Is it wrong to try dry humping a pillow to get an orgasm?

Hi well,, my friend said to me that she almost dry humps a pillow well rubs her vagina against it and it gives her the best orgasm ever,, would it be wrong to try it ?? and is it wrong to do it in the first place ??? by the way she is 14

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Actually masturbating face down can screw up your sexual system...mostly with males, but it may be with females as well.

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It isn't wrong, it's just being experimental. Try it if you are comfortable with it. The worst that could happen is you not like it.

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It wouldn't be wrong to try it and it isn't wrong to do it.. it's just a different way of getting an orgasm. I wouldn't say that dry humping a pillow would give me the "best orgasm ever." I just do it with my fingers. But there are a lot of ways to masturbate.

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Its not exactly wrong , its experimenting .. and if yu feel comforable doing that then its not all that bad to try .

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Its natural to do that stuff.People need and have the desire for pleasure.

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Not at all...I have been doing pillow bolster humping since childhood..have no probs yet..(am a male)

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