How to download ringtones to my Sidekick LX?

I recently got a sidekick lx, is there anyway I can download my own ringtones?

Answer #1

if you are in the us then it is IMPOSSIBLE to download yourm own ringtones I repeat IMPOSSIBLE to download your own no matter what site what link if someone sends you one you still cant cause it wont let you save it I know this cause I had an lx. Danger who are the people who mad the operating system locked the os so no one can manipulate it or change it. trust me

Answer #2

yeah your cell phone should have a gallery where you can buy them so far I’ve seen that’s the only way each ring tone is about 2.99 and up…I wish I could put my own ones without haven’s to pay that price but I guess life is not always that simple ha

good luck

Answer #3

lemme know if it helped!!!

Answer #4

If Anybody Find Out How To Do THis please Let Me Know

Answer #5


You can make your own ringtones and download them to your phone from a couple of sites. My favorite is

Hope that helps!

Answer #6

I have an LX and got the ringones transferred to my phone. I received them as a picture msg but it doesn’t give me the option to save it as a ringtone. what to do???

Answer #7

nO I had it fOr a min

Answer #8

First of all you have to cut the song, because the maximum length of ringtones on the sidekick is 20seconds. Then you must attach a bluetooth key to your computer and make contact with the phone, so that they recognize one another. Then you have to send the ringtone that you cut from your computer to your phone with the bluetooth key, and the sidekick will receive it as a message. The phone will tell you if you want to delete the message or save it as a ringtone. ^^

Answer #9

ok so I got one recently and yah you can (2008 model)

ok so you know when you flip it up theres a wheel thing on the left where you can go up and down with your trackball? well I don’t know if they are all the same order but somewhere on those buttons is the media player. click it.

connect a usb cord from your computer to your phone (put it in the charging hole) then go to what ever song it is on your computer.

write click and then press copy

then go to the “my computer” setting somewhre on your start menu

then open that tab up

find the removable disk your sidekicks under

then click on it

right click again and press paste

then it should say downlading,proccesing

and then leave it in for an HOUR or so

later it should be on there

BUT right now you cannot download very many types of song because of this music company going to court. so once it passes over then you can try!

hope I helped! (fun mail me if you need further help)

Answer #10

what I have found is that the ringtones have to be less than 100kb. If you can make these or get them from a sound effects disc or something like that, then email them to your phone (, at the bottom of your email there is an option that says “Save to Ringtones?” just click that

Answer #11

bubbles, im pretty sure you can do that to get music on your phone, but can not use it as a ringtone. I just made a ringtone on my computer, and copied it into the music folder on my phone. but can not use it for a ringtone. if you know how to do that lemme know, elocinexplosion is my SN on aim. id REALLY appreciate it. I used to have a motorola pebl before this, and it came with AWESOME software for making ringtones. im so letdown that my sidekick wont let me. =[ haha.

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