Is the Playstation 3 worth upgrading to?

Is the Playstation 3 worth upgrading to? We have the Playstation 2 should we bother to get the newer console?

Answer #1

Well, what your job pays you is in the question. To me, PS3 isn’t that worth it, ‘cause it’s mainly too expensive AND there are no games worth gaping for… YET. I’m waiting for the price to get lower and Kingdom Hearts III to come out. Get it when it’s cheaper. But until then, settle to what Nintendo and Microsoft gives us. Like Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. But if you want the PS3, it’s not my job to decide for you.

Answer #2

yes they are worth it if you want a fancy DVD player with gaming capability, I don’t believe for a bit that PS3 is worth all that hype and money its cracked up to be………i’m gonna b honest, I was the first in line to get this, but after I got the XBOX 360, it seemed like a better upgrade than the PS3 (which most ppl are buying for Blu-ray DVD playing capability) which I believe will be like the MIDI (u guys remember those, mini disc players…..hahaha, where are they now??? we’re still using CDs and mp3 players/Ipods)

lets look at some quick comparisons btw the 2 consoles xbox 360

  1. upgrade capability through xbox live(which is only like $60 per year or $100 for 2 yrs or so
  2. already debugged systems
  3. works on 3 CPUs not 1. which gives programmers extra incentive for AI adaptablity……smarter Artificial Intelligence in games, never a boring scenario, everytime you die the computer will do something different, pending on whether the programmers of games use this highly evolved system.
  4. HALO series not to be released on PS at all
  5. Gears of War, the new anticipated game to try to top Halo is only on XBOx, because it is made my Microsoft engineers
  6. Hard drive comes standard with the $350 console now
  7. plays DVDs, cds, memorizes playlists, xbox live…….


  1. Over priced and undersupplied
  2. Lots of debugging still left to go
  3. Their games are deminishing unless you only like sports games, cuz they’ll make sports games on every console
  4. runs on one CPU, limited AI to work with
  5. Blu-ray capability(blu-ray DVD players can cost up to $1000, so thats a plus
  6. some sony exclusive games(some of the ones that they buy rights of)
  7. Memory cards sold separately, hard drive is not as big as the Xbox 360

so hope this comparison helps………there is one thing for certain XBOX and PS will battle it out of who is the best console, but ultimately i believe the guys at microsoft are miles ahead in gaming a software than anyone else, and oh yeah i forgot who has the most money????……LOL

Answer #3

It sounds like it is, but there are already shortages & I’ve seen some articles about auctions on eBay for a PS3 going for ten grand or more. While the auctions there for play station three’s might not close at that number, it’s still a lot of money for a game console.

Perhaps it’d be better to wait after the holiday craziness, unless you’re a real game aficionado.

Answer #4

No comparitavly speaking the graphic of the Xbox 360 are more realitically put to better use and more often tested to be reliable, plus the problem is that the games that first come out don’t utalize the new platforms to the best of their abilities, so you spend 300 for a new system, or more, then buy brand spanking new games at 40-60 a pop and for what ? When you coul dhave been just as happy with your PS2.


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