How to remove orange tint from hair?

I was bored one day, so I got my sister to drive me to the grocery store, and I picked up a box of Garnier “Bleaching Blonde” hair dye. I have pretty dark brown hair, and my hair had salon-done highlights in them, which I had gotten a while ago, and were fading. I did my hair, but I don’t know if I didn’t leave it in long enough or what, but its a nice blonde color except for the fact that in the right light it looks COMPLETELY orange! Is there any thing I can do or use to get rid of these orange tints without redying my hair back right away? Because I like the blonde, I hate the orange.

THANKS so much!

Answer #1

bleach it again. or for a less damaging solution, dye it an ash color. it eliminates orage-red tints. it totally works!

Answer #2

first think of our color wheel and tone it with the color across the color wheel from your hair…BLUE!!! so use and AB on your hair and make sure its semipermement. Also watch your hair when it gets to the right tone WASH it dont wait the time the manufacture tells you or our hair could be blueish or green…but don’t use box colors a lot of them have metals in it including lead, iron, and copper.

Answer #3

Possible causes of the orange tint: Didn’t process long enough, your hair has red tones in it, (yellow and red make orange.)Or the color just wasn’t a very good quality.

Remedies: Seek a hair sylist. Or, try “violet shampoo and conditioner” by Joico. (be careful, though. Don’t leave it on too long or it will turn your hair purple.)Try bleaching it again and risk frying your hair OR hair folicals. You can also try using an Ash base hair color. (The ones that turn purple while they’re processing in your hair.)

If you try bleaching it again, be super careful not to leave it on too long. Maybe try a processing cap or using heat to speed up the process.

If all else fails, like I said, get to the nearest salon and beg for help.

Answer #4

dont dye it again, buy a purple conditionar

Answer #5

I totally agree a toner is good, try using krystal toner by clynol I use it after I have bleached my hair and its the best 1 by far. after rinsing the bleach off DO NOT shampoo or condition it apply the toner to the bleached or coloured area leave on for 15 mins then shampoo and condition your hair, trust me im a hairdresser.(do not mix the toner with any peroxide, apply to your hair straight from the tube) good luck!!

Answer #6

come on guys… hasn’t anyone ever heard of a toner?!?

gah. if you like the color, and just want the orange tint out of it, you’ve just got to tone it with a violet toner.

Answer #7

okay, my hair is origanoly ash blonde. I died my hair blonde ever since I was about 10. now, I thought it wud look nice if I died it dark brown. so I did. I started to think it didnt POP as much as my blonde did. so, I died it back with some stuff called SUPER BLONDE. tip: dont use this if you have red tint to your hair!!! My hair was a nice looking blonde, untill you got into the right light,…it looked TOTALY orange !!! if you have any ideas what I should do then plzz tell me!! Thanks!

Answer #8

okay half of what these people are saying wont work. bleaching your hair more wont get rid of the redish tint. the more you bleach it the more copper it looks I have the same problem with my hair and trust me I have bleached my hair over 40x from either just doing my roots or trying to get the red to pull out. Go to your local beauty supply store like a sallys or something and try to find a product that will remove the red tint there is a product out there that will do it. If your hair is already fried from bleaching it repeatively because you listed to what everyone else was telling you then don’t use the product. You’ll need to wait a little while for your hair to restore it’s health, to do so use deep conditioners and wash your hair every other day I know this may seem a little gross but your natural oils will return to your hair and it will become healthy again. After your hair is back to it’s healthy state you can either use the product that you found at a beauty store or go to a professional. note: professional products are stronger then box bleaches and dyes, if you notice your hair is melted from it that is why. don’t bleach over where I professional has bleached your hair because your hair will melt. from experience

Answer #9

ok , not even joking here, but this REALLY worked. sounds crazy I know but I did his and it totally worked, firstly I dies my hair Gingery borwn, then highlighted it uh-oh bad move GINGER HIGHLIGHTS! so then I died it a deep dark brown colour, almost black, then kept washing it with washing up liquid, it was a purple one which contained lavender. so it kinda anti gingered my hair, and also it all faded out now nearly to my normal colour, but make sure you wash wit normal dhampoo and conditionar afterwards too. or it wil run your hair. best of luck …

Answer #10

This is exactly what happened to my hair, no joke. Here’s what I did. My mistakes will help you. I had pumpkin orange hair. So I used dye that matched my natural hair color as a ‘fix’ This made my hair greenish blond. Then I used a coffee brunette color. This made my hair platinum blond. I almost dyed my hair black just to fix it. DON’T. If I had, my hair would have started falling out. So I went to the salon, paid $200 to get it fixed the right way. Go to a professional if you love your hair enough to save it, the best I could get was a strawberry blond. I was dirty blond. Now I just dye my hair dark and if I want highlights, I get them done professionally. Much luck.

Answer #11

where do I find krystal toner by Clynol or any other kind of toner that works?

Answer #12

where do I buy Krystal toner by Clynol or any other toner that works?

Answer #13

Bleaching again will not help! It might however make you pass out :/

Ash colours are a good idea, as well as the colourising shampoos. Camomile shampoo will help to make it more golden, Lush sells this, as well as a deep conditioning hair treatment for blondes.

This website:

sells a product called Buxus for ashing hair, if you wanted a natural and less damaging solution. It needs to be mixed with a small amount of henna powder and lots of Cassia (this is used for blondness and shine). Maybe some chamomile too. You may not need to use henna if you’re worried this will keep it orange, but if not then have a deep conditioning treatment on standby for afterwards :)

Answer #14

DONT BLEACH IT AGAIN!!! my hair was orange 2days ago and I put baking soda on it and it took the brass out, then tone it.

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