Is there a way to disclude our photos from the rating pool?

There are some pictures I post in answers to questions that I get comments and ratings on, and others that I really don’t want to hear anyone else’s opinion. I really don’t want to know if jo shmo thinks I’m pretty or ugly. If this isn’t available on FunAdvice yet, are ya’ll for or against making it available?

Answer #1

Hm, I know, I know- last answer to this was posted by me. However, if you go to edit your profile now, you can restrict access to your photos AND remove all comments & ratings.

Or you can go to each photo & remove the rating / comments on individual photos.

Let me know if that works for you :)

Answer #2

Ok, I asked the engineers to start working on it a few minutes ago…hopefully, it’ll be ready in less than a week.

Answer #3

If you don’t care what Jo shmoe thinks, then just ignore their comments. Who cares what they think anyway. They only give their negative opinions to be buttholes because they have nothing better to do. and if you get a positive opinion…hold your head high!!! We have but one life girl, live it!!!

Answer #4

You can disclude the comments (it’s above your picture I believe) but I think making the ratings optional is a good idea… you’re not the only one who’s mentioned that to me this week actually…

Answer #5

looks like thedude got to it before me, uhm I think a seperate toggle feature would be nice (so you can disable comments and/or ratings)…

Answer #6

So above your picture (eg, on mine, here):

There is a “disallow comments” link which prevents people from commenting on the photo…should we change that to disallow “feedback” eg, neither comments nor ratings OR should we make a seperate toggle?

And should we add a section in the /my/profile page to make it so all your pictures are like that (in case you never want them rated)…?

:) Happy to oblige, just want to make sure what we actually put together makes sense & accomplishes the goal.

Answer #7

Jeremy, I would be extatic if there was an option to not allow any ratings. I get really hurt/pissed when some meanhole rates a picture of my baby low. I didn’t post those pictures to see who thinks my one year old is hot, but on the flip side, I do understand that not everyone is going to think my kid is as gorgeous as I know she is. I don’t mind the comment feature. I can delete those at my discretion. That is my input.

Answer #8

I dont care.

Answer #9

I don’t like the ratings either. Someone rated a picture of my son and his dad a 1 and personaly I was rather pis*sed. Just like nerd said, I don’t put picture on here for someone to rate one lame just because they did’t like the answer I gave on their question.

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