Are tattoos supposed to peel?

my tattoo is peeling, I went to tha place where I got it done, && he said to stop using the a + d, when I did it got all dry and started peeling...sooo, what should I do

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tattoos can peel, yes. I'm using a and d ointment. I was using Lubriderm, but I noticed that my friend who got the same tattoo on the same night as me, hers scabbed up, and has faded A LOT. she didn't use a and d like I have been. and I just got on on my shoulder. my friend and I just started a tattoo business. you need to keep it looking like its wet, but not too wet. because if you do, any scabbing is going to flake off and the color isn't going to stay as long. a and d is your best bet. its a diaper rash cream, and is sold at most drug stores, and department stores. also, don't wash it with dial. a generic brand antibacterial soap will do. Dial tends to be too harsh. I use a Neutrogena clear face bar. no scent, no dye, just plain soap.

haha as of right now my tattoo on my hip is peeling. don't pick at it, if some comes off with your application, then go ahead and wipe it off. keep it clean.

another thing I found ironic, was the the one of my hip/stomach, tickled. and the one on my shoulder felt like a razor blade. the one of my should hasn't even started to get dry or anything. and I've used a and d on it the whole time. I didn't have a and d the night I got my hip one done. they were done like three nights apart. ^^

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I used regular lotion on my tattoo after I got it (skin moisturizer) and yep, it still peeled. The tattoo will look gross because of the peeling for a week or two after you get it done.

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okay, no idea what that is
but, it is absolutely normal for a tattoo to peel!
that's what all of them do
just put Keri lotion on it or something
if you peel it, it will lose color
it may seem like it won't, but it will
I know it's so tempting to peel it because it looks bad and itches, but just, noo

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My tatoo peeled ain't nothing wrong it suppose to happen, especially if you don't put that thang on it a lot then it will dry up and start peeling, when it first happen to me I was like the fuc. After awhile it stop and it looked good as it did before. The reason why it peels it get rid of all your dead skins.

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I got my second tattoo exactly 1 week ago and it hasn't begun to peel yet. is something wrong?

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a and d is the ointment they tell you to put on it..
and its peeling like the tattoo it self, like a scab
or somethin

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It is supposed to do that.
I have 8 tattoos, some did it, some didn't.
All depends where it is.
But don't worry, its completely normal.

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I have been recently told not to use A and D Ontiment becuase it pulls the ink out of your tattoo and after seeing what happned to a friends who had color on hers I decided I had mad the right decision by not doing so. Instead I use Palmers Coco Butter being since It has Vitamen E in it and also thte Vitamin E oil does justice too. The tattoo on my back hasnt peeld and the one on my wrist barely peeld.

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I just got my 1st tat not that long ago and a friend of mine that already has two tats said that the peeling is supposed to happen and that you're not supposed to scratch it or else you'll lose the color and mess up the tattoo. Just put ointment on it and if it itches you're only aloud to slap the itching area lightly. Don't scratch, slap instead.

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mine is just started to peel on the 4th day. my aunt and uncles say its normal because they have tats. just keep it moist.

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I usually start peeling after 4 days and am fully peeled by day 6. I've never had any that didn't peel, but I hear people say that sometimes they don't. Different people heal at different rates and have different reactions. As long as it's not infected or problematic in some way, I wouldn't be concerned. Just keep taking care of it. I'd just hit it with lotion once or twice a day and go about your business. If it doesn't peel, consider yourself lucky that you got to skip the itchy stage.

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yes they are supposed to peel. I just recently got my seventh tattoo, and she is peeling more than the rest. through common sense and reasoning I figure it is because it is bigger and filled in with a lot of shading and color. I lotion it all day long, because the more you lotion it the less it itches

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I have 4 tattoos and they all peeled. and I took care of them exactally as the artist said. its just the dry skin coming off. keep it hydrated while its still healing. I use lots lotion!!!

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a & d is ONLY good to use after the first day. oil TAKES the color out of your skin after about a year. use lotion. it's normal to peel. mine is peeling now and it seems to be losing color is some places, but that is normal. NEVER EVER keep using a & d for chrissake. don't be stupid.

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I have a whole sleeve tattoo and every time I added to it (6 sessions), It peeled like crazy. I can honestly say I picked the loose skin off the whole time and my tattoo came out mint. The ink is actually in the second and third layers of skin so dont panic if the skin comes off the top layer. As long as you dont pick to the point of bleeding you are ok. People tend to make way too big a deal about scratching and picking tattoos. You will be fine, trust me.

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