Is this kidnapping?

I found a stray cat just over a week ago and took it in and looked after her but today someone came to the door with a photo of her and said she belonged to them.I let the cat out into the garden and the people tried to pet her and pick her up but she swung for them and ran away and kept trying to get back in2 my house or hiding behind me.they also told me they had had the cat for 16 years but it seems like a young cat to me.also when I found her she looked starved..20 minutes after they took her away she was back at my house and I’ve let her in and not told them she came back.I dont think they treat her right,I’ve seem there kids out in the street in the middle of the night with there nightdresses on.I just dont think they are a responsible I doing something wrong by keeping it here?

Answer #1

take it to a vet to get checked out to see exactly how old it is. then keep it inside and don’t tell anyone you have the cat. Let it blow over and don’t make a big issue over the cat with the owners , so that way they won’t think you still have the cat. If anyone down the road said oh you have my cat again, say you found it out in the woods who is to know there are dubplicated cats in color…especially if it gets older it will look different..,if it was skinny it could have been from being outside…but if the kids are running free in the streets in night clothes then how do they take care of an animal? answer : no very well. why did the cat run from them? why did it get out and now come to them willingly? There may be too many cats in the house and too many cats and too many kids don’t always mix. I had my granddaughter over the weekend and she came along to feed the feral cat and tried stomping her feet. Immediately told her to never to that again Or she would be in trouble with me! I have never scolded her all this time but this time I told her never ever do that again ever! She knew I was pissed so she just stood there watching me…

Answer #2

No, if you feel something is wrong then it is best for you to keep the cat and ask the people for records or papers that prove that the cat is theirs. Take the cat to the vet to see how old the cat is. If it is able to run around outside and be as active as you are saying it is, then it is definately not 16 years old. Those people are either confused or mistreating animals so you should contact a vet immediately and find proof that the cat belongs to them. If it doesn’t, then you should either keep the cat or give it to someone you know is responsible. Those people don’t sound like they have good intentions.

Answer #3

Kidnapping? no. Catnapping? Yes. :)

Sounds like the cat chose you. If it was being treated badly its not good to let it go back.

Answer #4

its a good thing you took yhe cat home I dont think its kidnapping it had bad owners

Answer #5

I was just going to say what rnealw said. You don’t own a cat, a cat chooses it’s own owner.

I think this cat is saying it wants to live with you. I also will say if it is as old as they say it is, it is old enough to make up it’s own mind and of legal age to do so :)

Answer #6

Kidnapping only applies to people, not animals. If it really is their cat, what you are doing would be considered theft, not kidnapping, but even if they reported it and the cops showed up, all they would do is make you give it back, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

Answer #7

If they approach you again, ask for vet records, or at least ask which vet they take her to, so YOU can check vet records…I doubt you’re mistaking a 16 year old cat as a youngster, unless there’s a huge amount of vet records (or a cat who’s found the fountain of youth)…are you getting my drift?

Also…I highly doubt people who’s kids are running around in the street in the middle of the night, are going to call the authorities over a cat…it’d be way to risky for them to do so.

Keep the cat!


Answer #8

well I think it is considered kidnapping but I just don tno. on one hand I want you to keep it so it will have a nice family and everything but I dont want you to get in trouble. try talking to the people-but dont mention you have it there. say when you found it it looked starved and stuff…but I guess because we have such darn big hearts I wud keep it safe and keep it! even if it is wrong :(

Answer #9

It’s obviously scared of them so as you can see they mistreated it BADLY.

Answer #10

it is a shame that anyone can have a pet. I think the cat(s) are better off with you. why did the pwners not put up signs, why did the cat run to you, why did the cat hiss at them… I would have it spayed/neutered and the same for the kitten. sounds as if you have a nice addition to your family… :) thanks for caring. there are so many that don’t.

Answer #11

Have you ever heard the saying Cat choose their people not you? Well I think the cat made it’s choice.

Answer #12

Heck no!!! You should def keep it!!! it obviously likes you because it keeps coming back!!

Answer #13

thanks for your advice,, I think ill probably take the risk of getting in trouble if it means the cats safe and fed.I might ask the family if I can keep her as they have 3 other cats,,although one of there kittens has started showing up also looking underfed.I put a little bowl of food out for it every night but am considering phoning the SSPCA on them and offering the other cats a home if no1 else can take care of them. I dont really like medling in other peoples affairs but cannot stand animal cruelty.If you cant take care of pets you just shouldnt have them. x

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