Is the economy going to get so hard that we won't survive?

A lot of people especially older, tell me to get an education because things get harder and harder. My mom said when she was my age, gas was a lot cheaper now it's so high and everything doubled? Will it be higher in my time? Will it get so high that we won't be able to survive and our economy goes down the drain? Why is it geting so high?

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It is not going to get so bad that you can't survive. It is going to have to change as we know it though. It is already going to hybrid vehicles and bio-diesel. They are changing the way peoples credit reporting is used to recieve loans. People are starting to go back to the old ways of only buying what they need unless they have the cash to purchase extra's. Spending had gotten way out of hand in the U.S. That in itself is what caused this. We can blame it on anything else we want, but over spending above your means is what made the economy so bad...Example... Gas prices soar, consumer consumption does not decrease. It shows the oil companies that they can leave the prices high. Supply and demand shows a company a lot about the prices they can sell things. It has become a capitalistic world. One of consumer consumption. It is why you see so many retail business' and not as many manufacturing and production plants. It is cheaper to build oversea's and sell in America.
You just have to learn to live within your means and use credit at a bare min. After all credit was meant to be there for emergencies, traveling without cash, home and car purchases only. A credit card was meant to have a 30, 60 or 90 day payoff.

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its getting so high because gas, oil, etc,. are a lot harder to find these days. and because its so hard to find them, its considered a value to most people so the value of the gas, oil, etc,. is going to go up. it is possible that later on in the future it will be harder to earn a living...

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hey tiff15, read one of my questions "IS SOCIETY IN RUINS INEVITABLE", it answers everything. well, kind of a worst case senerio

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Life is geting harder expesally gas prices. You should get an education to make more money. The economy is getting crappier and we might have another great depression

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in the dfw metropolis the cost of living is low, and gas was under the national average, and the fastest growing city in the nation, and we havnt seen a recession, but the us economy is on a down slope

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The cost of living has gone up, while wages havent... It is harder to find a job these days without a degree, and degrees are counting for less... once upon a time a bachelors was good enough to become a teacher, now a lot of teachers are getting masters degrees... Yes prices will go up, but the economy will never completely go down the drain... there may be a recession or even a crash, but eventually things get better...

I think there's simply been a redistribution of wealth... the rich have gotten richer, and the middle class and poor have gotten poorer...

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