is it wrong to be gay and...

is it ok to be lez and still beleive in God? I want your opinion please? im confused because in tha bible it says homosexuality is bad and im Gay!

Answer #1

personaly noneshould make fun of the bible or espesiley call it a swere word and it is a sin and second of all its againts christionality to be gay lesbo or a bisexueal

Answer #2

No it isn’t. I don’t think God created anything he doesn’t love. Also don’t listen to what anyone else says, it’s between you and God not between you and them.

Answer #3

the bible is ancient..who gives a sh*t what sum book says, if there even is a god then it wud be him that made you like scissorin girls, dont bother tellin your parents either cause just like you dont need to be told when there going to have sex,they dont need to b told who your havin it with.

Answer #4

without a doubt theres lots of gay priests around, I think your ok

Answer #5

arg! but, my dad iz a strait pastor and he like…hates gayz what should I do?

Answer #6

you cant live a lie, so be honest with yourself, then you can be honest with him, he’ll just like it or lump it as they say being gay isnt the big thing it used to be

Answer #7

oh_ehm_gee_its_me There are people here who will try to mislead you. Do not listen to them. The Bible DOES state that lez is SIN. Know that for sure. Hmo is not a born condition as some believe. That is absolute crap. It is just one’s preference. One just likes to be hmo. That’s all. God would not condemn it if it was a born condition. You can be normal. Just ask Jesus to help you and he will rescue you from it. So cheer up you can come out of it. And don’t go around saying I am gay for why do you want to tag yourself?

Answer #8

agreed. anyone that knows the true history of the bible and still believes in it isnt rational. If you Gay or Gay enjoy it.

about your dad I agree with Toadaly

I dont understand how a strait preson can say homosexuality isnt natural when they have no idea. wouldn’t it make sence to ask a homosexual?

Answer #9

The Bible is a bunch of nonsense. No gods had anything to do with writing it. The god of the Bible is just the type of absurd cartoon character you would expect from ignorant ancient men living under a tyrant kings.

As for your dad, it’s up to you whether or not you want to tell him - you’re the best one to judge how he’s likely to react. If you still live at home, I would stay in the closet.

Answer #10

it says NO WHERE in the bible being gay is wrong! NO WHERE. (in the new testament)

I personally am straight but all of my friends are AT LEAST bi and they all go to church (minus me) you can be religious.

From a person who isnt religious im pretty sure that if god is so loving and caring to his “flock” he wont condem all gays to hell but rather he would condemn those who condemn others to hell.

and I personally believe that if your christian then you shouldnt focus on the old testament as a lot of Jesus preachings are contrary to that of the old testament.

Answer #11

“Try to accept this with an open mind, without getting upset. The reason that God teaches against homosexuality is because that lifestyle is unsafe. We now know that the average life span of a homosexual male is 42 years old. Slightly longer for that of a female.”

Not every one buys into your fantasies. Please provide the source for your claim about the life span of gays?

Answer #12

omg f*ck the bible

  1. its from forever ago things are sooo different
  2. I dont believe in a religion (just my opinion)
  3. is stupid! if your gay thats awesome good for you (no sarcasm I promise because im bi) but like its the way you are and people should accept you that way and if not there the fagot! (watch the movie Chuck and Larry its hysterical. and has to do with gays.but like standing up for them) anyway you could totally believe in god even if your gay because god is soppost to be forgiving and to accept you and sh*t like that so yah why not.
Answer #13

I would suggest that you read it for yourself and NOT make claims that aren’t there.

