How to look like Isabella Swan?

How can I look like Isabella Swan??? Before shes a vampire??

Answer #1

Here. I got this from wikihow. knock yourself out.

APERANCE: Isabella is very pale. Try to stay out of the sun and avoid going taning. Grow your hair out. Isabella’s hair is very long (reaches down her back). If you can, dye it dark brown with some modest natural looking red highlights. If your hair is already like this, great! Bella does different things with her hair. The most comonly mentioned styles are one braid, down, and a ponytail. Usualy her hair is worn down though. Also, she curls it for special ocasions. Bella doesn’t wear any make up at all, actualy she hates it! Use makeup only for covering up any inperfections (zits, under eye cirles, ext.) You can also use a some lip gloss and a bit of eyeshadow. Never use realy dark colors, eyeliner, lipstick or blush. Bella does not become a vampire until the fourth book, Breaking Dawn. Because of this you should not have eye bags. Bella’s style is very plain. Her wardrobe consits of jeans, a pair of sweats, a bunch of tee shirts, a couple fancier tops, a couple of jackets, two skirts, some shorts and some Victoria Secret pajamas that she never wears. You can be more fashionable than this, but try to keep it somewhat plain and modest. You are not aiming to stand out when it comes to the wardrobe. Defiently invest in a pair of cozy sweats. Don’t paint your nails. Keep them clean and short with clear polish only. Keep your skin clear. Wash your face three times a day. First with morning burst by Clean and Clear. Then use another facial cleanser the other two times. Use an aiprocot scrub twice a week. Invest in the day and night creams by the clean and clear soft colection. Use as directred. Get a zit cream at the store, or have one recomended by a dermatologist if your acne is severe. Put on a mask once a week. Keep your skin soft. Buy a good lotion (Ulta has the best ones in my opinon). Rub it into all over your skin once you get out of the shower. Apply to any dry spots as needed. Make sure you shave anything that needs to be shaved with a good razor and shaving cream. Bella smells very good. Get a good body spray + deodorant set. (Like go fresh by dove.) Bella is not active, but she is skinny. Try to cut down on your carbs and fat intake. PERSONALITY: Bella loves to read! You may not like it now, but reading can be very enjoyable if you find the right books. Bella prefers novels, especialy the classics. Try to practice your cooking skills. Bella likes cooking and is pretty good at it. She cooks every night for herself and her father. Look up other wikihows to find some good recipees. Be shy but not unfriendly. Make sure you look aprochable. Bella can be very quiet, even when she realy wants to ask something. If you are clutzy, stick with it. Be nice to everybody, even when you are about ready to kill them. Do your schoolwork, and do it well! Bella is an A student, and is even in some AP classes. Finish all your homework and study for quizes. Do all your chores. Make sure that you have a good realtionship with both your parents and that they both have trust in you.

Answer #2

Isabella Marie Swan is very natural and is very shy, in the movies she has really wavy hair, DO NOT HOT IRON IT! as it will give you split ends, after you wash your hair never blow dry it because this will also damage your hair, instead if you want it wavy like her then when your hair is wet tie it in a bun and wait for it to dry, NEVER SLEEP WITH IT WET! because this increases your hair fall and gives you more dandruff, if you suffer from dandruff then use T-gel or head and shoulder and don’t use too much conditioner as this will make your hair greasier. Make-up: Bella has never been a big fan of make-up or tan she is very pale, almost as pale as Edward so remember to keep it natural because as I have learnt pale is beautiful, if you must wear make-up then get a foundation that matches your skin tone and if you are of darker skin then this is okay as well, you could wear a brown eyeliner to make it look as natural as possible but no mascara is necessary, the reason you should wear eyeliner like this is because if you want a natural look then this is good but you need some make on your eyes so the light gives them planes and makes them look beautiful. You could also use a clear lip gloss to look natural but no bright colours because it can stain your lips. Clothes: This part of the look is also very plain too, if you want to then you can look on websites like old navy, American eagle and Gap. Stick to natural colours like green and beige and things like this, she also carries a backpack in a sort of beige/orange colour you could find things like this in any outdoor shops.

Thank you I hope my advice helps x If you want to know about any other celebrity or fiction character looks then you could contact me on: and I will answer any questions that you have. xxx

Answer #3

Bella has a pale complection, chocolate brown eyes, brown - in the book - straight hair mainly worn down. she is small but ‘soft some how’and 5 ft 4 inches. do get her face look, wear a mineral based pale foundation, put a thin layer of light brown or gray eye liner on the top lash line and smudge with finger or Q-tip. wear light blue or gray eye shadow lightly to brow line and one coat of brown or black masscara, if you wold like you could add brown eye liner to the botten lash line to. if you do not have high cheek bones add a light rose or coral blush to the contors of cheeks to give deffanition. hair - for the film look curl hair lightly and part in the middle, wear a black slice band or pin front back with two slides. for book look straighten hair and parnt in middel parting and walla! clothes - wear plane clothes, in mainly nutral colours and navy blue. for the movie look wear long sleave tops with a tartan shirt/ short sleave shirt over the top. for book look wear jeans t-shirts and a black kagool.

Answer #4

first-twilight is amazing!

dye your hair brown, wear average clothing, carry a book around-and say smart things…and keep your shoulders low lol

Answer #5

have your hair red and curly, dont be scared of good vampires, find some hot guy to be your edward (or something close) be pail, and be a total clutz. pay atention to the make up on the movie.

Answer #6

I agree, be yourself but its cool to take tips off her because she has the greatest style :D but its other poeples oppinions if they do or don’t want to look like her x btw the fourth comment is really helpfull :) x

Answer #7

Please don’t answer questions with requests that people answer your question. If someone knows about Isabella they’ll click on your question.

Answer #8

I dont know sorry. I dont know who she is.I’m sorry that I cant help you.But if you need any help with anything else your are welcome to funmail me anytime!=]

Answer #9

bella has pale tanslucent skin. we cant help if were pale of not but at least have clear skin. buy a few pairs of boot cut jeans if you dont have any . bella never wears skinny jeans. her shirts are more earthy colors. buy cute blouses but keep the paterns soft.wear some foundation to have bella’s flawless skin and natural makeup. brown eyeshadow a little mascara and maybe eyeliner. bella doesn’t wear makeup but some of us may need to define our eyes a little more. bella has wavy messy curls to the middle of her back curl your hair and put some mousse in it. waer a hedband or put bobby pins in your hair. make sure you look like your not trying too hard. make it look natural. good luck!

Answer #10

If it helps, what’s wrong with the size??? Geez!!

Answer #11

Dear lord. Calm down. the world is going to keep spining if you dont get an answer

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