Is Tupac still alive?

is there any people outside there can show me the proove that show tupac is already dead??? MAKAVELI stands for I AM ALIVE

Answer #1

Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996), also known by his stage names: 2Pac, Makaveli, or simply Pac, was an American artist renowned for his rap music, movie roles, poetry, and his social activism. On September 7, 1996, Shakur was shot four times in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, and died six days later of respiratory failure and cardiac arrest at University Medical Center, Las Vegas.

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After leaving the Tyson fight on Saturday September 7, 1996 Tupac was allegedly shot 5 times. He lived through the shooting and was taken to a nearby hospital. He was pronounced dead on Friday September 13, 1996

But Is It True? Friday the13th is a very suspicious day.

In interviews before the shooting tupac talked about how he no longer wanted to appear as a gangtsa/rapper. What would be the only way he could escape the spot light? simple he would lead the public to believe he was dead.

There are no suspects of the shootin.

There were never any pictures of tupac in hospital which were released to the public.

He always wore a bullet proof vest were ever he went. But why not to a very public event like the Tyson fight.

The press were not going to be allowed to his funeral but then his funeral was cancelled for unknown reasons.

in most of his songs he talks about himself being buried. so why was he supposably cremated the day after he died? and since when do they cremate someone 1 the day after there death without an autopsy…NEVER.furthermore it is illegal to bury someone who has been murdered without an autopsy.

The new Tupac album released on November 5th should only have had 6 songs on but was then extended to 12

he died at 4.03pm (4+3=7) he died at the age of (2+5=7). the number 7 is now making a repeat apperance remembering he was shot on the 7th of september.

Makaveli’s(tupacs) album was released on the 13th february 1996 exactly 7 months before he died bit of a coincidence dont you think?!

There is nothing in the new album that says TUPAC RIP 1971-1996. Wouldn’t it make sense to include something like that in the first album after his “death”? The only thing mentioned is “EXIT TUPAC ENTER MAKAVELI”.

On the cover of The 7 Day Theory, there is a picture of Tupac being crucified. This fits with the idea that Tupac “died” so he could be reincarnated as Makaveli. In the picture, there are five bullet holes. Interestingly, Tupac was “shot” 5 times.

In the video ‘I wonder if heaven got a ghetto’ the name of the town it is set in is ‘rukahs’. nothing strange about that until you spell it backwards and it becomes SHAKUR( tupacs last name). on the same video he goes into a room with a girl which is room number 7. (there that number is again)And in that room in the background is a clock showing 4.03pm… the time he had supposably died.

If you rearange the letters in the album title “Makaveli The Don Killuminati The 7Day Theory” You can make the sentence “Ok on tha 7th you think I’m dead yet I’m really alive”.

He always sings about his own death.

in the cd booklet of the album ‘R you STILL DOWN’ is written ‘keep the faith in me I wont let you down… love tupac’ could he ther be advising us not to dwell on his death because he is coming back.?

in the song ‘thug luv’ which is a duet with bone-thugs-and-harmony, tupac says ‘whoz poppin n*gga’ and in the background can be heard ‘he’s alive, hes alive, he’s alive’

In Tupac’s song “Made Niggz” from the Supercop Soundtrack, he says “Fck ‘em all who don’t understand my plot to get richer… Outlaw to the grave, a muthafckin’ made niga I got a plan to get richer. Take my picture.” here he mentions his “plan” to get rich.

Answer #3

Makeveli doesnt “stand for I AM ALIVE” . He was a man who faked his own death…which is symbolic to Tupac because I think he wanted to make it seem like he faked his death as well. However, I think he really is dead along with Big. I’d have to see proof otherwise.

Answer #4

I read a lot of the conspiracy stuff, too…however, I don’t think he’s alive, else his mom wouldn’t have had to go through such a time consuming and expensive law suit to get his recordings, the rights to his music, and the material to later release his posthumous tracks & albums. May he rest in peace. He was very influential to a lot of people.

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Answer #6

go to tupac is alive on you tube. youll see

Answer #7

I dont think tupac is still alive I think that people should just let him rest and stop assuming and just let his legacy of rapping and his poems live on as if he was still truly here, yes he will always be truly missed. 4 his real true fans like me he will always be missed and never 4gotten.

Answer #8

Hell No he and Elvis are much long gone……

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