Practice what you preach, Polly. Quit brandishing YOUR dimwitted interpretations as factual… because they aren’t…

Answer #14

aprettywastex2 -_- again, it’s occurs ALL the time in nature. There’s a breed of lizards that are ONLY females & have to involve theirselves in sexual acticites to fertalize & lay their eggs. God made them, if being gay is a sin the why make a breed of lizards that are NOTHING but FEMALES? & Again, God MADE us, he kniited us together in the whom, he knew us before we were born, he is ALL knowing, he knows how we’re going to come out, why would he make us if homosexuality was a sin? & I doubt anyone would WANT to be gay to be discriminated against. I didn’t choose to be bi, I tried ignoreing it, doens’t work. I remember as far back as 3 thinking to myself “that laday has really nice booby’s”. We don’t choose it. & again I will state, YOU don’t know for a fact what we have to go through & you don’t know what goes through out minds. There are some who wish they could be straight, even the ones who worship the lord, live & breath him practically but find it impossible to be straight. Your not gay or bi, you don’t know. No gay? NO OPINION! Point blank

Answer #15

There are people here who will try to mislead you. Do not listen to them. The Bible DOES state that lez is SIN. Know that for sure. Hmo is not a born condition as some believe. That is absolute crap. *

It occurs to me that you are an ignoramus. The Bible makes no explicit reference to lesbianism being a sin. It does make references to homosexual lust being a sin, just as it describes heterosexual lust being a sin. As for lesbians, the only Bible passage that even hints at it is Romans 1:26-27, and that is describing the sexual habits associated with pagan cultic worship, not lesbianism as a lifestyle.

As for your contention that homosexuality is not natural, it’s been observed in thousands of species. Why would humans be any different? Evidence overwhelmingly indicates it is a combination of genetics and development.

Your religious indoctrination has produced a bigot, nothing more.

Answer #16


You are truly truly ignorant. Do you honestly think that people choose homosexuality willingly so that they can be bashed by people like you? It is a hard life being different so why would you prefer that?

You know what I think (I do consider myself Christian btw). I think that God loves everyone and agree that bible was written by man, and men make mistakes when they are scared of things they do not know of, like homosexuality.

Also someone once explained it to me like this. What is better? Two people of the same sex having a long, loving and committed relationship and a good life together or two straight people who just get married because sex before marriage is not acceptable and then divorce because all they did was follow the rules of the bible?

Therefore it is ok to be anyway you are, because God created you and you can believe in him and he will love you unconditionally.

Answer #17

*[“it says NO WHERE in the bible being gay is wrong! NO WHERE (in the new testament)…”]

*You are mistaken. The Bible says the following: “For this reason God gave them over and ABANDONED them to VILE affections and DEGRADING passions. For their women exchanged their NATURAL function for an UNNATURAL and ABNORMAL one. And the men also turned from NATURAL relations with WOMEN and were set ablaze with lust for one another—men committing SHAMEFUL acts with men and suffering in their own bodies and personalities the inevitable CONSEQUENCES and PENALTIES of their WRONG-DOING and going ASTRAY, which was fitting retribution. And so, since they did not see fit to acknowledge God or approve of Him or consider Him worth the knowing, God gave them over to a REPROBATE and CONDEMNED mind to do things NOT PROPER or DECENT but LOATHSOME” [Romans 1:26-28].

BOTTOM-LINE: The New Testament does say being gay (I.e., homosexual) is WRONG. I would suggest that you read it for yourself and NOT make claims that aren’t there.


Answer #18

tseirpeht wth have you been reading, lmao I know plenty of by’s & gays long over the age of 42! & if you’re tired of doing research for people, then don’t even bring up the subject! Silverwings, the bible is wrong, point blank. It was written by men, point blank. The bible wasn’t even written in the same language Jesus spoke, how funny. & Really, it’s only wrong for males to be gay, that’s what it says! It’s wrong for men to be gay because they have to lower theirself to the female standards. & If being gay wasn’t a natural things then how it happneing in nature? Here’s another question, who are we as humans living in a human cultavated “civilization” to judge what it natural & what is not? You see the how the bible thumpers are, you see how they think, do you really want to be like these bible thumpes? Do you really want to be a “true christain”?

