Is this inheritance letter a scam?

I got a letter from spain the other day and I live in the was an unsolicited letter and was in type form.a lot of the words were spelled said that he was a barrister in spain and his late client and all his family had all died in the said he found me by searching his clients last name because it was the same as mine.his name was stevens and mine is murray.however,it also said that when he had died I was his next family member,but I have no family living in spain and in the box was $7.5 million.he said that we were not allowed to get anyone one stated that if we did not reply to his letter he would carry on his search for another family member.wait,I thought I ws last one? is this all a scam ( which I think it is) or the real deal? xoxo

Answer #1

Yes my mum and dad got a letter in the mail from Spain, from Barrister Fernando Malo Vingut, saying almost the same thing, that a relative died mysteriously and that there is 11.5 million dollars in inheritance. He even has a phone number on it to contact him on his direct line 001134625993805 and an email address, He asked for passports and birth certificates to be emailed or posted to him to confirm that they are related. I’m just glad mum doesn’t have a computer and that my dad didn’t post over the documents like he wanted. Even in their old age they thought they better come ask me first to check it out! Who are these people that pray on the elderly with no regard for honesty and decency? Lana

Answer #2

I’ve gotten email like that and have had more fun messing with the sender making them think they had a bite. . . Got one moron fired for setting up a spoof site on his companies server. . . . .

Answer #3

Yep, it is a money laundering scheme.

Dateline did an episode whereby they pretended to be an interested individual or individuals to claim this money and traveled overseas to meet up with one of these scammers. Very interesting…

If you make contact with them, they will hound you for cash money…

So always delete those types of emails.

Answer #4

Absolutely this is a scam!

It’s called a phishing letter. Delete it and move on.

Check out on all kinds of other things like this.

Answer #5

yes most definity. My husband an I both got same sort of letter from a barrister Breiland & associates stating that his personal late client with his wife and daughter all died in a car crash along Madrid-Malaga express way 3.10.05, and was offing to go 50-50 with 5,550,000.00euros. (I think millionaires should avoid this highway cause it only kills people with money, LOL). Anyway we got scammed 32,500 aussie dollars. We were going in sane trying to organise next fee which was final stage of transfering so called bank amount into ours which was 45,000euros totalling about 101,000. aussie. We were furtunate to receive advice and was told several times it was a scam but it took a lot to convince us. we ended up going to police, federal police, and we are reporting and sending this information on to everything and one possible. I just hope people check out for scams before replying even if they get told to keep it quiet. We are still licking our wounds and will be very careful about everything we do in the future. Rose. Australia.

Answer #6

I also received a letter in the mail, on offical looking paper from a barrister in Spain, with the same Tsunami story. But he said that the money was sitting in a fund and that because I had the same last name as his dead client I could claim the money. He even sent a copy of his passport picture. I showed it to my husband and we looked online for inheritance scams. It didn’t even take two minutes to verify that it was a scam… alberta Canada

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