is there such a thing anymore

is there such a thing as true love or is lust all we have to go on. Whats the difference?

Answer #1

I prefer to believe it exists =) its basically what keeps me going =P Im an idealist

Not that I believe that it is everywhere…but I believe it is possible

Answer #2

lust: it’s all over when the passion is gone , when the novelty wears off. love: taking care of each other, through good times and bad. when passion seems to wane , you know there is more ,and the nature of love changes.

Answer #3

Yep, there must be, because I found it…I have to say, tho…lust mixed with love it the best “cocktail” there is… :)

Having said that…true love isn’t simply “magic”, it’s like anything else worth having…it takes work, nuturing, and attention…you can’t keep it if you don’t take care of it…


Answer #4

when you’re in love with someone…you’ll know it. when you lust you’ll know deep inside that you’re lying to yourself. it’s possible to convince yourself that you love someone, when you really don’t. just speaking from a recent experience.

Answer #5

the difference is… Lusting is just for the bodily pleasure. Love is where you’d do anything for your love no matter what!! I don’t know if there is such thing as true love anymore, but I sure wish there was cause I’d love to find my true love.

.::Merry Christmas::.

Answer #6

Yes but it’s verry rare. theres so many people out there rushing their relationships and pretending or even lieing to themselves about being in love. Tellin yourself you’re in love isnt going to make it come true.

An di hink we also want what me can’t have- well speeking for myself anyway when you’ve got lust you want meaningfull love, when you’ve got love you want the butterflies of lust. Thats me anyway …

Answer #7

I like to think so. As a married woman, I think I knew my hubby was the one for me when I realised we could be doing anything or nothing and we were still just happy to be in each others’ company. He’s my best friend, and we just seem to click on a level that we don’t with anyone else.

It doesn’t all have to be bouquets of roses and butterflies in your tummy 24/7, but it is enough that you know that, if that person ever went away, there would be a gaping hole in your life.

Answer #8

Yeah - true love will always be around, just doesn’t seem common.

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