Is it too cold to take puppies out to potty beloe zero temps?

My puppies are 7 1/2 weeks…its cold here…below -0..snow on ground and when I have tried to bring the puppies out they cry and just huddle up…I dont want them to get sick(even bought them all sweaters) but how do I introduce them to house training them at the age they are when its this cold out. I cant imagine waiting to do so in a few months or so when it warms up just a bit…they need to start learning now that they go outside…even in the crate they are in, the poop and pee and stomp all over it.

Answer #1

Time presses on… and when you see them “going” say “go.” Put them outside and when they start to go, say go. It is always good to get them all riled up by playing with them and then set them outside to go. They always need to go after a lot of playing. One time it was -25 here and we had to put our pug “Rex” outside and leave him for a bit because he went three days w/o going. When he was outside, he would just wait at the door and want back in. Finally a hole was dug in the snow for him to walk around in and then he went. We said go as he went and that did help after that. “Go” on command! Pugs are one of the smartest breeds!

Answer #2

I can see where Harleyrider is coming from, as people thing I’m cruel putting my cat outside when it’s frosty. However, they are just young puppies, so the cold will affect them more than it would a fully grown dog. Maybe you could get them some little doggy coats for them when they go outside? You could probably source them pretty cheaply on ebay.

Answer #3

It is to cold for them to be out there. They are going to get sick, if it continues. I think you should just have them in a littler box for a few weeks until the tempurature heats up again. :)

Answer #4

ohh, I did buy kitty litter and set a box up for them…they thought it was fun and played in it till litter was EVERYWHERE!!! Little boogers…lol It was too much of a mess

Answer #5

LOL well Phrannie…if they went out now, I dont know where they would go…They would be baried in snow and I wouldnt be able to find them still it thawed…lol We had a major storm the last 2 days and are baried..walked outside to the garage to get my shovel and it was a bit past my knees in snow.. -41 w/ windchill is a bit too much for anyone much less being able to concentrate on doing the “business” LOL ( I sure wouldnt want to) LOL

Answer #6

Magicicalo, Beleieve me, these puppies are out all the time. I had them in the entry way of the house where it was all tiled and for a while a section of the kitchen. It just became too messy and a caotic place to clean. They are now (just as of this evening) in a big wired kennel, but seem okk, they go in there and sleep and have been out the rest of the time. I am scrubbing the area with bleach and soap many times a day and changing paper(I ran out this evening) thats why for tonight they are in the kennel. Just was curious about the temp and going out. Thats all. I could try to make a box for them, but the room they have now is more then a 4x4 box. It would be me doing it…I have no hubby and am on my own with the kids. :) We;ll see how it goes…

Answer #7

yes, I have and have gone through more newspaper than a printing press. just wondering if over all they can be introduced to outside a bit at a time..just for a min even to get the idea? With the pads and paper, they shred it everywhere and poop and pee where they like anyways…sometimes they use it, sometimes they dont…I dont think they use it because they know they should, but its just where they happen to be when they do their job. I am crating them now all the time ecept for taking them out, but its sooo darn cold and they even poop in the crate…being there are 3 of them, I hate to go any smaller in the crate size, but maybe I need to…but just wondering in when I take them out of the crate, will it hurt them to have them go outside to try 1st?

Answer #8

ok I have not fully read what people have posted but here we go. They are still dogs not matter how you look at it. I know they are soft and sweet, but they are dogs. and outside they go. no matter what the temp is they go outside to due there business. Iff they don’ t go then back into pen, if they do then they can run around, if not then back into pen until they do. I know it sounds bad, but this is the way of life. we think , oh cute little doggie and noting is done. They will teach us before we teach them. I will help, let me know.

Answer #9

Puglover, It was late lastnight for me and I did not explain my answer good. so I will funmail you.

Answer #10

Have you tried the puppy pee pads, that what we use at my house for our 4 dogs when it’s raining or cold outside.

Answer #11

Just to go out and do their business with you standing right there, I’d think they’d be able to go outside…with their sweaters on…(course, dressing up 3 pups, plus getting your own gear on makes going outside a real project)…I’d worry about their feet gettting so cold…even Moj is having trouble with the foot aspect of things.


Answer #12

I have puppies at all times of the year and I would never put puppies out in the winter when it is cold. You need to use the newspaper or puppy pads. I have Boxer puppies right now and the weather has not dropped below 25 and my puppies do not go out when it is below 45 degrees.

You need to build a puppy pen or box, that you can put the puppies in and put a bottom in the box. I use linoleum, that I buy in a sheet that is cheap and on sale and use it for one litter. It is easy to clean. I bleach the area the puppies are in everyday and rinse and wipe it down, and lay all new paper. I remove the paper and relay it several times a day. My boxer puppies at 7 weeks old right now. I may have to wash the area down again if the smear some poop playing but not a total wash down.

Crating them at this age all the time is not a good idea. They need exercise. Can your husband build a wooden 4 x 4 box ?

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