Is it wrong to want to have a baby at 14?

I think I’d be a very good mom. I’m not a partier; And I’d love the baby more than life itself. I’m only 14, and I’m not sure how my mom would react, but I don’t think it’d be horrible. I’m not very financially stable, but I’ll always find a way. My boyfriend and I have been together for a year, and we recentlt started having sex. I believe I’m pregnant, but It’s too early to tell. If I’m not I’ll be upset, if I am I’ll do all I can to make my life and my baby’s a good one. I want to have a kid, I think it’d be the best thing for me. Most people don’t believe a child would be good for someone so young, but I do. I know what I feel I can do, and I honestly think I can make it. The father will be here for me and support me, we’ve got that figured out for sure. And if it results that he leaves, well, I’ll find my own way. After hearing all this, what do you think? And don’t give me the same “You’re too young!” Bull, I know. But that factor alone isn’t changing my mind. Neither is the money one.

Answer #1

Cappiegirl- Wow, thanks for telling me that my boyfriend is basically FOR SURE going to leave me. I love how you think you know that. He told me even if we do break up, he’ll still be in his childs life. How dare you try to tell me he’s going to leave me and I’m nuts for thinking he’ll stay. I posted this trying to maybe get some support. I figure if people at my school who know me aren’t willing to listen, that you people would. And all I’ve been getting are the same answers. I know I shouldn’t have one but if I am pregnant I’m keeping it. Bottom line. And I’ll find a way no matter what to provide, because that’s what mothers do. Now if just ONE person can leave a NICE comment, and support me, I’d be happy. I shouldn’t have to feel bad for keeping my baby if I’m pregnant, I made the mistake of getting this way and I believe if that happens then you should keep it. So I am. Thanks everybody.

Answer #2

Just try to imagine yourself some 10 years or so in the future… you have a good loving husband, and good stable job, and a beautiful home. You get pregnant and you tell your husband, he hugs you and couldn’t be happier. Then you tell your families and they are all very beyond happy. You get up in the mornings and all you have to worry about you and your unborn baby? You go to work and people admire your little belly, you and your husband sit at home thinking and wondering what the baby will look like, you sit in your rocking chair and read books about pregnancy and child birth. Then when the baby is born you take maternity leave and spend about three months or more with just you and your baby. You have no financial concerns because you are getting maternity pay and your husband is working heck maybe he even makes enough for you to be a stay at home mommy. All you do is spend time with your baby and enjoy their first months in life. Now you are probably thinking that this is a fantasy, but its not. You can make that be your goal in life; to one day be in a position where you are ready to have a baby and the whole beautiful experience.

Answer #3

I am curious since you think you are old enough and money is not an issue. Please explain to yoursel how you would be able to physically and financially take care of a baby. You will have to work yet someone would have to watch the baby. If you really think your boyfriend is going to stick around You are NUTS. YOU will be left alone to take care of this child by yourself. That would not be fair to YOU or the child.

Answer #4

dont you want your baby to have a wonderful life? dont you want to have the expeirences before being a mother? thats why people wait to have a child because you have to mature, 14, your still a baby yourself give yourself time to grow and mature so that when you are ready to have children you know what your doing. go hang out with someone who does have a baby pretend to be the mother… you;ll soon change your mind

Answer #5

I’m not saying go do have a baby.but its its a lot of money and a lot of work. you may really want to wait.I know I sometimes wish I had waited till I was older.

Answer #6

I had my son a week before I turned 14.I love him to death.its hard.but were doing just fine.

Answer #7

heyy take it slow dont have a baby. wait. go to prom parties live life trust me wants you get it you will want it gone.

Answer #8

it’s not wrong to want to have a baby. but I agree with what luthien and katty chatty said. I saw my sister go through teen pregnancy. and she and her fiance never get to see their friends that much now. he works constantly and she has to stay with the baby all the time. so my sis is still extremely lucky that the only thing that went bad in the pregnancy is that my nephew was premature. so look at the facts listen to peoples stories about teen pregnancy before you decide that you think you’re ready for a baby and sorry if I don’t make much sense I’m really tired.

