Is it normal to want to be raped?

I like the idea of guys raping me and pushing me around. I’ve told a couple friends and they say I need to get help. opinions? please

Answer #1

Dear God, you need HELPPP, I could understand if you wanted to have really rough sex but to be raped, DAMN!!! Hey I want to be raped too, but only by boyfriend and he wouldn’t be raping then now wud he??? I enjoy rough sex a lot but I wouldn’t want to be raped. SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP

Answer #2

i think you need help y would you want to be forced to do something and beatin up and pushed around i dnt noe talk to some1 u trust and ask 4 help

Answer #3

what u want is not rape. Have u ever had sex? That would make difference bcs ur body is telling you that you want to have sex, but your thinking of how bad it would be if ur mother found out or things like that. You want to be forced to have sex, so that the blame is not on you. Your mind is divided btween whether or not sex is good. I have not had sex before and I used to have the same kind of fantasies until I actually thought about what it means to get raped. Its not likely to be some handsome prince charming that ur in love with it most likely going to be some psycopath that never had a girlfriend or some dirty homeless guy off the street. Most of the time they rape somebody that reminds them of someone they hate so they can take all of their fury out on them. It will hurt terribly and you will probably be left for dead. Is that what u want? If that is really truly what you want then you are suicidal, but if the first thing I said is true then u are perfectly normal. By the way I watch way too much Law & Order SVU.

Answer #4

okay come on guys, all you idiots telling this girl “you need help” and “you’re not right” are just SO ignorant it’s not even funny.

nagiya… trust me… don’t listen to any of these morons. you do not need help, you are not crazy or wrong or weird. you are completely normal, because what you have described is a FANTASY.

most of these idiots here judged you and told you you’re crazy without even asking if you’ve ever had sex before. have you ever had sex? because that would make a huge difference here.

believe it or not, rape fantasies are pretty common. “normal” people have all sorts of crazy fantasies! it has also been suggested by psychiatrists and sex therapists that intelligence plays a factor (I.e. the smarter and more open-minded you are, the more complicated and intricate your sexual fantasies may be). so maybe you’re just smart! lol

underwaterophelia’s “mock rape” thing she does with her boyfriend, well me and my ex-girlfriend used to do that too. it’s not weird or wrong, it’s just something people do to add excitement to their sex lives.

my guess is that you really don’t want to be raped. you want to be “fake raped” like ophelia suggested. maybe you think you really want to be raped, but if it really happened I am sure you would change your mind.

what do you think? are we right? or no?

Answer #5

Yeah but you’re missing the point… rape is defined as UNWANTED, forced, sex. You don’t want to be raped, you simply just want it rough. lol. BIIIGGG big difference.

Answer #6

ok as most people have said I will say again in my own way.

You want the Rape Fantasy.

One of my ex girls LOVED having the rape fantasy played out. I would do the full sneaking into her house and waking her up roughly and tying her up and everything but the thing is we were both adults that agreed to these rough fun actions. I mean I knew how rough to be. Yes we were into the whole almost beating each other up thing and we had many bruises on our bodies through the relationship. There were some times we added knife play into it for some blood.(yeah that was a Kinky relationship)

Rape in my opinion is worse then Murder. Many of my females friend for some reason have been raped in the past. They are now scared with these memories forever. You do not want to be raped!!

So basically you are just wanting a Fantasy. So you just need to find a cool nice and loving man that is open to rough and kinky sex lol. There are a LOT of us out there so dont worry about finding one k. Anyways hope you get to have only the fantasy of this topic.

Answer #7

trust me.. you dont want to get raped.. its a horrible thig.. trust me I know and its very scary and it will leave you traumatized.. maybe you just want to have sex and you want it soo bad that you dont care how it is just as long as you do it…

Answer #8

ummm yeah so this is a new no but really no one nos what you feel so you shouldnt feel strange bout this…most people have probaly thought the same thing…so take it slow- it iz good to have a dream lol…just b careful because rape can lead to severe stds and is very dangerous…read the tenth circle by jodi piccoult- it may help you and itz pretty good!!!

Answer #9

Um. Wow. D oyu just like the idea of Sex or are you mentaly insane? OK is som1 kidnapped you and raped you theres a good chance that the’ll keepyou as a sex slave or KILL you. You NEED TO GET HELP.

Answer #10

look in my oppinion you dont need to get help exactly but i can tell you you dont want to be RAPED but you do want sex and it sounds liek you want it bad! and if you get sex i think you are looking for rough sex so just wait around find that somone and when you are going to get it on tell them your needs communicate you want it rough

Answer #11

i actually like the idea of bein raped but then about a year later a thought no i wouldnt because id be stook with somone elses child… i didnt get help it just took me a while too realise it

Answer #12

Honestly, will everyone stfu? Everyone has their own personal sexual fantasies, and it’s totally normal. Even in the Bible somewhere it says that is healthy to have fantasies. Everyone does, so don’t sweat it babe!

Good Luck! :)

Answer #13

I also have fantasized about being raped, but not in the same way. mine is more about being “saved” by my fiance…beating them up etc. I would never really want to be raped. I once pretended to be raped with by an ex. he held me down etc, it was great. but it was great cause I knew he wouldn’t really hurt me and would stop anytime I wanted to.

Answer #14

haha no, you just like it rough! as simple as that, we all have our fantasies. this doenst mean you need help, so all you prudes that obviously know nothing about sexual fantasies need to shut up

Answer #15

It’s one thing to enjoy sex where your partner is the dominant one, or bondage, that sort of thing.. but no one WANTS to go through the emotional and physical pains of being raped. RAPE is non-consensual sex. If you don’t know what that means… it means that you’re being forced to have sex when you don’t want it. Therefore, it is not something that you WANT.

