Is there a website with zero rules?

Odd question earlier…saying we have “too many rules”…so perhaps I”m narrow minded. Name the website with zero rules (if there are any?).

I’ll even take a website with shorter, easier to follow rules than ours as an answer…b/c I’ve checked: all the sites similar to ours, or larger, or even smaller, have much longer sets of rules on what you can & can’t do. But…I’m willing to admit, perhaps I’m wrong. So, what’s the site with less rules than us?

Answer #1

Well every copyrighted or trademarked website has rules… =D

Answer #2

Funadvice does have to many rules! I like some of the rules…but some of the rules are just dumb…Mebo & bebo have NO rules its a dumb web site becoz there are no rules…I think there should be rules on EVERY site I just dont agree with ALL the rules on funadvice…I love this site though it pretty awsome ♥

Answer #3

I knew a very successful website that once had zero rules…the people there were cruel and treated each other with malice and resentment until the site owner finally got fed up with the flame-wars and complaints and knocked everyone off the site, only to re-open it later with a whole list of new rules.

The world cannot function amongst anarchy and the same goes for the world wide web…

Answer #4

There is none. Rules are what keep everyone from killing each other.

Answer #5

hey im sorry if I dont answer your question (bc I really dont know of any) I love this sitee!

except im having a problem reading/sending fun mail!

can you help me pleasee!

Answer #6

Belinda, you haven’t read the rules on 4chan then, I just did. Their rules page is linked from their home page AND is more than 3 times longer than our terms of use :)

And, if you are keeping score, a myspace application doesn’t count because to use it, you have to agree to myspaces terms of service, etc, which again, are much longer than ours…seemingly; most people missed the point of my question, but that is OK :)

Answer #7

4chan, for sure.

Answer #8

I made a website once with zero rules!

So haha funadvice guy!


Answer #9

Doubt it very much there is one…Funadvice has minimal Terms of Use for users to follow compare to other sites. eg: the Whirlpool forum which my older brother frequents on a regular basis. That particular site has rules for each individual categories AND their fun lounges discussion boards also has their own sets of rules too, !!

It’s a frigging nightmare and one of the rules on there is you cannot delete your account!!! (madness) :o

Funadvice, even though contains less written rules as per other sites, like Facebook., Fun-A is “policed” more strictly and therefore in a way users cannot get away with silly, crude and offensive materials (eg: questions, comments and quiz etc.) as you do on Facebook, Myspace or on other websites. Hence, its “appears” to have more rules but it’s not really the case.

Answer #10

I can name one, tehcnically it’s not a website I guess, but it’s a MySpace app. it’s one of the truthboxes, it’s ATP. haha, that place has like NO RULES, the people rule the website pretty much the owner just recently checked the website for like, the first time, and shut it down temporarily to block a few people, (who will jsut make another account, and get the app again, it’s quite easy) because of too many nude’s, but she wont check it again for forever, and the website is back to “normal.”, as in the poeple do whatever they want. :D the APP works fine, the people are mean to eachother, but then again they are really really nice.

so yes, things can work fine with no rules, it jsut depends on the people there


Answer #11

I could tell you a site without rules, but the first and second Rules of the Internet say I really shouldn’t.

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