Can i make his penis larger without him knowing?

My boyfriend and I have been having s*x for a while and his p*nis is average size. Is there some way I could do something to his p*nis to make it bigger while erect to try having s*x with a larger p*nis?

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Don't you ever believe that penis pumps don't increase size!! They do!!! However the size may or may not be permanent and it only increases the "girth" if and when it does become permanent. It will also increase the length temporarily while the effects of the pump are still active, which is rather short lived to approximately 3 or 4 minutes without penetration and/or sexual activity but the effect of expanding the girth can become permanent if it's used enough over a long period of time. Most pumps come with a cockring to put on after your pens' has been expanded by the gorging of blood within the veins and this keeps the size intact long enough to engage in penetration, etc. I have increased my girth from 5 1/2" to 6" over the years using a home made pumping device, e.g. a vacuum cleaner hose attached to a 8" length of PVC pipe, 2" in diameter. This is also a good way of mas tur bating 'hands free' that gives both 'suction' and 'vibration' and is great for "edging" and practicing the delay of your climax. But "DON"T EVER" put your pencil directly in a vacuum cleaner or you might just lose it.

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buy a pump if u wanna chocke when he sticks it in ur mouth or if u want it 2 hurt u can also find a different guy or u can buy a se.x toy the size u want his 2 b!!!

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Uh... Guys... she said "without him knowing". I'm pretty sure if she attacks him with a penis pump at night he's gonna notice something.

About the size. There are a lot of things about penis size in here. I mean, unless he's super small... I wouldn't worry about it.

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Sweetie, just be satisified with what he has. Theres nothing you can do physically to enhance it. Its the size it is, so either be happy with it, or find someone else, if its that important to you!

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Those pumps are a waste of money. A penis will only grow as big as it grows, you can't increase the size of it with gadgets and potions. A bigger penis does not change the man. Average is fine. If he's a good lad be gratefull. Size isn't everything, its the man attached that is.

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If you want to know what a bigger unit feels like, buy an appropriately sized toy. You probably won't like it...

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buy pill thingz off ebay lolololololol x x x onli jokin a dunno

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I think a cock ring might help....only am 1\8 of an inch

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He has what he has. No you can't enlarge it and neither can he. There are items you can buy (a pump (can cause problems for him) and attachments he can wear) but he'd certainly know about it.

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