Is it ok to mix aspirin with excedrin?

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No, *aspirin is in Excedrin you would be getting a double dose

*per memory, can't find my drug book right now. you can look on the bottle for
Acylisalic acid and that is aspirin
I know it either contains asa or a ingredient very close to asa. {=

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its' already part of exccedrin.
25 Caffiene I think
250 aspirine
250 "tylenol" cant spell the other one...

So the question should be " how much aspirin should I take"
I usually take three excedrin when I have a headache. The caffeine helps a lot.
but I am 175 lbs, I don't know about u.

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Be careful with increasing the dosage. I used to that with ibuprofen (daily for headaches) and it worked great - AND it screwed up my stomach after a few months. It's now years later and my stomach still isn't right.
I'm just saying...

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