Answer #9

Im 14 and pregant! But im getting rid of it. Why? Not just because im 14 and have my whole life to have a child and not because their soo much money and not because my boyfriend doesnt want to have to spend child support at 16 but would if I choose to keep it but because no matter how much I would try to be a good mom I know I could be a better one later on. My own house and no parents to tell you to get rid of it. They can do that. There in control till you turn 18 so remember what if they say it goes? Youd be heart broken. What if you break it off with your baby daddy? The child would have a split family VS waiting and having one thats together. The thing that real turned me green is when your so young do you know how many things could go wrong with you and your baby during the birth?! Do what you want. If you turn out to be preggerrs I wish you and your child luck if you deside to keep it.

Answer #10

in addition to all the reaons already stated, at fourteen you do not have an adult brain that is capable of optimal decision making. Not to be mean or anything, it is just a biological fact. Its part of adolescence. There are certain behavioural patterns that should occur in adolescence that play a huge role in who are are in later life and growing up too fast and having children too young in my opinion is not a good idea. You have heaps of time to have a child so why not just enjoy the rest of your childhood?

Answer #11

I know you want a child and thats perfectly fine. wanting and doing is completely different. at 14 you just arent capable of bringing it up, I know youre saying you will have it all together, but as it is with many things, once you actually try the thing, it isnt so easy as when you think of it. raising a child takes a lot of time and money, you would have to surrender your childhood to raise your child. you wont beable to live like a teen again after when you can finally have freeom again. and the money, you arent financially stable. especailly with the state of the economy, you wont be able to raise the child properly. Imagine what it must be like for the child to have its family barely making it, or not making it at all each month. the baby, and you will suffer. if you want a baby wait util your own life is stable and good. because at 14 you are still a child and it is like a child taking care of a child. so wait before you make a rash desciison.

Answer #12

It might be a good idea for u, but think about the baby, it’s gonna have to go around sayin it’s mom is 15 years older than it is and if you don’t have the money, the babies gonna be *ucked up! Just wait, have sex, just do it protected.

Answer #13

I think its a bad idea cus finacialy you wont make it. and when your young and having a baby its a huge chance that your baby will come out with lots of complications. I’ve seen it happen. it may not seem that way on tv but in real life it always turns out that way.

Answer #14

wanting and doing and being able are three different things that at that young age, you just really cant comprehend. but, life and everyone in it, leads there own choices.

Answer #15

Well If you have a baby It will be really hard doing it while still being in school or university and It will also be pretty expensive.

Answer #16

Well this is my opinion, 14 is way too young. I’m 14 also and a baby is something that’s far from what I want right now. Don’t you want to be a teen first and have fun before you have a baby. Cause a baby is a lot of work and you have your whole life ahead of you at the moment. I’m just saying you may not be ready like you think. You never know.

Answer #17

-Cost of labour and delivery: $9,000 (with no complications) -Cost of raising a baby for 1 year: $10,000 min. (that’s $180,000 by the time that child can leave home) -Cost of raising a baby for just 1 month: $400 and more -Infant medical bills for one year: up to $6,000 -Years it takes to completely restore your individuality (or, how many years you are responsible for this child): 18 -Current unemployment rate: 9.7 -Average welfare income for you and your child: $800 (that means you only have $400 left for rent, food, bills, personal items, etc…and that’s if the baby doesn’t get sick that month) -Chance of dropping out of school while pregnant: 70% -Odds of getting a job without a high school diploma: less than 50% -Chances of ending up a single teen mother (because the father leaves, even after promising to stay): 80%

…are you really sure?

Answer #18

im qoinq threw that riqht now. 14 & 4 months preqnat. ill be 15 in a week. it feeels qood to know yewr havinq a baby buts it really scary.

Answer #19

I am aware of all that, but I still believe I could make it.

Answer #20

its not bad to whant one but to have one it will seem like a good idea until you actualy have one

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