Is it normal to feel a pulse in your stomach?

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I have had a pulse in my stomach longer than I can remember. The 2 probably Arent even related so I wouldnt be too worried.

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Yes, what you are feeling is the pulse through the aorta.
What do you mean by sick? Dizzy or faint, nausea/vomiting, heart rate too fast/too slow, shortness of breath?
What is happening to make you say you feel sick?

Why does my stomach feel so hard?

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How long has this been going on--when did it start?
Is there any pain, or just nausea? Have you actually thrown up? If there is pain can you describe it---sharp/dull, crushing, stabbing, stinging, burning, etc.
Has it gotten worse with time or stayed the same. Did it come on all at once or did you feel it slowly coming on. Could you be starting your period (assuming you are female)

If you press down on the area of pain--if you have pain, which hurts the worse when you push in, or when you let go?
Do you have anyone home with you?
you can fmail me if you like! (:

When constipated should your stomach feel hard?
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if you're nervous...

Is it normal during preganacy to feel bloated?

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no not realy you should see a docter

Why do I feel things move when I lay on my stomach?

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