Is rock and metal music evil?

Do you think rock and metal music is evil?

Answer #1

Jonothan Davis of korn is not a christian…I don’t know where you got that from but that not true.

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Answer #3

why call it evil.its music part of someones culture.if you dont like it it is as simple as dont listen to it.when you go to a rock concert dont make your fingers into a cross and hiss at the band lol.

Answer #4

Of course its not! Why would you think that? I love rock and every type of music. Well…except a lot of rap. Some is ok.

Answer #5

are you kidding?? rock and metal are awsome there not EVIL in any way, thats just stupid to even consider that, it always help me in my toughest times, instead of listing to boring sappy music. rock and metal keep me so energized!!

Answer #6

lol no

Answer #7

fck no. FCK YOU IF YOU THINK IT’S “EVIL”! that’s just fckin stupid. I LOVE ROCK AND METAL AND HATE COUNTRY/RAP AND THAT SHT! you don’t have to like it but it’s not “evil”. go listen to your dumb “good” music and leave us alone! I hate people who say stupid sh*t like that! what are you people idiot!? if you think it’s “evil” you must be stupid

Answer #8

Not all rock and metal music is evil and satanic. Bands that are against religion may have some aspects of satanism behind their lyrics. But that doesn’t mean you should believe all rock music is evil.

Rock is simply heavier music with loud guitars and drum beats.

There’s no problem with liking it. You like what you like - regardless of whether the band believes in God or not. I’m sure you’re not going to go to ‘hell’ if you listen to a bit of Black Sabbath or Marilyn Manson.

Answer #9

Depends on the person who’s judging. Are they squares who stay in the crowd,, or people who are unique and opening.

Rock and Metal cannot be judged by appearances and sound. It’s all a matter of taste in music. I, myself, love to listen to rock and metal.

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Answer #11

what in the hell makes you think that! I can understand you thinking marilyn manson was evil but rock? and metal? wow

Answer #12

no it is not. well a little tiny bit of metal is but it is just a type of music. asking that is like asking if classical music is evil

Answer #13

Well, that is what some kids think in my class. But, I don’t really know! I love God and love animals but, I like hard rock,punkrock,etc. So, I think it is alright to like rock music! Iike what you like! Hey, Iove that Green Day pic.!

Answer #14

no…rock can talk about anything rock is not evil…now heavy metal its suppose to be scary loud music buts that doesn’t make it evil music that’s just ignorant

Answer #15

shut up your to stuck up in religious stuff he means is it bad

Answer #16

most bands that people say “worship the devil” actually dont sing about anything like that at all. Even Marilyn Manson said he wasnt a “devil worshiper” Many songs are even about redemption. Bands like Godsmack and Korn even thank Jesus in their album booklets…

Answer #17

Most bands Don’t even wright there own songs so most of the songs you hear that sound Evil wern’t wrote by them bands I know the lead singer Of Korn is christian

Answer #18

Nooo I sure don’t

Killing. Stealing. Things like that are evil. Rock and Metal. Can’t get in trouble for it. And can’t live without it<33

Answer #19

I don’t necessarily think rock is, but I guess it just depends on what you consider rock. I dont really listen to metal so I wouldnt know.

Answer #20

A type of music can’t be evil and anyone who says any type of music is evil has been brainwashed by their parents, particularly the rock and metal genres. Christians particularly pick on rock and metal, because it represents rebellion, sex, drugs, suicide, murder, so on and so forth. Read up on some of the lyrics, at least half of the bands in rock and metal don’t write like they worship satan or anything you might consider “evil”.

I listen to Rock, Metal, Alt Rock, Indie, Blues, Oldies, and I don’t think I’m evil, I mean I’m an atheist, but just because I don’t believe in god doesn’t mean I don’t have morales.

Answer #21

NOT AT ALL!!! This whole ‘devil’s music’ thing started when bands like Kiss came out, their main target for sales being teenagers. Parental Units were unsure of what to make of it, and human nature is to overreact. So they flipped their lids, calling this new form of music “pagan” and “devil’s Music”. This is my opinion, but I have come to understand my parents, so I have my own rough idea.