Answer #19

“Look it up yourself I am tried of doing research for you. “

tseirpeht, I am not the one making the claim. If you make the claim, it is up to you to provide the source. But I already know where your source comes from, and maybe that is why you don’t want to provide it. It comes from the nutjobs on religious right. This was something they were spreading around in the late 90s. Nutjob extraordinaire, Bill Bennet, was spreading this lie on national television back then. What they were using to justify their bigotry was a study done in canada in the 80’s at the height of the aids epidemic. The authors of that study came out as soon as the nuts on the right started using the study for their anti-gay propaganda, and confirmed that the numbers did not reflect the current life expetancy rates as they were in the late 90’s. And since then, aids deaths have been dramatically reduced among the gay population, so it certainly does not reflect the numbers today at all.

So tseirpeht, will you now admit you are wrong?

Answer #20

Homosexuality is wrong, if you believe in the bible, if you don’t , do as you please.

Answer #21

Yes, it is fine. I am Christian and I’m straight, but one of my closest male friends is gay, and he is a valued member of my church community and is a respected guy. He had a little trouble finding his feet at first, but now he’s up there :)

Answer #22

You are so ignorant & blind your statement beyond infuriates me!

The Bible DOES state that lez is SIN really? Prove it.

One just likes to be hmo. That’s all. “ “Hmo is not a born condition as some believe. That is absolute crap. It is just one’s preference.” It has actually been scientifically proven that it is a born condition! & Are you Bi/Gay? No? Didn’t think so, so shut your fcking trap the hell up! No bi, no dumb@$$ opinion, point fcking blank!

“One just likes to be h*mo. That’s all.” Oh really? So what you’re saying is people like being mistreated, abused, looked down upon, ridiculed, & condemned? I hardly think so! I AM bi & NO it was not my choice! I denied it up until about the 8th grade. people ridiculed me, try to fight me(lets just say they weren’t successful in ‘whipping’ me) went out of they’re way to get in my face just to state I was going to hell. I don’t like it, I doubt anyone likes it. There’s plenty of pp who will deny it living a miserable, horrible life because they’re too afraid to admit what they really are because of ignorant brain dead knowledge-less homoeructus freaks like you!

“God would not condemn it if it was a born condition. You can be normal.” I assume you’ve not read the bible, it condemns most things that are indeed natural & stunts one’s intellectual growth!

Answer #23

“For there are eunuchs who were born that way from their mother’s womb; and there are eunuchs who were made eunuchs by men; and there are also eunuchs who made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. He who is able to accept this, let him accept it.” [Matt 19: 8-12]

The term ‘eunuch’ doesn’t ALWAYS mean ‘a castrated man’ …so apparently, its possible that Jesus was aware that homosexuals were often BORN gay.

Keep in mind, that homosexuality is NOT synonymous with ‘fornication’ or ‘sexual immorality’ like many theists will lead you to believe. And according to the Bible, Sodom was destroyed mainly for its inhospitality to stangers.

Answer #24

Try to accept this with an open mind, without getting upset. The reason that God teaches against homosexuality is because that lifestyle is unsafe. We now know that the average life span of a homosexual male is 42 years old. Slightly longer for that of a female. Homosexuality is a touchy subject these days because of the 60’s philosophy of if it feels good do it. By treating this as who you are rather then sin it will be harder to overcome it. You are allowing you a being of flesh to tell God that I know whats best for me and you are wrong about homosexuality. Do not allow the doctrine of man to be superior to that of God. God bless and I hope this helps.

Answer #25

yes…it is wrong to be gay…and I didn’t need the bible to tell me that either…but it still does. And no it isn’t right to be lesbian. Why would it be ok for a woman to lay with a woman as she would a man, if it is taught that man should not lay with a man like he was a woman?

Why didn’t I need the bible to tell me that? It’s very simple…I’m going to get a little naughty now but…penis and vagina. They connect with one another. A penis and a penis does not, and a vagina and a vagina does not. There are more ways that I could further explain my position by I’m tired now..I’m out!

Answer #26

I believe it’s unnatural and quite disturbing. I’m not homophobic because I have a friend who is a lesbian. I love her even though I don’t agree with what she’s doing. Hate the sin, love the sinner. <3 God did not make anyone lesbian or gay. That’s rebelling against what God wants for us. That’s the world telling us that it’s okay to be with the same sex. Again, I completely disagree with it.

