Is weight watchers a good program?

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I wouldn't suggest it. It's a calorie controlled diet and they are the worst kind of diets to be on. I think you should think about joining slimmingworld. It's not a diet but a healthy eating plan. It has a website were you can read about it. Just type 'slimmingworld' in on google and the website should come up. See what you think :)

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I wouldn't do any weight loss program because as soon as your done with it you'll go back to your old ways of eating and you'll be upset with yourself untill you lose the weight while not on a diet

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My mum looked at it and she didn't like it much. She's on Rosemary Conley which she really likes especially as it has an exercise class included which is the key to weightloss...that and eating healthily. They also get a fitness dvd free so that you can keep up the exercise at home and a reciepe book of meals that are healthy and low in fat as well as other things.
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I'm sure it will work but I believe it's something where they want you for life. For similar results keep track of calories you consume after each meal. you want to eat 10 calories for every pound you want to weigh. take a health class or just start reading fitness magazines/books so you can learn about making better choices. also, if you do weight resistance training you'll burn the same amount of calories as dieting without having to change what you eat, but you have to work out hard.

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