Is my vagina normal?

I wont let any boy do anything sexual towards me because I dont think vagina is normal, I have done things with boys but I always come up with excuses that I am on my period. I dont want them to think I am a freak if they come to do anything and its not what they expect. I have seen pictures and the structure of the vagina and mine doesnt seem to match. am I normal? Its lumpy inside and can sometimes smell. whats wrong with me?
Please help. Worried 16 year old

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what da hell is weong wit yall ... ya got nuffin ta do datz why yall post stupid shit

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like everyone else said, no two vj's are a matter of fact if you match those diagrams you see in the doc's office you're probably surgically engineered. however it should be odorless most of the time so, also like everyone else said, clean up on a very regular basis

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Listen; I had always thought that my vagina was abnormal, but last night a guy ate me out and said that I had 'the best goddamn pussy he's ever seen.'
so don't worry loca!

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my vagina has something inside of it that looks like little flowe petals...I don't know if a penis coould get in!

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Dont wash more than once a day like the brainless person said! It washes away the good bacteria.

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I use to think my vagina was abnormal because one of my inside lips are slightly bigger than the next and they're a bit crimply on the edges. but oneday I let a boy go down there and he seemed to like it (he even gave me oral!!)... so you're probably worrying about nothing just like I was. Just make sure you take a shower right before your with a guy, as long as everything is clean down there you'll be ok =]

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mine is crimply and wierd but each one is different dont stress bout it

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From a mans point of view, dont even sweat it. Your vagina is for a specific purpose as is a males anatomy and neither one is "pretty" to begin with. I mean really, both are ugly as you know what. Yours is just different. When I am looking at a vagina, I am not grading it on its looks. Dont be paranoid.

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Hello, I'm 17 and I've had some experience: I used to think my vagina was really weird and I would always make up excuses not to let my boyfriend touch me, but in the end I let him and my boy said that he loves the way it looks! Don't go worrying about it, every vagina looks different but as long as it works I'm sure your boy will appreciate you no mater what :) All women's vaginas are slightly lumpy on the inside, thats one of the reasons why it feels nice for the guy. And if you keep some baby wipes in you bag just incase and wash once daily(but don't use too much soap in that area because it could lead to infection) it wont smell. And remember, don't have sex until you are fully ready and confident with yourself and the boy you are with, otherwise it will just hurt and the awkwardness will suck. I hope I could be of help, good luck! :) x

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I think you should wait till you find smone u 'r confortable enough with. One of My inner lips is longer dan d other bt my boyfriend doesn't mind.he goes down on me all d time and enjoys it too!

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Yeah mine is what you called lumpy, but I think is just more spongy than anything. That's normal. Also on side of my inner labia is longer than the other, but no guy has ever said anything about it. I've been to the gyno several times and they say I am "asymptomatic" meaning healthy. I also have been tested and am clean. So that little spongy part inside your vagina is just fine. If you're still worried, ask your doctor.

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can you show me a picture of a normal vignal,mine seem to be abnormal cream on the inside and lumpe

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Not all look the same.
Just make sure to clean yourself daily
even maybe two three times a day if you can :)
Dont stress about it, :)
it makes matters worse

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there's no such thing as an abnormal vagina.A vagina is a vagina.They all have the same appeal.

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I'm always worried about letting guys see me. I hate my vagina , I'm afraid it's different , the inside lips are longer than the outer and they're grayish blue . What should I do

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I got a smooth vagina on the upper part but when it goes down on the lips it looks wrinkled. anyway my boyfriend like it and we have great sex and he loved me even more.

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tbh most guys are going to be wayyy to excitd to care what it looks like

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well just rember this have sex when you are redy ok take your time ok that is a very personal part of your body and if it smells sometimes you could have a yeast infection

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As a man 39 now that has had sex with 60+ females don't worry about your goodies they are all different I an married to a great woman with triplets at 39 but we don't care the only females I didn't have sex with were I am sorry fat or ugly. Less makeup more real person and you will be accepted for who you are. I am very superficial when it comes to size but some of my friends prefer large girls love your self be your self

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mine is so horrible!! I've got extra long labia and it just looks really ugly, im 18 and have never ever let anybody do anything to me or had sex, and always make excuses!! I hate it! can you get surgery to make it better?

