Is wanking good or bad ?

I wank a lot but I don't konw if wanking is bad or does stuff to you or.. is it just wanking and does nothink but let sperm out!?

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Dont wank, if you not need.Whenever sex teases you and makes you uncomfortable, just do it @ that time. Otherwise you might not do it intensionally. Wanking is not harmful (I accept), but is not a good habbit. It strengthens the sex and even one can be uncontrolable such that he does illegal works (like rape,girl sex etc). So, do it when it pressures you to do it.

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Yes it's very healthy the more males have sex or wack off the lesser chance yooh have of getting prostate cancer :o I found that out today so thort I would share it

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what a lode of crap some people come out with!! There is nothing wrong with wanking, its perfectly natural! Crack on! or off :P

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wanking huh...
well ... if you do it a lot
you will get very bad backpains and you will find it hard 2 definitely c da sun
but so far no harms in your health if you only do it once every other day, or in da above's case lower it down 2 two timesevery other day

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its bad your penis is finished killed off only harwinder singh will help your wife wanking is only for indians who have small cocks ad only say 24 hours a day waheguru which is quite bullshit wanking trust me kills off your blood flow to your penis you will need to see your gp indians are loser they cant get a escort to get laid by that is shamefull only wanking what a laugh anyway wanking is bad kills off your penis

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Even more information:

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wanking is bad for you it damages your irus in your eye which makes it painful when you go out in sunlight or look at bright lights, once a week is well enough but just get your habbit and shove it in the bin. If you experiance these problems then stop wanking and eventually it will come back to normall unless you are 90 and have been wanking every day of your life.

Stop it it can get really bad for you...

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I am 21 and been wanking or having sex at least once a day, it hasn't affected me in any other way, however I am shorter than all ma other family members, and I think that wanking could have been the reason to it...but if I dont do it for a couple of days and when I do it again, its sooo much better!

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I wank like 4 times a day and im 13. I've been wanking for like 2 years and I love it, it gets so addictive but its nice. it makes me feel really horny and I want sex. when I wank over porn I ejaculate so much more and when I get a girl to wank me

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I agree with the reply above, I am a 35 year old, I have been wanking on average of 1-3 times a day almost 5 days a week for 18 years and also having sex too.

The effects I notice are correct, very big problems with sunlight. Sometimes I feel like m heart will explode even though I am more or less in shape.

A recent blood test says I am very low on potassium and the doctor asked me if I masturbate or have sex often, I was embarrassed to tell the truth and so lied but I guess she knew I was lying.

I am addicted to ejaculating, the longest period of time I went without ejaculation was approx 8 days after which I had sex but I must admit, I never had such a strong erection in my life, it was as good as when I were 18.

I think that wanking too much also altars ones mental stability in some ways although I am unsure of thi to be honest.

My conclusion is that I think wanking has a negative effect on my general life and would rather only have sex but as I get very bored having sex with the wife I have two options,

Have sex with prostitutes which is too expensive, have ilicit affairs which is something I wont do, going to the prostitutes is fine as it is just like buying a chocolate bar, you eat it, its great and you can try new ones all the time and at the end, you have no side effects at a moral level, however having an affair messed up lots of lives and for a bit of sex I'd reccommend wanking rather than havng affairs outside of marriage or if you have the money, go to the prostitutes as often as possible, at least once a week, to keep yourself healthy.

Wanking sucks but it keeps you going.

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Hmmm... 95% of men masturbate, and 75% of women.

The thing is how often you do it. A couple times a week is no big deal, however several times daily can be detrimental to your health.

Masturbation does not lead to unbridled lust, make you blind or deaf, give you the flu, drive you crazy, grow hair on your hand, make you stutter, or kill you. Rather, masturbation is a natural and harmless expression of sexuality in both men and women and a perfectly good way to experience sexual pleasure. In fact, some experts argue that masturbation improves sexual health by increasing an individual's understanding of his or her own body and of what is erotically pleasing, building self-confidence and fostering self-acceptance.

Over-masturbation or over-ejaculation drains the body of Human Growth Hormones, DHEA, and testosterone, which are used for recharging the CNS and the parasympathetic (bio-energy restoring) function of each organ. As a result, the endocrine-associated organs slow down hormone production. The eyes become very sensitive to sunlight. You can also experience pains and spastic cramps in the muscles and joints (in particular, in the lower back area due to the lack of DHEA and testosterone to feed the local cells and neurons) and your waist becomes very weak.

However, optimal masturbation can help discharge the excessive bio-energy built-up in the organs and prevent the endocrine system from receiving a negative feedback signal from the CNS, slowing down its hormone production. Excessive testosterone in the bloodstream or excessive bio-energy in certain organs will relay negative signals to the brain to temporarily disable the hormone bursting ability during a sexual encounter.

If a man has never had sex or has yet to discharge for a long time (sometimes six to ten days are long enough), he will temporarily lose his ability to power his penis to an extreme. There is an endocrine cycle in the body, which allows you to discharge bio-energy/semen/sperm to promote the endocrine function and to recharge your body, instead of damaging your body.

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does wank cause memory problems(weak)? and wot should I do to prevent memory weakness help???

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hello, is it right, after the first ejaculation the penis is no longer errect...does this happen to everyone, or just me???

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if you masturbate frequently in your teenage years it will increase your sex drive for when you are older I asked the doctor and they confirmed I was correct it also can create minor steroid effects which is good because I body build!

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no! just no! there is no possible way in hell you had 26 in one day. I dont care who you are, that is definitely too much to be possible. 13 is ridiculous and that is half of what you said. HALF!

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Yes Its Very Healthy :)

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Does not affect memory

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