Is it too late to have a growth spurt?

Ya, I'm 17 years old and I still haven't had a growth spurt. Is it too late for me to get one because I feel really short. And is there any way to get taller? I know that it's all genes but is there anything I can do to help my genes? :)

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my family usually gets there growth spurts after High School. I am 14 and 5'8 and did not have my growth spurt yet

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I knew a guy in high school and at 15/16 he was(a probably still is) 4'11. Yeah. My dad is 5'7. You are fine. I dont think you'll get a growth spurt anytime soon.

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you're on the shorter side...
but don't worry...most girls aren't over 5'5.

I'm guessing most girls won't really care.

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I read boys/men are usually done growing by age nineteen, but there's still a possibility you could grow a few more inches. I'm guessing you won't be over 5'10...but that's a decent height for a man. Don't worry! You're not short, just not tall...and that's okay!

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nope, it's not. many guys still have growth spurts when they're 20/21. how tall are you?

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I'm five feet seven and a half inches

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Don't listen to these people, if you haven't hit puberty yet and your 5'7 then you can grow anywhere from 8-12 inches when you do start puberty. A friend of mines was 5'9 before starting puberty and guess how tall he is now? 6'7! And still growing! So if you haven't had a growth spurt you probably haven't hit puberty but when you do you will shoot up and be well over 6'0, mark my words. But until then: Its not the size of the dog in the fight that matters, but it's the size of the fight in the dog. Stay blessed young fellow.

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