Is michael jackson still alive?

Is michael jackson still alive? Is he hiding somewhere and getting ready for a sensational comeback?

Answer #1

WTF…no hes not you azz gezz…

Answer #2

yup, he is with Elivs, bigfoot and the lociness monster.

Answer #3

hmmm I don’t know … I have been searching over the past month hopeing and praying this is true … there is more proof that he is still “alive” then “dead” but I wouldnt think as sweet and careing as michael was I dont think he’d pull a stunt like this to hurt his fans and the world .. plus … if the authorties every found out he’d be locked away forever .. but still … all the info matches up to he is still alive …I would love for that to be true and he is somewhere where he does not have to deal with the media and papparzzi .. he was such a great man and to many people were blinded by the crap the media puts out … I am confused … there are so many unanswered questions about the 911 call Dr murrey the strange acting family … it’s hard to picture the truth we are not 100% sure he is still alive but how do why know hes really dead and thats not some body double look alike in the corners office? his children deserve well .. us true fans miss you so much michael where did you go? if he is really dead..I think he was murderd…so is he dead or alive? im so sad .. if you are dead michael .. rest in peace my cute angel you feel no more pain and you have nothing to deal with now but if you are alive michael I hope you are somewhere safe and you can start a new life and I hope you stay in contact with your children and family are the one and only king of pop and your music will never die …

Answer #4

I think he is alive he has a dubble there is proof for inctence at the this is it speech it was a dubble because his voice was diferent and his hand was too so if he has a dubble he oblvise faked it and I hoped he is fakeing thinking he is alive ceps me sane for now when I herd he died I cryed and now I have proof he is alive ther is photo proof to if this not anuf

Answer #5

haha that would be awesome if he fooled everyone and jumped out and did thriller but sadly he is indeed dead :(

Answer #6

kaitoriku your an idiot please shut up…& Yeah Michal Jackson is dead & hes not coming back…okay…?…R.I.p Michael!!! (:

Answer #7

no, hes dead really hes not comming abck to life, hes not comming back at all he is dead

Answer #8



Answer #9

no, hes not alive… he passed away. I dont think that he’s hiding in a closet or sumthin to pop out again and be like, thriller! lol. jk. ^_^ but, he is dead. sorry. lol

Answer #10

michael is alive..and he faje his’s true

Answer #11

He is gunna pop out of his coffin during the funeral

Answer #12

hahahaha I agree with Jozel. That was funnnyyy

Answer #13

That would be awesome if he jumped out of his coffin during his funeral and performed thriller…dance and everything :D

Answer #14

I still think that this is a lie… and that he is alive… that’s what I think…

but god bless the king of pop

Answer #15

nope hes dead

Answer #16

I dont think so.

Answer #17

2cool what did their mother do? I don’t know anything. I feel so sorry for his children they must be sooo upset losing their dad no matter what he was like. But yes he is dead, they’ve seen the dead body and everything so there is proof.

Answer #18

No, he’s DEAD. Don’t tell me this is going to be like Tupac where everyone swears he’s still alive when he’s clearly NOT…

Answer #19

What we have seen on tv was a very perfect scenario of his death. Nobody have seen his body, nobody took pictures with him after he died(imagine,anybody would like to take a shot because of becoming rich over night), and so on. Family did not look upset, all of them wore sunglasses(what’s the reason for that?), the custody for his kids have been left to his mum because that way he can be in touch with them. And finally what we have seen on the helicopter(seem another Michael than the real one). He looked different and he had a slimer face. I just think that was a faked Michael.My inner feeling is that he is still alive. Whether you check on internet you will see that his death was very simillar with Presley’s death.

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