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Hello I am a much older women then you most likly, and as I was growing up I was insecure about mine as well. Everyone here is right there are no two that look the same. I like to use the wipes, or powder on really hot days. Dont wash it more then once a day, and dont use a antibacterial soap such as dial down there. Like others have said there is good and bad bacteria, and if you use the antibacterial soap it will kill the good and make a smell.

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Hey dont worry all of them are different like every one else said but it is compliety true because both of my liba minoras are about maybe 1 inch in length and I am very insecure about them but im only 13 and I really am afraid that when I finally do start having sex the guy will be not so understanding about them and I really worry so girl you are very lucky and you should love your self be fore you let a guy love you so get to know a guy and be able to trust in him before you have sex and just remember that no one is the same!

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My friend has been complaining like her vag smelled like fish,and that the inside of her vj inside her flaps "that part "looked like saggy meat and nasty she went to the docter and she had a yeast infec. so you might gotta see a doc bout that

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Good Luck!

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I have let a guy go down on me but I am still very self concious about it. my inner lips are really small and bumpy and the outside lips are really big. I get creamy chunky discharge everyday. and it smell a little even though I wash it in morning and night, but the guy still seemed to love it. he kept coming back for more, so I guess its normal for them to be weird.

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I think you need to go to the go to the docotor prunto I also think you have general warts im not sure though

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no I wouldnt clean it 2 - 3 times a day "annonoumously", that is ridiculous, the vagina cleans it self, but wash it on a daily basis. once a day is more then enough.

other than that, I use to be paranoid about my vagina, I still am a little bit, but im slowly accepting and learning... ands its been said about 10 times already, no vagina is the same. thats the great thing.

no matter how bad you think yours looks. I bet its not as bad as you think,, theres going to be a lot of girls out their whos is 10 x worse than urs.

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Hey, alright so Im 17, and I've had a few sexual partners, but now Im in a serious relationship, and Im curious about if my vagina is normal. It is bumpy on the innerside on my lips and near the opening of my vagina also has bumps, and also on the inside of my vagina is weird and looks bumpy, I dont know if this is normal, I had a pap test less than 3 weeks ago and my doctor said it looked completely healthy but I am still stressed and worried about it .. help please?

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I am the same exact way about my vagina. my inner lips are much larger than my outer. and it makes me feel insecure about myself, and I always make excuses to not let a guy go down on me. my vagina always smells bad, but I don't know if it smells like fish or not. also, I have this white gooey discharge daily. is that normal? please let me know. thanks.

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Really you are very lucky to me! I have a major insercurity about my vagina and its appearence. I have a long inner-labia minora and its is really embarrasing. Don't worry! I'll trade if you like?

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I have never been comfortble with myself down there; and I finally lost my virginity to the guy I thought I loved but then he broke up with me a few days later and went around and told people it looked like roast beef :(.. im dating a new guy now and I think we are almost to that point where we are both ready but im scared of what he will think! GROSE!!!

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as a man, let me set the record straight. there is no such thing as an ugly vagina. if you invite him to see it/experience it, all he's going to be thinking about is how lucky he is! all women are built a little differently, and it's all right. I think if any girls or women out there had an experience with a guy who insulted how their vagina looked, it's just a case of an immature guy not a strange vajayjay, and on behalf of guys everywhere I humbly apologise.

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sounds like my ex girl friend she had cheated on me and contracted ginital warts and it really messed her vagina up and if it is not taken care of right away it WILL cause cancer

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Ok girls! Every single vagina is different! No body is perfect and we all need to learn to love our own skin! I have had the same insecurities as a lot of you, but really its not the end of the world! As if comes to boys, remember there is a lot more to a relationship than sex, and you will all find somebody who loves you for exactly who you are! My partner pefers girls with extra goodies down there, just to give you a bit of confidence. Every man has his own preferences, but in realitiy penis's arnt the most attractive things either! :) Just remember your all beautiful and unique, and your not alone!

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yes I have one lip longer then the other. I hate it sometimes but we all look different. I also have white bumps, its normal a part of you.

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ok so i hate my vagina and i guess all vaginas are normal but im soo scared to and i am worried when a guy sees it he will hate my vagina and thing im gross ok one side is normal and then the other is like biigger (not to much) but its kinda brown to (just that one side) WTF i dnt know is there surgery?

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