Answer #27

evilfan what has STDs got to do with anything!

And no… there’s nothing wrong with believing in God and being a lesbian. Do you honestly believe a loving and compassionate God would create something and then say dont be who you are? does that make any sense… dont worry about your father. Some people have just been raised to be homophobic.

Answer #28

Look it up yourself I am tried of doing research for you.

Answer #29

in my religion you can believe in god and be gay, but you cannot practice the religion. you can always believe in god no matter what you’re doing.

Answer #30

It stresses the male. & As for giving up what is natural, that’s another part in which the bible is WRONG. It occurs in nature all the time. 5 cats live in my mother’s house, there’s actually a gay couple amongst the cats(it’s quite cute actually). Or my grandmother, when she was alive, she always owned 2 female dogs. They’ld go at it quite a bit, especially when in heat. Whiptail lizards are all female & will make-out to induce one another to lay eggs(Don’t believe me? look it up for yourself, it’s rather intriguing actually). Or if you want I’ll even give you a link to a website(although it IS common knowledge). So what, all those lizards go to hell? Besides, as I stated before, who are we as humans living in “civilized” worlds to say what is & is not natural? & Who is to say the bible really is the word of God? since I can’t word it any better myself here’s a quote for ya:

If I were Satan, and I were given permission to tempt humanity but had the foreknowledge that God's true followers would try to stop me, then I'd figure that the best way to tempt the most humans would to be to subvert those who could pose a threat. How? I'ld write a book. Not just any book, mind you, but a book more blasphemous, seductive, and evil then had ever been seen by mortal eyes. A book full of deceit, preaching a hypocrite God who imposes a more stringent set of rules on flawed humanity then He does on Himself, yet who is somehow, the source of all morality. Those who don't buy into this twisted logic will be said to be immortal. A book lies, with blatant contradictions, from a flat Earth to cities and places that have never existed to cruel actions taken in the name of God who calls Himself "loving". A book that describes the false God in cynical detail, yet leaves me[Satan] as a shadowy menace, always in the background, always scheming, but no real threat to TRUE followers of the false God, who are completely immune to my powers. Still, I must save my pride, and to do so, I would make it seem as if I were thousands of times more active than God, my forces constantly at work doing evil. They would seem to be constantly winning, yet people would cling to the hope of a false prophecy that involves billions of deaths and the end of the world. A book that is chock full of sex, violence, murder, torment, filthy language, intolerance, and hatred. A book that would be used to justify all forms of atrocities against men, women, and children, including the extinction of entire peoples from the face of the Earth. This book would be so diabolically written that people would drown themselves in it completely, giving up sanity and reality, and then try to pull others in with them. they would hold up human progress and enlightenment, out of their own pride and greed and lust for power. They would prey on the weak and wounded, the suffering and the sorrowful, with false promises of happiness and light. They would behave exactly like me, yet would be too far gone to recognize it. Then when the real God decides it's time to judge mankind, all those people, all the ones who believed my book would come before the true God, expecting to be saved... an He would turn them away. And standing there a the gates of hell would be me, beckoning them to enter:
The bible is so hypocritical along with the people who worship it. It condemns murder, but what about all the sacrifices that were made? 
If homosexuality is indeed a sin then I wouldn't want to worship that god anyways(not that I do, though I use to I will admit). People are born homosexual, meaning God MADE them homosexual. He condemns you because you aren't the way he wants you though he's the one who made you like that. I don't think I'ld want that's God's love.
Answer #31

so because I’m not gay I can’t have an opinion on the subject? that’s incredibly exclusive. that’s like saying “you don’t smoke so you can’t have an opinion on whether or not smoking should be banned”.

yes, homosexuality does occur in nature, but the natural man is an enemy to god.
1 Cor. 2: 14 14 “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

you have to put off that instinct to be a “natural man” in order to have the holy spirit with you.

Answer #32

if you have nothing positive to say then keep quiet! there is enough negativity around here without the likes of you!!!

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