Answer #22

its a form of musical persecution to suggest that something you dont like is something evil such as “Satanism.” Take Elvis, he didn’t write ANY of the songs he performed on stage or recorded, but he was something NEW and DIFFRENT and people felt threatened and said that he sang black ppls music which was true but it was ment to be a racist comment cosidering that when Elvis was around black people were persecuted. Then they started calling him names and having him arrested at shows b/c of the way he danced and what he sang. Obviously people grew to accept him, but to say that something like scremo is “Devil Worshiping music” is being exactly like the ‘squares’ that judged Elvis.

Answer #23

no way metal is f*ckin aweome!!!

Answer #24

It has been associated with the devil listen to Black Sabbath and Dio tracks they practially worship and sing about his tower… so. and I am a metal fan but still religious.

Answer #25

PSSSHT NO! man, okay I’m a jeBus Jue and uh yeah I love METAL!! =P

Answer #26

music can not be evil its a way of expression and entertainment some lyrics may be considered creepy and stuff, but not evil

its not like ‘the devil’ made metal to destroy the youth of the world

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Answer #28

hell no && if it is im like the devel child lol:P

Answer #29

No music is evil. All music is awesome.

Answer #30

No why the F would rock and metal music be evil. Rock is the best type of music

Answer #31

fck you with yo stupid styles! dont listen 2 her beans! she is just a fckin’ biotch

Answer #32

music cant be evil its music! what the f*ck!!!

Answer #33

you are mean you need to shut up!

Answer #34

ok now. I cannot understand why rock can be evil? It’s funny how can you even think about it! And I can say that also for metal. I’m a metal fan so I love the music. So you see. the music cannot be evil. it depends of the lyrics. it can say: “Society failed to tolerate me and I have failed to tolerate society…” (kreator-violent revolution) it says about how the world is not that “pink”. infact metal is created in society not so good and friendly. when there was war or smth like that. metal is here to show the world that isn’t all about money, girls, sex, drugs, party… do you know one metal song about girl? no. neither I. I think that is why everybody thinks that metal is bad…you understand where I’m getting at, right? I hope so…=]

Answer #35

it kl it not evil

Answer #36

I’m a metal fan. it helps me in so many ways. no

Answer #37

Jonothan Davis of korn is not a christian…I don’t know where you got that from but that not true.

Answer #38

nah…its the media,they earn milloins by saying”ozzy bites off a brid head,is he sataninc?”

Answer #39

hahaha!! actually yes music can be evil. it all depends on the lyrics and how the message is brought to the listeners.

there are plenty of “evil” musicains out there like slipknot, which suck! ha!

and also christian metal, death metal bands. such as Impending doom. august burns red. as I lay dying. with blood comes cleansing. all amazing music, with amazing meaning. :}D

Answer #40

for me, I don’t think it is I love rock &metal so I don’t know. if other people think it is then it’s their fault

Answer #41

I agree with redhotchick. Lol, I don’t worship the devil, I just love metal and rock music!!!

Answer #42

I hate rock and metal music. I think it IS evil

Answer #43

Depends on your definition of EVIL…

Answer #44

um beans do you know who I was talkin about sorry but I did not mention that I was talkin about somebody who took her coment off. but I should take that back cause noone knows why I said that and dey might think im talkin about dem!

Answer #45

no it the best music out their

Answer #46

no its not

Answer #47

It depends on what the songs are about…

Answer #48

listen… if you dont like some type of music you cant say that its evil or stupid… and only RAP and POP are STUPID!!

Answer #49

I agree with marilynmanson and bmth

Answer #50

If you consider rocks band like U2 and Queen and all those old bands evil then you’re crazy

Answer #51

I dont think all of it is eveil some of it but all of it

Answer #52


Answer #53

No,my friend

Answer #54

Evil, satanic…stop listening to it! LOL:D:D:D

Answer #55

Nooo! that’s a crazy idea!!!

Answer #56


Answer #57

Some of the bands are like dimmu borgir, sytericon and all those messed up stuff, but a lot of the bands are christian like haste the day, underoath, as I lay dying, demon hunter and thats just to name a few!

Answer #58

no way.

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