life, he’ll only weigh you down.

Answer #5

you just need to get out of that relationship, I dont know you but I think you should be treated better than what you are by him. you need to do whats best for YOU. if all he can do is to go behind your back and steal and lie then your not going to be able to do anything, I mean as in trust. and youre not going to be able to change him, he is what he is, and dont worry im not the skinniest chick around either but you just gotta be patient and wait sooner or later the right guy will come along that will do you right, BUT if you stay wit him, youre not going to find him. like I said DO WATS BEST FOR YOU!!! I hope this helps

Answer #6

Thanks. I appreciate everyone’s feedback and honesty. I know im a young beautiful girl who has an amazing future and wont get anywhere with him. I may have to the restraining order deal against him and if he doesnt listen then he must just like the jail cell’s.

Answer #7

Dear holly122, After reading your question I can see you are an intelligent person but lack in self-esteem and self-confidence. Also you are playing the victim game…Time to grow up girl and face reality. You are staying with him because you think you don’t deserve better, you are using him as an excuse not to enjoy your life why?? You know what you have to do. 1. Tell him you need some time alone…get him out of your home ASAP. This will allow you to put some money aside. 2. Avoid as much contact with him as possible. 3. You are working a “small” job…take the time you now have with him gone and redo your resume, spice up your appearence…and go find another job, one to make you comfortable. 4. After you have some money ahead see a counsellor. After all this you probably will be well on your way to seeing that he is making a fool out of you and that you are strong enough to be without him. Make us women proud girl and show em you don’t need this man to…I was going to say be happy but you are not happy…but you can be if do what you know you must do. Sue…good luck

Answer #8

Just on the surface, I have to say it sounds like he is an addict. I bet he is using drugs and you may not even know. People who lie, steal, cheat, don’t work, are often into abusing drugs.

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