Is Nair for Men good for pubic hair removal?

is nair good for your pubic area?? has anyone tired it??

does anyone know any other hair removal products that work in the genital areas?

Answer #1

I’m a girl I use it there and it worked fine. even though your a guy, buy nair for bikini area cause its sesitive on the skin and wont burn as much

Answer #2

no, its NOT good.

my best friends boyfriend tried it =/

mmm yea pretty bad hah.

but seriously dont try it because it said it gave him some find of rash and it burnt and stunk. seriouslyyy.

hope this help.


Answer #3

Also, you better make sure that you get it all of otherwise it could lead to worse things so use soap to get it off after you wipe it off,. if there is any hair left on it don’t worry. Just keep doing it until it all comes off. First put it one let it sit for about 2.5 minutes, then wipe it off. use soap to clear off, dry off. and again till the hair is all gone.

Answer #4

I have done this. It worked just fine for me. All you got to do is not leave it on as long as it says. They only thing that was kinda bad that happened was that my balls were burning at the ends for a day or two but otherwise that it worked fine.

Answer #5

nooo it can get infrcted or get a rash it seys it on the lable not to use it on pubic aeras

Answer #6

I use it all the time!!! Only the Nair for Men Foam!!! My wife uses the other types for woman and I can say it burns horrible! Checkout my demo on under Mister G String

Answer #7

nooo!!! my ex did it, and it gave him blisters!!! haha he was in serious pain. just dont do it!!

Answer #8

Obviously girls/boys men/ladies who use NAIR Hair removal cream on their genitals and/or anus, experience a varying degree of pain ei. burning, smell, rashes on the skin especially around the anus.

As products like Nairs hair removal creams is a depilatories chemical and would cause the skin to burn etc for most people.

I recommend that you test it on a small area on your genitals first just a little bit of the cream to see how sensitive you are to this type of cream.

I also recommend buying an good Epilator, one that will do a thorough job of pulling out those hairs, they also be irritating as they pluck the hairs out like tweezers but after a few uses the hairs will come back softer, less refined as you use it more.

Answer #9

Burns a little bit but it works fine for me, it just takes a few trys, at first a lot of hair comes off, stubble is left behind I didnt mind that but if you keep trying it eventually it will leave you clean as a babys bottom, just make sure to wipe all of it off wash a few times with soap, use two towls to dry off as the first one can get some residue, but I’ve never had any rash or any problems, just a slight burn however it is different for everyone, some skin types it can cause horrible rashes and bleeding, just depends on who you are.

Answer #10

FYI: Its gonna burn…

Answer #11

In the past I’ve used Nair (wanna say it was a milder shampoo-ish type) to help shave my private parts while showering. Applied it, waited a min or so, then used a razor to clean up. Since the Nair partially dissolved the hair, it only took a gentle pass with the Mach 3.. significantly lowering the risk of nicking the ‘nads. Prob could’ve left the Nair on for a min or two longer & used a cloth to remove the hair but I didn’t want to burn or irritate my skin.

Answer #12

it might burn just shave it

Answer #13

I tried it ‘down there’ today & it’s BURNING right now. it red but I used the bikini stuff from Nair. im NEVER doing that again. I did it cause I heard men don’t like harry vag areas. tomorrow im planning on getting some ice and just sitting with it between my legs to get rid of the burning then taking a cool shower to cool the ‘area’ & rubbing a little bacitracin down there also, cause it is a burn. I don’t know. I hope this’ll work. DON’T USE NAIR. GUYS OR GALS.

Answer #14

Nair for men is awesome. Coated the balls and shaft last night, waited 4 minutes, jumped in the shower and washed it off. No burning or smell. Smooth as a baby’s but.

Answer #15

hey I just tried it today and it worked ok at first…but it burnt and it even started bleeding like when you shave. all the hair didnt come off the first few times and then when it was just a little stubble left..that burnt sooo bad! lol. It still didnt take off the stubbles and it burned so bad I gave up! And my pubic hair was trimmed way down too so its not like a had a afro down there lol. this might work if you have thin pubic hair but if your like me and have thick black hair, I guess we are out of luck. I guess all we can do is keep it trimmed real short and shave the shaft and balls (like I have been doing)

Answer #16

Nair doesn’t work for anyone…

Answer #17

@cytodave, you da man bro! - this guy is being serious, listen to him! I’ve done it heaps, Nair is the shit.. “Nair Moisturising hair remover” - it didnt sting that much for me but after.. use a cool shower and cool bath. dont use soap till the next day at least, I cant stress this enough!! in regards to how long to leave the cream on, I personally left it on for more than what it said (6 minutes) I left it about 8 mins. after that ime I scraped it off with the plastic scraper thing.. it started to burn a little after say 8 minutes, after that I got in the shower for like 10mins, then I soaked in a cool bath for about 10 min. made sure I got it all off. then I applied moisturiser cream to the area (I think this is also important). didnt have sex till the next day, but my girlfriend loves sucking on smooth balls, so its worth the wait! this will vary from person to person of course. As the product says try it on a small area first.. my girlfriend tried some different shit and it fucked her up! /sigh waxing is win if you can stand the pain. but cream does have an inhibitor tho which is a plus. hope this helps, but skin types are so different from person to person, good luck guys! (and girls :D)

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Answer #19

I used to use it for years, till I started to question the wisdom of intentionally giving my bait and tackle a chemical burn every 3 weeks…

Here’s what ya do,

Apply liberally to the outer, non-Johnson, area, then wait 4 minutes, apply liberally to Johnson and marbles. Wait no longer than 6 minutes. (total time, 10 min on out areas, 6 on yer junk). The hair on the unit seems to come off with less time, and the skin won’t be as inflamed. Have the shower ready and hot. Have a small semisoft towel you don’t really care about ready too (it’s gonna be nasty when yer done). When 6 min hits, and use damned timer, get in the stall, wet the towel, and wipe the hair/nair mix off in long passes. Don’t go over the same areas more than a few times, you’ll irritate the heck outta the skin. Be esp careful around the marbles, you’ll give yourself one helluva rash if you dig in there… Make sure you get all that nasty smelling cream off and DON’T use soap down there for a day or two - that will also irritate the hell out of it. Pat dry everything off down there, then I used some after shave cream (NOT astringent, holy crap that would burn) to tame the heat. For some odd reason, if I wear tighty whities or boxer briefs, aka lots support, it keeps the heat to a minimum. Boxers will irritate the crap out of it.

If yer still brave enough, go for it. Takes practice. You will get porn star results. However, you WILL be chemically burning your unit every time… God knows what that does to your soldiers…

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