Answer #16

Rape isn’t just about being beat up during sex. If you want sex that is really aggressive, dominant, pain for pleasure type thing… then call it that, not rape. If it was rape, you’d be filing a report against the person. Rape is not desirable. It is called rape for a reason. I don’t know how else to explain it again to get it through your head.

Answer #17

i know what it means..jeez. ive had the idea since i was 6 years old. i dont like thinking the way i do. it just sounds appealing.

Answer #18

If you like the idea of getting raped, like getting punched and cut up, and sick things liie that, then you need help, but if you like the idea of dominant sex then thats fine. BUT not the idea of rape itself…thats messed up

Answer #19

dominant sex is fine , but to want to be raped is not the norm… rape is not just being forced into having sex, its the violence and degregration that comes with it…that is definatley not nice… are you sure you’re just not fantasising about being dominated during sex???

Answer #20

Ha Ha that was a point its not really rape if your agreeing to it BUT in a way it is because if the guy is overage he is raping you. But you just got a fantasy because you want it so bad you cant stand it anymore that you THINK you’ll take it anyway you can get it. But if you were to really be raped you would be afraid because you might get a disease AND when your being forced to have sex your not going to enjoy it because your going to be struggling to ge away from the sick man. Unless your a sycho path and hump him right back then… well I dont know I guess you would have a problem there. :)

Answer #21

hehe you just like it rough girl. I see your point where you like to be thrown around and everything.. its normal for girls who want sex badly. they just like it rough. but um.. raped, thats not a good thing.. you know.. maybe if you think of it this way then you wont want to be raped (most guys kill the girls after they rape them so they dont go tell the police) and um.. you dont know if the guy has diseases or not, and he would be using you and thats just hurtful… I got a tip.. get a boyfriend.. and have rough sex with him.. tell him to throw you down and play rough.. but never wish to be raped, its horrible.. what if it was a hobo 0.0 haha joke.. but yeah .. me and my boyfriend like rough too but I would never ever want to be raped… ick. lol I hope you change your mind ..

Answer #22

dont listen to your friends..sum people wish of being raped ( fantasy) where you end up choosing how you want to…but if it really came down to it …like seriously, you wouldnt want that…its just a fantasy, its normal..and being pushed around, you just like things aggressive…its not werid, its normal…others like this as welll

Answer #23

It’s a fanisey.. meant to stay one .. Do you know what rape victions GO THOUGH? Think about it there emotional scared for LIFE.. lots are afraid of sex. Refering to a show called Dexter. Dexters sister Debbie had sex with a cerical killer and then later a guy touched her shoulder and she punch him and gave him a broken nose. Ouch.

Answer #24

ok i think i understand what you are thinking you want someone to take you somewhere tie you up (bondage) and do things to you somewhat against your will(tho you would enjoy it i’m sure) BUT you don’t realize that rapists don’t usually just kidnap you do you and let you go they will do soo many things against your will (painful and weird) and keep you and in many cases even kill you unless you have a death wish i suggest you get a friend or bf or what ever and some rope handcuffs and stuff and go wild

watch the news you will hear soo many girls that have been raped going through hell and i’m sure you don’t want that

if you read all these posts and still think you wanna be raped then i simply sugest you see a counselor/therapist /psychologist (hopefully all 3 at once lol)

Answer #25

No No NO. You do NOT need proffesional help. I think you just don’t completley understand the dirtiness of an old wrinkly man raping someone. Because most rapists are old, and winkly, and lack in personal hygenie, a lot. &&They probably have an STD, and wont wear protection. They dont give a sht about their victims as long as they come. But yeahh its not abormal to want to be pushed around and have forced rough sex, But focus more on forced rough sex with hot guys or guys you like. Otherwise its abit wierd. :L

Answer #26

If You WANT To Be Raped Then It’s Not Rape Is It?

At Least Thats My Understanding.

Answer #27

I think its because you want to have sex so bad that you or you like mean sex

Answer #28

I don’t know why you would want to be raped it isn’t a pleasent thing…

Answer #29

dont worry I do too haha I don’t know why

Answer #30

No, it’s not normal. You must have had a terribly sad childhood. Your friends are right: get some professional help.

Answer #31

I DO NOT Agree with sexy slimaaz!! you sux sexy slimaaz!!! when i was young, my parents wouldn’t let me have sex, so i would always dream, that i would get raped, so i could finally have sex, and my parents wouldn’t be mad.

Answer #32

A rape fantasy is extremely common, and I have one myself. The important thing to remember is that it’s a fantasy. I have 100% confidence that you do not actually want to be raped, you just want to be put in a mock situation.

For instance…my boyfriend and I will sometimes pretend we don’t know each other at a club, and we’ll “meet” and I’ll get in his car, he takes me how, etc etc. That is tons of fun, and very appealing because it’s a mock rape situation.

However, I would never, ever want someone to actually pounce on me and rape me.

Answer #33

I know this girl who said she was raped when she was fourteen. The rape made her realize that she liked sex, but she didn’t want to come across as a w*ore. So two weeks later she was raped again by the same person.

She used to be such a smart girl, but today she has some of the most disturbing beliefs ever. Not sure why she’s out of the loony bin.

Answer #34

well go watch some rape videos…I’ve seen some…guys stick objects in girls vaginas…its not appealing…I think you just want sex

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